by jhwygirl

Bernie Mac, comedian and actor, dead at 50? WTF?!

Russia is attacking Georgia. Georgia is pretty much a democratic nation – and has been warning off Russia for years. Russia, on the other hand, sees the possibility of having Georgia become a NATO stronghold unacceptable. Georgia’s counting on the west to save them, saying that if we don’t, we show everyone that this path (democracy) doesn’t work. Only if you have oil, my friend, only if you have oil.

Some guys from Minot AFB in North Dakota overturned a truck, spilling unarmed intercontinental ICBM rocket boosters into a ditch. The neighborhood was apparently unfazed – at the local coffee hole, neighbors talked about everything but that missile: “I guess that shows that people aren’t worried about it,” said Mrs. Zacher. “I know I’m certainly not.”

The Air Force, apparently, has other problems too. Not good, boys….I’m not sure, but I doubt this fits the criteria for National Security.

Despite our recent tit-for-tat, I do so enjoy The Indy. And just to show it, make sure you check out Patrick Klemz’s week-in-review of the Hell’s Angels visit. I especially liked the inside info on their hill-climbing activities.

Obama’s “Tire Gauge Solution” is apparently no joke. Put it this way: Bush has said that off-shore drilling will increase our production by 1% by 2030. Meanwhile, checking the tire pressure will increase mileage by 3% immediately and then getting a tune-up would add another 4%.

With an instant faux boost to oil production like that, Obama should paint those facts on red, white and blue tire gauges, along with “Vote Obama” on them – and hand ’em out….just like Republicans did when they were trying to make fun of him.

  1. kas

    It is a weekend of WTF! Here are a few more…
    An American tragedy at the Olympics, John Edwards infidelity and is he the baby daddy???, and the Steelers second string quarterback Charlie Batch broke his collarbone.
    On a more postive note, Michael Phelps broke an Olympic record, the Steelers won thier 1st preseason game and again, Obama is right!

  2. Bob Oaks

    Obama is right?

    “Workin’ in the fillin’ station – too many tasks.
    Wipe the windows – check the tires – check the oil – dollar gas!”

    — Chuck Berry; “Too Much Monkey Business”

    Okay, so I’m really, really, old. I’m so old I can remember when gas stations actually provided those services. Now good luck finding “service” stations that actually provide air hoses for you to borrow (either for your car or your bike tires). At the risk of being mocked or vilified by the R’s, maybe there oughta be a law that requires any business selling gasoline to have an air hose for the public to use?

  3. Amen to that Bob! Not only have I found myself driving around looking for air, I’ve found myself having to look for an ATM to withdraw cash so that I can get some quarters to put it in to get the air!

  4. Whoa! – Batch broke a collarbone! Tell me to sit down first before you go telling a Steeler fan something like that kas!

    Who hit him? Gotta make me a voodoo doll!

  5. Lizard

    Georgia is a western backed, israeli armed outpost on the geopolitical chessboard. Russia is responding the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, where some 1,500 people were killed. Russia tried to get the UN to condemn that attack, but guess who objected to some of the language?

    in terms of why Georgia has chosen now to instigate a Russian response probably has nothing to do with keeping Russia distracted as we move in to position on Iran.

    Sorry to interrupt the analyses of where John Edward’s dick has been.

  6. Lizard

    on edit, that was abrupt, sincere apologies. usually just lurk.

    this provocation in South Ossetia, a place i never heard of until a few days ago, and how spun the initial reporting has been from nearly all western media sources is, i guess, to be expected. but still, it’s frustrating.

    dissident voice has a good piece, if anyone is interested.

    olympics, John Edwards…great time to jab the russian bear as the carriers move in to place.

  7. goof houlihan

    From the Independent:

    “Perks for those who peddle

    By: Mike Gerrity

    It’s a good time to be a bicyclist. In addition to avoiding the whole gas thing, there’s now an independent campaign that offers tangible perks to those who peddle.”

    Bicyclists pedal. Peddlers peddle. Journalists know the difference.

  8. Mayor of mayhem

    Jhwy, Don’t worry about a voodoo doll for Charlie Batches attacker, Every hunky grandma in homestead is putting a curse on the lineman who hit him. Don’t mess with hunky grandmas.
    Lizard I really hope you are wrong about Georgia and Iran. But I suspect there is something to what you say. Osetia is a major pipeline location. It seems every dispute located near oil gets settled with a tank. I wouldn’t put it past Bush/Cheney to sell out Georgia to clear the way for an Iran invasion. Not much time left to pull off that one. There will be real public outrage when Bush starts another war. I suspect there will be a few hawk kool aid drinkers and retired general defense contractor stockholders who tell us how great it is, but the general public is gonna sh#t.
    Kas, I was thinking it’s always a democrat that gets caught with his pants down and then I remembered that republicans only get laid by dudes in the mens room.

  9. Mayor of mayhem

    Lizard, I just thought about it a little. Why would we attack Iran when we can have the Israeli’s do it for us?

  10. Lizard

    MoM: there seems to be a growing certainty that Iran, due to the US economic meltdown, has been taken off the table, and that the movement of carrier groups has been greatly exaggerated, but I wouldn’t put anything past the criminals running the show.

    Obviously, when it comes to the Dems and Rethugs, public opinion is like stepping in a pile of dog shit. They can just spray it off and go about their day, looting our treasure and spilling civilian blood.

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