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by jhwygirl

Both McCain and Obama have met with come-lately alternative energy financier T. Boone Pickens. Pickens, if you haven’t heard, is author of The Pickens Plan, an aggressive plan to move at least 20% of our electricity power to wind energy, and moving more of our resources towards producing biomass fuels, thereby reducing independence on foreign oil. He’s also been a major donor to Republican campaigns, funneling $3 million to the 527 that swiftboated John Kerry, and $2.5 million to Karl Rove’s Progress for America.

Not only did he play a large part in the swiftboating of John Kerry, he offered up a $1 million dollar challenge to anyone that could prove that what was alleged was false. John Kerry himself took him up on the offer, and Pickens reneged.

Pickens’ plan is great, if not noble. I got no gripe about wind energy, nor the desire to move the U.S. away from powering electricity with things like coal. What bothers me about The Pickens Plan is that the reality is that it’s all about T. Boone Pickens – he’s been buying up large tracts of wind-rich land from Texas to North Dakota. His television ads, and even his website, come off as a Me First, energy second…I mean, just look at the title.

Pickens has said he will spend $58 million promoting his plan.

I guess if he’s got it to spend, why not. That kind of cash should keep more than a few people employed, right?

It’s hard for me to latch onto Pickens – his history and his showmanship all send up a great big ole’ warning flag for me – and with him so publicly hedging his bets, exhibited by seeking out both Obama and McCain – makes him and his plan all the more suspicious.

by jhwygirl

Starting to gear up here for the DNC next week. I have to say I am apprehensive, excited, and I continue to have a little (big?) voice inside my head saying “Oh, no, what have I gotten myself into?”

But plans are made, and damage is done, I guess…and, besides, the other little voice inside my head says “Why in the hell would you second-guess an opportunity like this?”

Montana has 16 delegates and 4 alternatives. 8 of the delegates are “superdelgates” – the ones you heard so much talk about earlier this year. I’ve met many of the superdelgates before, although none of that was in the context of me as a blogger. I’m looking forward to yammering with Ed Tinsley, Montana’s Democratic National Committeeman. He’s one of my favorite Montana Democrats – an all-around very likable guy. Rep. JP Pomnichowski is on the list too – another one of my favorites, if only for the hard work that she’s done on issues near and dear to my heart.

And that’s not – to be clear – to take away from all our other delegates.

Come to think of it – maybe I should get to that….

Here are Montana’s delegates to the DNC:

Governor Brian Schweitzer
Senator Max Baucus
Senator Jon Tester
Rep. Margaret Campbell, Roosevelt
Jean Lemire Dahlman, Democratic National Committeewoman
Dennis MacDonald, Montana Democratic Party Chairman
Ed Tinsley, Democratic National Committeeman
State Senator Kim Gillan, Yellowstone
Former U.S. Senator John Melcher, Missoula
State Senate Majority Leader Carol Williams, Missoula
Rep. Diane Sands, Missoula
Rep. Michelle Reinhart, Missoula
Scott Martin, Missoula
Kathleen Driscoll, Ravalli
Joan Vetter Ehrenberg, Flathead
Jason Smith, Lake
Laura McGee, Cascade
Nancy Anderson, Cascade
Carl Donovan, Cascade
Ryan Rusche, Roosevelt
Raphael Graybill, Cascade
Anthony Jackson, Gallatin
Rep. Julie French, Sheridan
Anna Whiting Sorrell, Lake (unpledged, add-on)
Rep. JP Pomnichowski, Gallatin (alternative)
Sen. Larry Jent, Gallatin (alternative)
Christina Quijano, Carbon(alternative)
Jorge Quintana, Lewis and Clark (alternative)

Hopefully I’ll have more in the coming days on these folks, and their expectations and thoughts on the convention as the opening draws near.

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