Go Throw JP Pomnichowski Some Cash

by jhwygirl

Jay’s raising some cash for Bozeman’s JP Pomnichowski.

She’s great. I told you all before. (Don’t make me repeat myself – go use the search over there on the right.)

We need to keep her around.

Get over there to Left in the West and give a great Progressive some love.


  1. Craig Moore

    I saw her picture on her blogspot site. http://bp3.blogger.com/_CMImsCVpboE/R45OhKqXUwI/AAAAAAAAAAM/OvKrBs2994c/S220-h/jp+bdc2.jpg

    Looks like she could be related to Sarah Palin. Perhaps that resemblance will generate some cash.

  2. And the purpose of that comment was…??

    If you aren’t going to say something that adds to the discussion, Craig – keep it to yourself.

  3. Craig Moore

    jhwygirl, you wrote a political post that had nothing to do with any issue discussion that provided a framework for anyone to add or subtract from. Just my opinion. Just disregard my ramblings. I’m still learning the protocol here.

  4. If you have read here regularly, you would know that telling people to help out JP Pomnichowski had a hell of a lot to do with issues that I write about regularly.

    Like I said – use the search.

  5. In fact, you could click the story under “possibly related posts” (autogenerated), at the bottom of the post.

  6. Craig Moore

    You have me scratching my head. You want JP Pomnichowski to pull in the cash. Right now Sarah Palin is having much success in causing a great influx of green to McCain. She seems to have connected with people, even Howard Wolfson gives her high marks. I was pointing to an opportunity to reach those people with their wallets out and in a giving mood. That doesn’t mean Pomnichowski has to adopt Palin’s politics. Simply recognize a rock star like Elvis, “Thank you very much” can be co-opted by a smart candidate for their own purposes. All those Elvis impersonators that rake in the cash can’t have it all wrong. Campaign yard signs and buttons can feature a candidates picture can’t they?

    I didn’t mean to upset or pick a fight with you.

  7. Craig, if you don’t understand what is wrong with telling JP’s supporters (especially the women) that she should use her looks to get money, then there is little hope for you. The tacit implications of prostitution are indeed ‘fighting words’.

  8. Craig Moore

    Wulfgar, did you notice how Michelle Obama was made over to look like Jackie Kennedy before her speech?

  9. Non-sequitur. You just suggested that JP act the whore, and cover your ass by thinking it matters what Michelle Obama looks like? Dude, you’re digging a deeper hole. I suggest you stop now.

  10. Craig Moore

    All politicians ask for cash do they not? Was not Michelle Obama trying to soften her image for votes? Even the Brits see that: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2008/08/26/is-michelle-obama-the-new-jackie-o-115875-20712005/

    If Michelle Obama isn’t fashioning herself on Jackie Kennedy Onassis, her stylist certainly is.

    While her husband Barack has been compared to JFK for his ability to charm a crowd, Michelle has been busy adopting an image that looks uncannily similar to America’s most stylish former First Lady.

    Even Michelle’s hair, which is cut into a chic bob and blow-dried high on the crown, is distinctly Jackie O-esque.

    Mirror fashion editor Amber Morales says: “Michelle has definitely been inspired by Jackie Kennedy Onassis. She had a look admired across the world, so who would blame her?

    Drawing a distinction between the political ‘ask’ for votes versus money is without a difference. I don’t accept your characterization of the ‘ask’ for money or votes is whoring.

  11. Of course you wouldn’t. What exactly do you think you’re accomplishing here, at this website?

  12. Craig Moore

    wulfgar, since you asked I saw this column: https://4and20blackbirds.wordpress.com/2008/09/01/disagreement-is-welcome-here/

    I was taken with its heartfelt message.

  13. goof houlihan

    Darn good answer, Craig. I have been impressed with your replies on the New Left magazine whose only blogging link is Wulfgar!. Quite the uphill climb, there, too.

  14. Craig – Your comment wasn’t disagreement – it wasn’t even a point of view. Unless you call a ‘she looks like Palin’ a comment of substance.

    I call it empty near-trolling.

    and Goof? – come on now….you’re more thoughtful that that.

  15. goof houlihan

    Craig and I have made many a point on New West. And I see nothing wrong with being attracted by a heartfelt plea for tolerance of opinion.

    And if you go to the Bozeman “New West” site, you’ll see “Wulfgar!” and little else linked. The links section looks weird because of it, actually, as in “lacking effort to the point of abandonment”.

  16. Craig Moore

    goof, we are a blessed country to have passionate people that care. JP Pomnichowski looks to be one of those people from the links in the column. I would say she is a fine human being and a dedicated public servant. We are lucky to have them.

    jhwygirl, a simple “No thank you” would have sufficed. You are correct, I was not offering disagreement as I didn’t see any issue. When the brickbats came out things spiraled…and I see you are still swinging. Does that mean our honeymoon is over?

  17. goof houlihan

    Yes, JP is a good person who has been a friend of mine for many years. We disagree on national politics, but mostly agree on local issues.

    Politics in Montana can be like that, based on friendships and trust, not ideology.

  18. Does Bozeman have any other blogs, goof? I’ve searched in the past and never found any…

    If there are other Bozeman blogs, you should let me know…I’d put them up on the right there, and I’d even email someone over there.

  19. goof houlihan

    Yeah, there’s a couple more from the left side of the aisle. I’ll try to find some others. All my bookmarks are gone and I’m slowly rebuilding the list.

  20. Binky Griptight

    goof, I’d agree, sort of. Politics in Montana is still personal. You get to meet the person, shake their hand, listen to what they have to say, and politely make up our mind.

    We’re not completely partisan, although we do like our political parties. We’ll rally around a cause, we’ll rally around our candidate. But, if that candidate doesn’t get out there and meet us, then those rallies don’t last long.

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