Biker flicks for Hell’s Angels weekend

by Jay Stevens

With the Hell’s Angels coming to town tomorrow – and some already here! – it’s time to bunker up out of pepper spray range. What better way to spend your days watching…motorcycle flicks?

Here’s my short list of bike movies:

The Wild One. A no-brainer. The movie classic starring Marlon Brando as a motorcycle gang leader who terrorizes a small town. Sound familiar? Only in this flick, it’s the townspeople who kick the sh*t out of the motorcyclist, while the cop stands helplessly by – whereas, in 2000, it was the cops who kicked the sh*t out of the townspeople, while the motorcyclists stood helplessly by.

Hell’s Angels on Wheels. Jack Nicholson joins the Hell’s Angels with the code name, “poet; hilarity ensues. Amid fighting and partying and hanging out with girls, Poet realizes the Hell’s Angels are too strict for him. Hell’s Angel Sonny Barger was a technical advisor for the film and made some appearances.

Easy Rider. Duh.

Hell’s Angels. Okay, so it’s really a war movie. But Howard Hughes made it for a ton of money — even refilming after he was halfway done to add that newfangled technology, sound, to the picture. But here it is! 1930! Hell’s Angels!

I know that’s a pathetically short list. Consider it an invitation to add other biker flicks. And please don’t mention “Breaking Away.”

  1. Freeranger

    The Wild Angles (1966). Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Diane Ladd, Nancy Sinatra. Great biker fun! Fonda makes a speech that was stolen by the band Mudhoney and tacked onto the intro of their song “Mudride.”

    “We want to be free! We want to be free to ride. We want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man. And we want to get loaded!”

  2. Freeranger

    Correction: “Mudride” is a good song, but “In ‘N’ Out of Grace” is the song with the “Wild Angels” intro. For those keeping score. FYI, Mudhoney and their label Sub Pop are over 20 years old now. Ouch!

  3. Mustn’t forget Electraglide in Blue!

    Oh, good call!

  4. Lamnidae

    I’ve heard the Motorcycle Diaries is a real fav amongst Hells Angels.

  5. Is that sarcasm?

    Btw, add The Great Escape to this list, if only for Steve McQueen’s dash to the Swiss border near the end of the film.

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