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by jhwygirl

Don’t forget Jay’s ActBlue page for the battleground Montana House Seats. Deadline is tomorrow, folks.

We blogged this one here.

Well, I finally got after it – and threw some cash out there. Not much, but every bit helps.

My favs:
Jill Cohenour (HD-78 ) ;-)
Jennifer Pomnichowski (HD-63);-)
Jim Elliot (HD-13) ;-)

Cohenour, out of Helena, is a fav because of her give-em-hell-Harry work on the Water Policy Committee. She’s fighting for senior water rights and all sorts of other water related issues that should be near and dear to everyone.

Jennifer Pomnichowski voted for some of my more favorite bills from the last legislative session: SD51, which required growth policies to evaluate the potential for fire and wildland fire; SB167, the wildland urban interface bill which requires counties to adopt the growth policies resulting from SD51 as they related to mitigating wildland fire dangers, or pay for the cost of structure protection in those developed areas. She also voted to protect the Big Hole River in HJ34 . In other words, we want to keep Jill around too.

As for Jim Elliot, I was a bit shocked that he hadn’t raised more on this page. Jim is a termed-out Senator serving the Sanders County area. He strongly supported Jon Tester and is one of the good guys. We definitely need to keep Jim around.

For a full tally of the candidates and to donate, see the main page: Montana’s Battleground House Races.

by jhwygirl


Gee – that didn’t take long, did it?

UPDATE: The White House apparently brought this upon themselves. Methinks someone is waking up this morning hating themselves.

by jhwygirl

First things first: Watch out for spontaneously combusting flowerpots.

The board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (wonder if Al Gore is on it?) has accepted a plan to allow web domain users to put anything that they damned well please at the end of a web address. Instead of being restricted to the 18 approved endings (like .com, .org, .net, .biz, .tv and a whole bunch of others), users will be able to pick whatever they please.

hmmmm…..I’ll have to mull that one over.

Duncan’s defense team wants him found incompetent. No mullin’ that one over folks. We should have saved all that cash that has been spent so far on the whole affair. Dug a hole and put a bullet in the sick bastard’s head the night they got him out there in St. Regis.

For those of you that haven’t had the heart to follow the story – Duncan wants to defend himself just for the opportunity to have Shasta on the stand so he can question her. Like I said – sick bastard.

It’s OK to enjoy fresh tomatoes folks. The USDS lifted the salmonella warning late Thursday. Just in case you were wondering.  Of course, most Montanan’s won’t care – they’ve been picking up their produce at farmer’s markets – in all their glorious bounty – around the state.

The U.S. media is starting to notice that we’ve got a war in Afghanistan. Remember Afghanistan? Osama bin Laden? The Taliban?

Finally, this from the Pew Research Center. People aren’t satisfied. But you probably already knew that.

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