Midweek musings III

by Pete Talbot

Palin pregnancy

There are reasons to question John McCain’s VP pick but Sarah Palin’s daughter being pregnant isn’t one of them. And if McCain drops her from the ticket for this, then he is a neo-con shill, not a maverick.

Sure, there’s some hypocrisy involved: the VP candidate’s anti-sex-ed, abstinence-only, family-values rhetoric. But this is still personal stuff — it could happen to any family — and it’s pitiful that the media, Democrats or Republicans would make it an issue.

Let’s compare Sarah Palin to Joe Biden on experience. The differences are stark.

Betcha, Erik

Much has been written, lately, about Montana’s Republican Chair Erik Iverson. I happen to believe that he’s a damn good spin doctor — one of the finest mouthpieces Montana Republicans have ever had. I mean, you’ve got to be good when, in the face of your red state turning blue, you continually crank out positive spin. But this could be the best so far:

“I still believe at the end of the day, McCain wins Montana by eight to 10 points.” Iverson told Lee newspapers.

Now I’ve challenged him before (never heard a peep back from the guy) so I’ll try again. Anything less than eight points and you kick in $100 toward my favorite candidate in 2010. Eight points or over, and I’ll throw $100 toward your favorite Republican.

Prof. Craig Wilson is a downer

And just who is Craig Wilson, the oft-quoted pundit in various print and electronic news organs?

Well, he hails from Missoula, believe it or not, but currently resides in the Magic City and is a professor at MSU-Billings (formerly Eastern Montana Normal School — it was founded as a teachers’ college).

Wilson bums me out. Here are a couple of his quotes:

“Within the state, this may be one of the less interesting election years,” Wilson told Lee Newspapers.

He went on to say that the Obama-McCain race would bring voters out but he disparaged the down ticket races.

Here’s another:

“In my book, McCain still has to be the favorite in Montana,” Wilson said in July.

Craig, if you give me points, as I’m sure Iverson (above) will, let’s do a $100 wager on that race; proceeds going to one of our favorite charities, of course.

  1. Thank you for speaking sanely about the Bristol Palin pregnancy!

    And I’ll take you up on the bet for Iverson in his place!

  2. My mom dated Craig Wilson in high school. I’ll tell you a story sometime about Craig’s not-so-smooth moves.

  3. petetalbot

    Steve, I have to wait and see if Iverson comes through before I start taking on too many bets with others.

    And Rebecca, do tell, do tell.

  4. Craig Moore

    Pete, you wrote: “Let’s compare Sarah Palin to Joe Biden on experience. The differences are stark.”

    When comparing someone with CEO experience like Palin to someone like Biden or Obama whose experience is that of professional legislator, those differences are stark.

  5. petetalbot

    Yo, Craig, I didn’t mention Obama anywhere in my post — I’m comparing the vice presidential candidates here:

    So, you’re saying that being mayor of Wasilla (pop. 8000) for six years and governor of Alaska (pop. 683,000) for less than two years gives Palin CEO status?

    I’d feel a little more comfortable with someone who has served six terms in the U.S. Senate as chief executive officer of this country if, God forbid, something were to happen to either of the presidential candidates and they couldn’t serve out their term.

  6. Craig Moore

    My comments seemed to be blocked. I’ll try a 3d time.

    Pete, to me mere presence as a legislator is false comfort. 6 terms is 36 years removed from the reality of real life of making tough, executive decisions as Sarah Palin has done. Those 6 terms and his “connections” had the HuffPo columnist saying, No Thank You! See: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/raymond-j-learsy/for-obamas-sake-put-biden_b_121080.html

    Then there is the Washington Post commenting about the investigation of Biden and his son (and now Obama): http://www.voices.washingtonpost.com/washingtonpostinvestigations/2008/08/biden_familys_lobbyist_financi.html

    It’s hard to imagine finding comfort in that sort of experience when reciting the mantra of hope and change. I guess that’s why the HuffPo said to put Biden out to pasture.

  7. petetalbot

    You’re crackin’ me up, Craig. As mayor of Wasilla, she dealt with the “reality of real life of making executive decisions … ” as opposed to a U.S Senator serving his sixth term. I’m sure the American public is relieved.

    I do like the fact that she copped to smoking a little grass, though.

    And you really want to bring up investigations, Craig? I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Palin’s short tenure in public office reads like a litany of malfeasance and corruption:


  8. JC

    CEO experience? OK, it all becomes clear. Palin is just another tool for corporate America to extend its reign over the people even more.

    Personally, I think that CEO experience, like that embodied by Bush-Cheney is the downfall of America. CEO experience by an unknown political figure is even more radical and scary.

  9. Craig Moore

    Pete, it’s funny how there is the frantic attempt to display Palin as only a mayor.

    Biden’s and Obama’s lobbyist and special interest connections are real. As to Palin I saw this: http://www.floppingaces.net/2008/08/29/palins-troopergate-beating-msm-distortions-to-the-truth/#more-7482

    There are many dymanic links in this article to source documents. If true, Palin’s reality is far less important than Biden’s protection of special interests, such as making bankruptcy much harder, while giving a helping hand to his son’s lobbying business. This is what 36 years of legislative expeience gets us. Good chating with you again Pete. Been awhile.

  10. Craig, if Erik doesn’t come through, I’ll take his place.


  11. Craig Moore

    Steve, welcome to the discussion.

  12. Craig Moore

    Looks like Sarah Palin is going on offense tonight: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0908/13130.html

    Here are other excerpts released ahead of her speech, scheduled for about 10:30 p.m. Eastern:

    On her experience as a public servant:

    “I had the privilege of living most of my life in a small town. I was just your average hockey mom, and signed up for the PTA because I wanted to make my kids’ public education better. When I ran for city council, I didn’t need focus groups and voter profiles because I knew those voters, and knew their families, too. Before I became governor of the great state of Alaska, I was mayor of my hometown. And since our opponents in this presidential election seem to look down on that experience, let me explain to them what the job involves. I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities.”

    On why she is going to Washington, D.C.:

    “I’m not a member of the permanent political establishment. And I’ve learned quickly, these past few days, that if you’re not a member in good standing of the Washington elite, then some in the media consider a candidate unqualified for that reason alone. But here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion – I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this country.”

    On energy policies that the McCain-Palin administration will implement:

    “Our opponents say, again and again, that drilling will not solve all of America’s energy problems – as if we all didn’t know that already. But the fact that drilling won’t solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we’re going to lay more pipelines…build more nuclear plants…create jobs with clean coal…and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal, and other alternative sources. We need American energy resources, brought to you by American ingenuity, and produced by American workers.”

    On John McCain:

    “Here’s how I look at the choice Americans face in this election. In politics, there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers. And then there are those, like John McCain, who use their careers to promote change.”

  13. Binky Griptight

    Ya know, Erik may be a good shrill, but he’s a lousy conductor. He has chaired one of the most dissonant, loud, fractious periods of the MT GOP. Remind me, again, who did he get nominated to challenge Baucus as one of Montana’s most powerful representatives?

  14. mayor mayhem

    Craig, Sounds like your really drinking the kool aid brother. The only real difference between McCain AND Obama’s foreign policy is Obama would like to talk to disagreeable people and work out our differences, McCain would like to kill disagreeable people to work out differences.
    Blaming the media is the oldest trick in the book. Hillary blamed a vast right wing conspiracy for Bill’s troubles. I suspect politicians keep doing it because it works. Typical and predictable, divide and conquer. Joe six pack can be told to hate anyone and have his attention diverted from the real issues. Like why are we funding Iraq’s rebuild when they make more oil money than the gnp of most small countries. The media didn’t create that situation your current administration did. The same administration that started out with the most experienced staff in history, you know, Cheney, Rumsfeld , Powell. All guys with more experience than Palin or Obama but they still got it wrong.

  15. Craig Moore

    MM, you got all that from me saying that Palin was going on offense while providing a link and quotes from the Politico? Amazing!

    IF you want to talk about some of her quoted words from Politico, remember, Obama is the one who labeled himself as a “community organizer.” Wasn’t that in part from his efforts on behalf of ACORN? http://fratres.wordpress.com/2008/08/31/obama-acorn-and-the-churches/

    With specificity, what ACORN or other projects did Obama work on? What verifiable results were achieved? (Just asking as I don’t know) There is much we don’t know about him.

  16. JC

    Craig, want to talk about what Palin had to do to win the “Miss Congeniality” award during the Miss Alaska pageant? There is so, so much we don’t know about her… yet. Just asking. I don’t know, either.

    But it might be related to the affair that she is rumored to have had with her husbands business partner. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Just asking. You know.

    Or failing to report business interests in her car washing business when running for governor. Or when Alaska issued a “certificate of involuntary dissolution” because of the company’s failure to file its biennial report and pay state licensing fees.

    Or Palin’s acquiring $15 million in earmarks to build a railroad spur to Girdwood Ski Resort, and home of Ted Stevens, where his home was searched by the FBI last year for evidence of his links to an oil services company.

    Should I keep going with tidbits about what we don’t know about Palin?

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