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by jhwygirl

Well DARN! Those crickets sure were loud last night. chirp…chirp…chirp….

I can think of a few who might like this one: Codex Sinaiticus went up Thursday and has already had something like 24,000,000 hits. It is a scanned version of the oldest bible in the world.

Who hasn’t wanted to shoot their lawn mower when it wouldn’t start? The guy got pissed off. He grabbed his gun. He pulled the trigger. Who doesn’t get that?

McCain had a photo-op scheduled for an offshore drilling rig off the coast of Louisiana this past week, but he had to cancel because of a catastrophic spill of 419,000 gallons of crude that occurred when a barge split apart in transit to refineries in New Orleans. McCain’s camp, of course, claimed it was weather.

John Tester had some interesting things to say on Thursday, during a debate on oil speculation. I liked this:

“Folks, a hundred years ago the Model T got 25 miles per gallon. Now a car gets 28 miles per gallon. Since that time we’ve split the atom, sent men to the moon, developed computers, mapped the human genome, but we get the same fuel efficiency? Come on. That’s not right.”

Now there’s straight talk.

Speaking of NASA……former NASA astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who has also walked the moon, is claiming that aliens exist, that they’ve visited many times, and that there is a government cover-up. Hey, I’m down with that. I just don’t get why it’s a big deal. He’s an astronaut. Shouldn’t he be the one to know?

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