Various & Sundry for the Weekend

by jhwygirl

Boeing CEO’s are staring down a likely strike of its largest union – its mechanics. UPDATE: Looks like they did just that this morning.

I stand in support of the IAMAW.

The American Prospect ponders how conservative ideology and the religious right and teenage pregnancy all converge together in blissful celebration.

Teen birth rate statistics. Food for thought:

In 2000, teenage birthrates were highest in Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas and New Mexico. The states with the lowest teenage birthrates were New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Maine.

Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas and New Mexico vote how?

This probably makes conservatives shudder. Lord knows why, since they were championing Palin’s husband’s membership in a union out there on the convention floor on Wednesday night…but why is it only democrats take up the cause of the middle class?

On that note – check out SEIU. They are in the forefront – by miles – of working for the Employee Free Choice Act.

Some on city council have been advocating for an energy coordinator. If Fayetteville, Arkansas (pop. 68,700) can have one, maybe it’s not a bad idea? Fayetteville’s “sustainability coordinator” pays for himself in savings – and then there are the additional benefits reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Missoula’s population, BTW, is 67,200.

If city hall is anything like my office, people need to have someone running around turning off unattended computers, turning off lights, and paying attention to things like the air conditioning v. having some windows open.

Interesting article on Montana DEQ estimates for clean-up costs of the old Berg Lumber Mill outside of Helena. The 31 acre site is contaminated with petroleum, dioxins and penta. Clean-up for residential is estimated to be anywhere between $440,000 to more than $21 million, while clean-up for industrial use is estimated between $210,000 to more than $6 million. Northside residents here in Missoula are fighting for a full residential class cleanup of White Pine Slash’s site of the same toxins.

  1. It’s true what they say, “Politics makes for strange bedfellows.” I’d like to know how the Religous Right (Wrong) rationalizes the Palin teenage pregnancy to the rest of its followers. But then… they stopped rationalizing things years ago. You do know the world is only 5000 years old. Right?

  2. I’ve been mulling that over since the campaign confirmed the pregnancy…and actually had occasion yesterday to bring it into conversation. A friend – a mother – was discussing Palin. Talking about Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy and her views on abortion. About how she was irresponsible with educating her about sex and birth control, etc. Very seriously – and this is exactly what I’ve been thinking – I said “How do you know she isn’t happy with her daughter’s pregnancy?” I went on, “It sure seemed last night that she was celebrating her pregnancy. Championing the whole thing. Maybe they really don’t have a problem with it at all? I mean – it sure looked like it. Looked like they were fine with the whole thing.” My friend raised her eyebrows. Didn’t know what to say. Not that I do either. I mean – as I said – I’ve been mulling that over.

    Sure seems the Republicans are doing a bunch of double-talk. “Leave the children out of it” while championing an unmarried 16-year old’s pregnancy.

    And even as the woman stood on the stage and basically said her kids were no one’s business, she went and called each of them out ruing the speech, and brought them all up on stage in culmination of the complete hypocrisy.

  3. JC

    It just goes to show that republicans are still willing to make political opportunity out of every conceivable situation, damn the hypocrisy, and decry democrats when they try to do the same.

    It’s why our congressional leaders like Pelosi and Reed were unwilling to get some spine and take on impeachment against Bush & Co. It’s why FISA passed. It’s why the Iraq war funding was continued. The republicans have succeeded in defining a dual standard of politics in America.

    And until the American people see through the charade, and vote accordingly, it will continue–to the detriment of those who become political fodder, like Bristol Palin, her baby, and the unwilling teen father. And to the detriment of our country.

    Country first? No, republicans first. Except when you confuse the republican way with the American way, they become synonymous, and any who don’t gobble up the republican way are therefor unamerican.

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