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by jhwygirl

Benson’s Farm is finally finally open!

They promised us fans, weeks ago, that their veggie store would be open “mid-August”. For many of us, I think we believe that was last week – as I stopped by every day after work, hopefully pulling into the parking lot, just wishing that they would open.

“Wasn’t the mid-August the 2nd full week in August?” I said to myself.

And then, when it wasn’t Sunday or Monday, I started to think “Could it be Friday? The 15th? Yes, it has to be – the 15th is the middle of the month!”

And, finally, when it wasn’t Friday the 15th, I told myself that I was going to steal away, in the night, an ear of their beautiful white-and-yellow corn (or 2) and pay them a buck a piece when they finally opened.

I never did….but today (birds singing, angels flying, rainbows in the background) the store was open. A child and mother, hand-in-hand, walking up the road, a bag filled with veggies. Cars pulling in, cars pulling out. Yippee!!

As I paid for my 2 ears of corn (I never did raid the fields, promise) two couples walked in, both oohin’ and ahhin’ walking straight for the golden stuff.

But don’t pass that broccoli either – nothing compares to fresh broccoli.

They’ve got their regionally famous corn (yellow and white, and yellow), along with a lovely assortment – today – of eggplant, zucchini, broccoli (which looked fabulous), red cabbage, and a pretty large assortment of green and yellow peppers. Green tomatoes, fresh herbs – oh, and an assortment of various squashes.

Stuff can’t be fresher – they pick it and drop it in the bins while you are there

Anyways folks – come get your veggies, corner of 7th and Reserve. A piece of Missoula. A fantastic piece of Missoula.

by jhwygirl

The building, silly wabbits!

Bids are due by Friday for the City Hall building, which has been appraised at $1.68 million.

It’s been years since I’ve been in it – 2003? 2002? – but at that price, it seems like a steal. Backs up on a residential neighborhood – if my memory isn’t failing – with sidewalks and mature trees. Quite lovely. I figure you could get 4 sweet-sized luxury condos, and maybe even 2 or 4 small “affordable” units in the basement. That would only work, though, if they’ve got some windows.

Similar to Missoula’s Babs – which will be making its developers quite a pretty penny.

Hopefully they put something into the bid that keeps the building from being razed. It is a piece of Montana history, and it’d sure be a shame if that was its fate.

by Jay Stevens

Patia and Rebecca go to the opening of Hooter’s, Patia writes it up over at New West, and all h*ll breaks loose in the comments.

Besides finding the column an inspiration to write Penthouse-letter-quality softcore Hooters porn, commenters used the space to point out that anyone who mentiones Hooters’ prime attraction (tits and ass) must be hairy, smelly, and liberal — which are apparently synonymous. Weirder still is the implication that if a woman goes into Hooters and doesn’t immediately toss off her clothes and don the trademark Hooters half-shirt and orange short-shorts, she must hate men.

One commenter asks, “So… have we decided if a confident, liberal, libido-loving gal would be confortable in a Hooters?”

Good question.

I cautiously advance that a confident libido-loving gal of any political persuasion probably does not fulfill her sexual fantasies by serving greasy-fingered overweight men fried food. Her fantasies probably revolve around, you know, men…like this…or this. (Or, for nontraditional libidos, this?)

So, yeah, a confident, liberal, libido-loving gal probably would feel comfortable in Hooters…if the tip money is good. Tho’ she’d probably rather go to Peckers

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