Midweek updates

by Pete Talbot

Jhwygirl broke the story first but here’s some more information on Gary Brown’s resignation from the HD 100 race. From the Missoula County Democrats:

“Due to a very unfortunate circumstance, we will be selecting a new candidate to run for the legislature in House District 100. Candidate Gary Brown has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is giving up his race for the legislature in order to devote his time to much more important issues. The Central Committee will be meeting to select his replacement. The meeting will be next Tuesday, (Aug. 12) 7:00 pm in the City Council Chambers, 140 East Pine.”
Running for public office is one of the highest forms of community service. Thank you, Gary, for throwing your hat in the ring. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
This just in, though: there seems to be a bum’s rush to appoint Willis Curdy to the position. Willis is the candidate who lost to Brown in the primary (albeit by about 70 votes). While I appreciate Missoula Democratic leadership and others for advancing a candidate — please hold on, Bill Vaughn and area legislators — it’s not your call. Let’s see what happens at the meeting.
Denny Rehberg: drama king
Rep. Rehberg is headed back to D.C. during the break because he, and other Republicans, are outraged over the high price of gas. His service to date is what helped get us to $4-a gallon-gas.
Denny’s push to drill where no man has drilled before is going to bring prices down, so he says. Not in this decade and not by much, say the critics. This from Spiegel International:
“The reality, as usual, is far more complicated. Drilling in the now-restricted areas would require years of extensive seismic research before a single rig could operate. Even then, companies would not embark on such massive projects unless the profitability were clear. What’s more, the federal Energy Information Administration estimates that access to new US deposits would not significantly affect overall domestic production for 22 years.”
Rehberg has supported the Cheney/Bush energy policy from day one: big tax breaks for big oil, “no” to alternative energy or transportation; and he’s accepted large contribitions from the oil, gas and coal industry. This is GOP theatrics at its best.
Go to the Western Montana Fair
Last night, I ate two tacos, two vikings, a corndog, corn-on-the-cob, a tater pig and fry bread — I’m slacking — must be getting old.
Some people hate the fair and some people love it. I love it. It is the quintessential Western Montana experience — the people watching is the best — the pigs, goats and other livestock aren’t bad either.
It’s too bad about the horse racing but still worth the price of admission.

  1. What, no chocolate-covered frozen banana?

  2. Jim Lang

    Let’s see what happens at the meeting. — do you have some other candidate in mind?

  3. That’s some impressive fair intake, Pete. I don’t know that I could even pull that off.

    I wasn’t going to go, but now I’m starting to lean toward it.

  4. petetalbot

    No, Jim, I don’t. It’s just that Missoula’s legislators — and I love them all dearly, except for that Nooney guy — have a habit of leaving the Central Committee out of the loop when it comes to recruiting and other decision making. There’s a process in place to decide Gary’s replacement and I don’t want to see a strong arm approach to the appointment — that’s all.

  5. I truly miss the Western Montana Fair (almost as much as the Ravalli County Fair.) The Fair (or what passes for it) here in Gallatin County is in the middle of July. The produce ain’t ready, the stock aren’t fattened, and did I mention, it’s in the *middle* of July? It’s basically an excuse for the kids to ride Carnival rides and give their parent’s money away to carnies. The most relevant article about the Fair in the Comical was about the rides (complete with a hurl rating chart.)

    And Pete, I’m anything but a delicate little flower. Your prodigious intake puts me well to shame.

  6. TimS

    If you go to the Fair, be sure to stop by the Missoula Area Central Labor Council’s booth in the Commercial Building and sign their petition supporting affordable, quality health care for all. See http://healthcareforamericanow.org/ The goal of HCAN is to pressure the next Congress to pass meaningful health care reform which adheres to the principles iterated in their statement of common purpose.

  7. Jim Lang

    I’m inclined to unite behind Curdy, absent some reason not to. I’d submit he earned it with his primary bid. And I like what he has to say — it was a tough choice between him and Brown.

  1. 1 E. Willis Curdy Backed by Missoula Democrats’ Finest « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] will be meeting next Tuesday, August 12th (7:00 p.m., City Council Chambers on Pine Street) to select the replacement to run against Bill Nooney. And frequent readers of this site know that we really would love to show Nooney the door – the […]

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