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by Rebecca Schmitz

Let’s see, a Governor who wants to end wasteful government spending; a former star athlete who’s a cheerleader for increased natural resource extraction; an outsider placed in a position of power; an anti-choice, anti-science Christian who promises reform; a small businesswoman, devoted wife and mother fond of poufy hair and interesting eyewear; a historic candidate whose first term in office is already marred by scandal. Gee, this lady

sounds an awful lot like this lady.

Ask yourselves, do you really want to see another Judy Martz just a heartbeat away from the presidency?

by jhwygirl

Seems little Trig has been a very very busy little boy: Scrubbing his mom’s Wikipedia entry. And example of “Young Trigg’s” edits? How about adding a Weekly Standard article, titled “The Most Popular Governor” while removing citations to a Wall Street Journal article titled “Alaska’s Palin Faces Probe”?

Here’s a good before and after, courtesy of Wikipedia. Thank you NPR.

The Arizona Central has some interesting comments from its readers on McCain’s pick.

This is a good article on the effects of biofuel production and its disruption of food supplies.

There was quite an uproar earlier this week of the DNC’s stage set for Obama’s acceptance speech, yet nary a mention of the similarities to George Jr.’s state set of the 2004 RNC.

Obama’s acceptance speech made it to over a quarter of all American households. That’s over 38 million – larger than the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and larger than the audience for the final American Idol (yep, folks, that’s how we measure these things), where the winner is announced.

It was actually larger – Nielsen doesn’t count PBS and C-Span.

Hmmmm, wonder what the average size is of an American household?

Utahan’s like to drive cheaply – Natural gas, at 87 cents a gallon.

It’s a long weekend for many. In perusing this nations newspapers, I’m shocked to see the word “food crisis” and “food bank” in so many. How about taking some time this weekend and clearing off the shelves of some canned good for the local food bank? Put it out in the middle of the floor where you can’t miss it, and get it downtown on Tuesday.

by jhwygirl

Oh, it’s a common topic on blogs across the U.S. – knock on the main-stream media for not covering this, not covering that, or not covering this enough or not covering that enough. But it’s a two-edged sword – and I and others have said that without newspapers, we’d not be able to editorialize like we do. It’s a love/hate thing, you see.

I’ve got a love for news of all sources – paper, magazines, online, radio and even satellite radio – I roll down the road either listening to talk radio (locally) or, further out from town, satellite talk or CNN – news, news, news for me, you see.

Jon Stewart, of The Daily Show, took the media industry to task at a reporter’s breakfast on the opening day of the Democratic convention in Denver. He called FOX News “an appendage of the Republican Party,” and “the biggest f*** you to people with brains.”

He railed on the 24-hour news networks as “gerbil wheels,” and equated them with “brutish slow-witted beasts.” He criticized their reporters for following “the veins that have been mined,” instead of pursuing serious and in-depth reporting.


Makes what we say around here look milquetoast by comparison.

For a near play-by-play, check out Part One , Part Two, and Part Three, courtesy The Daily Show Blog.

It’s not like Stewart is without some sort of authority on the subject, either. The Project for Excellence in Journalism recently analyzed Comedy Central’s The Daily Show (which Stewart hosts), to the news content of the likes of CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC. And it found that while it leans liberal, nearly half of its content is political news, and that regular viewers of The Daily Show and its spin-off The Colbert Report were most likely to score in the highest percentile on knowledge of current affairs.

It also pointed out – relevant to the last point, and relevant to the point I made above – that you gotta read the news to understand The Daily Show (or this blog, as it were).

So while Stewart is railing on the MSM, you can bet he and his staff have 50 daily papers strewn about the office, and there are staffers whose day is spent just reading news.

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