Must. Read.

by jhwygirl


  1. great link jhwygirl. how very missoulerablian to even consider going back to four lanes on Broadway just when we are finally climbing onto bikes, riding buses and walking to save gas. I sympathize with Mr. Engen on this. I hate the bottleneck when I am driving it myself. but how far do we want to go with planning for past habits when 7 dollar a gallon gas is looming fairly realistically on the next decade’s horizon?

    maybe instead of charging backward we should fund a trip to Denmark for the mayor and the city council. it is not rocket science. european countries dealt with high gas prices a long time ago and have developed much more advanced infrastructure designs to encourage less dependence on riding baby dinosaurs around. we would do well to see what other more advanced civilizations have done before we lock ourselves in to backward policy decisions.

  2. Jim Lang

    The road diet is a nightmare. The price of gas is what’ll get people onto their bikes, we don’t need to promote an intentionally dysfunctional design.

  3. i don’t think West broadway is a good design either Jim.that’s pretty obvious.
    But I urge that before we proceed further we look into more advanced systems which have a proven track record for efficiently moving traffic, buses, bikes and pedestrians.

    unfortunately the pathetic state of america’s standard infrastructure design does not match up even remotely with the more advanced european, japanese and even new chinese and Indian systems. it is time to step back and take a look before we waste any more money on projects that are doomed to be obsolete the day they are built.

  4. A nightmare. Driving West Broadway is a nightmare? Interesting word choice. I would think we should reserve that one for things like anti-democratic government and getting killed trying to cross the street.

  5. Missoula_Misanthrope

    Could somebody explain to me what, exactly the problem is with the road diet? Look, if you’re getting caught in traffic on West Broadway, it’s your own fault, because there are usually only a few 45 minute periods per weekday when there’s any traffic of note on that road. Besides people, there is no real traffic in Missoula, and if you have ever lived anywhere else on the entire planet you’d know that. If you’re a business who just absolutely has to have left-turners in order to stay in business, congratulations, you are obsolete.

    The rest of us who don’t either own a business dependent on left-turning cars or drive during those relatively short peak hours have experienced massive public benefit from the road diet. Cyclists have good, clearly marked lanes. Bus tops have room, and pedestrians are able to cross the street safely. Slower traffic signals people: “Hey, you’re in a downtown now, why not park on a side street and walk around a bit.” What businesses that are truly critical to the community are dependent on a massive four-five lane West Broadway?

  6. Wow. A voice of sanity.

    I think the Rove-ian term “road diet” is problematic because it brings to mind, for some of our citizens, negative images of diets and vaguely female meddling and the school-marm nanny state, etc. It’s very tough to take for these people, accepting any kind of forced dieting. It’s probably about the worst thing we could have called it.

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