FWP Commission Reduces Wolverine Trapping Limit

by jhwygirl

Montana’s FWP Commission voted on Tuesday to reduce the trapping limit for wolverines from 10 (last year’s limit) to 5.

We blogged about this issue here. And if any of you contacted FWP with comments – Thanks!

Montana is the only state in the lower 48 that allows trapping of wolverines. It is a Montana Species of Concern, and a USFS and BLM listed Sensitive species.

FWP Commission Chair Steve Doherty, who wanted a moratorium on trapping of wolverines, opposed the vote – but noted that reduction of the limit is a step in the right direction.

Doherty may get his wish. Opponents filed suit against the USFWS on July 8th, in an effort to have the animals listed as Endangered Species.

KPAX, it should be noted, is the only Montana news source that I could find that covered this story.

  1. Jim Lang

    I saw a wolverine once….

  2. No one, Klemz, has covered the news that FWP reduced the take. That happened on Tuesday.

  3. Klemz

    “In June, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP), the state agency regulating Montana’s furbearing animals, reduced their “tentative proposed quota recommendations” by one wolverine this year, dropping it from 10 to nine. That comment period ended in July, but just this week FWP reduced their proposal even further, FWP’s Mike Thompson told the Independent.

    “We’re allowing for a grand total of five,” says Thompson, a regional wildlife manager and 28-year veteran of the agency.

    FWP will lay out its final wolverine management plan at its August 5 meeting.”

    July 31

    That’s USDA-certified OFN. If anything the header should read “AP gets a press release, learns about something they didn’t even know was happening.”

  4. Jhwygirl, you’re making me so sad with your lies about the Missoula Independent.

    You know my press manager says your lies about the media make the baby Jesus cry. Did you know that? Or are you like, stupid or something?

    I am so totally over your website.

  5. Klemtz – the FWP Commissioners change the take, by a vote of the Commission – not FWP – they make the recommendation.

    The Board met on the 5th of August. You are referring to an Independent story dated July 31st? A recommendation by a FWP biologist?

    The Independent article, though, was fabulous.

  6. Look, Jhwygirl, will you stop with your lies?

    First off, it makes the baby Jesus cry, and we all like the baby Jesus to NOT cry. Agreed?

    And secondly, almost as important as the baby Jesus, Paris Hilton is getting really moody, and I SO do not need it.

    So if you could tone-down your lies about the Missoula Independent, then maybe the most fabulous superstar in the world can focus on getting through her publicity tour amidst this whole John McCain thing, we’d all be a little better off. Baby Jesus will also stop crying.

    You people. We are SO over your website.

    By the way, look out for Paris’ new release coming soon!

  7. Klemz

    Not quite. Actually, it just occurred to me that you might be misrepresenting my tone. I’m not trying to call out you or the AP, but I think people remain unclear as to what was actually on the table during that Aug. 5 meeting.

    The 10->5 decision was basically a foregone conclusion since the agency began receiving feedback on the initial proposal. The only point of debate was whether to outlaw trapping altogether, as argued by one member of the panel. That was defeated. That was the news that the dailies and wire services should have picked up on, in my humble opinion.

  8. Boy Paris, et.al. – read the headline…read the story. Nada mention of The Indy.

    Where is the lie?

    I’m sorry you are crying. I cry for you.

    I love The Indy. Best investigative journalism in the state. Why are you sad? Over a lil’ old blog like 4&20? How many people do you think even notice us?

    You really should have more confidence in yourself.

  9. Klemz

    actually, upon further review of that post

    misrepresenting -> misinterpreting

    Sorry, I need to lay off the late Thursday nights.

  10. Klemz – let me just say this. I might bitch about newspapers – although I can’t remember ever complaining about The Indy – but I’d be lost without a newspaper or a newstation or CNN, etc.

    And so would this blog.

    That is a fact and you and I and everyone who reads this blog knows it.

    We bloggers, nationwide, have been bemoaning the decline of the news industry. Believe it or not, we’re on your side.

    Now, when is The Indy going to do a centerfold/cover gravel pit story?

  11. Klemz

    Not sure, Consonant Girl, no immediate plans. Though, if I did, I probably wouldn’t broadcast it to tell you the truth. (WRU emoticons?)

    I just want to reiterate that my intent was not to call anybody out here. I rarely chime in on blogs unless I see a factual inaccuracy circulating around (also occasional city issues, because that’s not my bag at all). In this case, it looks like we’re discussing semantics, but, from my vantage, that FWP decision to scale back the wolverine quota was effectively made two weeks ago.

    They could have outlawed it, though. The vote was 1-4 from what I hear. I’ll take this opportunity to point that out again. I can think of many things a state would want to have in common with Alaska, but very few are political.

  12. You said above that the only point of debate on Tuesday was whether to outlaw trapping altogether. Did you mean “outlaw trapping of wolverines, altogether” or the literal – all trapping?

    The Indy could do the gravel pit thing some justice. I think it would tie in nicely with various jurisdiction’s viewpoints on zoning. Talk about a bag ‘o worms!

    You did call me stupid. Or someone from your office did. That wasn’t very nice.

    Peace, my half-brother.

  13. For the record, we have a prepared statement from Paris:

    “I am very sorry for insinuating that jhwygirl is stupid. I deeply regret saying that. I was on alot of medication yesterday and hadn’t gotten knee-walking drunk in several days. I hope that my fans and loyal followers can forgive me and keep on the look out for my new release hitting stores soon.”

    “Also, I have no relationship with any employees, contributors, or part-time freelancers in the past or currently with any of the following missoula media outlets: Missoulian, Newwest, Missoula Independent, Leftinthewest, KECI, FUFM, KPAX, or the stinky hippies that play music at the courthouse.”

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