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by Rebecca Schmitz

Okay, forget all the whining below. Someone with a sense of humor at Slate is covering the convention on Twitter. Perhaps there is a reason to look forward to St. Paul.

by Rebecca Schmitz

Last night’s television coverage of the convention reminded me once again why I don’t watch network TV: none of the big boys, even my home slice Jim Lehrer–Jim Lehrer!, bothered to completely cover our Governor’s speech. I started the evening with Jim and his crew of blowhards analysts. (I kid about the “blowhards”; even though I disagree with him most of the time, David Brooks is a conservative I can respect) They missed Governor Deval Patrick because of all the blah, blah, blah, so to make up for it PBS replayed his speech, then cut to more of the blah, blah, blah. By this time I jumped to NBC–no, there’s Brian Williams talking to his analysts, okay, how about CBS, nope, hey, who are those people? Who cares? Okay, how about–nah, forget ABC. CNN? Nope. Commercials. Hmmm, do I dare? Am I ready to lose some IQ points? Fine. I’ll go there. Wait…you’re kidding. FOX is airing a recap of the primary season? Well, shit. This means only one thing.


Finally, there was Brian, in the words of our friend Goof Houlihan, “clowning and corny“. But hey, I got a kick out of his speech. The floor loved it. Even Bill Clinton liked it. During the standing ovation, the Big Dog mouthed “I like this guy, he’s good” to Rebecca Gwatney.

I guess there’s only one channel for me. Jill, I know it’s not your fault, but this kind of news coverage–all punditry and no substance–is the reason why I never tune into CBS’ broadcast or that of your competitors. Sorry, Jim, but even PBS dropped the ball this time. One lousy speech, and you guys felt it was more important to talk to the historians on the panel. I’m sticking with C-SPAN for the next two days, and, if I have the stomach for it, I’ll stay there next week for the Republican National Convention. We’ll see, though. It all depends on whether or not Costco sells Tums by the case.

by Pete Talbot

(The serious blogging is coming out of Denver but someone needs to cover the bases back home. Here is some local insight, light fare and escapism.)

Obama, yes, but no Dick

Barack Obama’s last stop before hitting the Democratic National Convention in Denver is Billings. He’ll hold a town hall style meeting on Wednesday.

Vice President Cheney cancelled his Wednesday visit to Bozeman to raise funds for Montana Republicans. He’s on a mission to Georgia (not the peach state) where he’ll surely garner more respect for the U.S. and sow the seeds of peace.

Digital hijinks

Naughty software is to blame for Helena’s KTVH broadcast of the Olympics with Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters superimposed on the screen. Wish I could have seen it. (I loved that program — the Olympics weren’t bad either – what a great combo those two shows would make).

Apparently, the used equipment’s ‘Flexcoder,’ recently purchased by the NBC affiliate, only affected high-definition signals. This story is making the rounds on the internet.

Different strokes

Hispanic singer Daddy Yankee endorses John McCain. That’s the biggest news out of the Republican camp lately. Hey, no candidate is immune from uninformed celebrity endorsements but I feel sorry for the Latino community on this one. Does ‘Daddy’ really have credibility?


Finally, with most of my blogger friends down in Denver (or should it be up in Denver, since it is the Mile High City) here’s a little You Tube hit from Bobby Vinton. Anyone born after, maybe 1957, won’t recognize this song.

I liked the little anti-war line at the end of the song. That’s a new twist from Bobby.

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