Hendrickson hates seniors

by Pete Talbot

Jhwygirl is all over the city’s budget, particularly John Hendrickson’s (and the other “conservatives'”) proposed budget cuts.

Since I’m getting close to “senior” status myself and know quite a few seniors, this one item caused some concern:

Eliminate the Missoula Urban Transportation District’s (MUTD) Senior bus line

I actually received an unsolicited call today from a senior who said this:

“So, those council people want the seniors out there driving around? Or maybe they just want them shut up in their homes, not able to buy groceries or see their doctor?”

This guy was pissed. He said that if the council wanted a room full of angry seniors out for blood, just keep it up.

(It should be noted that the city’s budget passed last night, intact, by a seven-to-five vote. The senior’s bus service will not be cut.)

There was a host of other bad budget-cutting ideas but it’s really dumb to anger Missoula’s senior population and I’m guessing the proposed budget cuts won’t be lost on those who would have been directly affected. I believe that Hendrickson and his cohorts could be in deep doo-doo when they’re up for re-election.

  1. Yeah – pissin’ off senior citizens really isn’t a good thing.

    Maybe your friend should give Hendrickson a call? Since, it appears he doesn’t have anyone calling him to let him know what is and isn’t getting done in city hall.

    Readers? Got potholes? Got unpainted ROW? Got weeds in city parks and downtown Missoula? Got missing street signs? Got zoning violations? Got noisy neighbors? If it ain’t getting done, give Hendrickson a call.

    I’ll spare putting up his phone number. I do believe, though, that it is on the city’s website.

  2. JHWY you’re really going after Hendrickson in a personal way that I”m uncomfortable with as a member of the pre-law community. Well society really.

    Does the real person behind JHWY have something related to employment tied to what he’s doing? Like the budget cuts he’s suggested?

    Why are you attacking him personally when it’s clearly a matter of principle that supports his positions. He’s a crazy right wing fiscal conservative, and that’s what those folks do. You may disagree with him, but knee jerk liberal attacks on his character don’t enrich the credibily of discourse on this blog.

    I know that shit because I’m pre fcking law. Got it?

    And if there’s anyone that knows what the fck’s up with credibility it’s me, a third week pre-law student ready to enter the first step to greatness. I also know how to do laundry now.

    Why attack him here on principle, when you’re really after something personal?

    He’s not using a blog to threaten your job; he’s using city council and a public process. He’s also using his real name, and he’s not afraid to tell you what he does for a living and who he works for.

    You, on the other hand, are being a chicken sht and giving links to his personal phone number, just so people outside his ward can harrass him to death at your direction. Don’t you think you’re taking it a little too far?

    What if folks realized your personal stake in harrassing him?

    I don’t like one of our county commissioners, but I’m not going to post their phone number and tell everyone to call them and harass them. I just do it on my own, and with my own name.

    For full disclosure, I am Pre Law. I don’t have a job, but I’m preparing to run for student senate soon, and that will be a job. Sometimes I mow the lawn for my parents when I’m home on break, and they give me 15 bucks. At least they said they will.

  3. Do I have something to lose by those budget cuts? I have a park in my neighborhood. The lawn is crap now – filled with weeds and compacted because it hasn’t been aerated for years.

    I have an alley that is so overgrown with weeds and trees that I can’t drive my sub-compact through it. Neighbors are throwing their lawn cuttings and tree trimmings out there, making it even worse.

    Do I like looking at all the spotted knapweed growing in downtown Missoula? Spread out where grass should be on both sides of the Orange Street bridge? Coming up through the sidewalks? Yeah. That’s the image I want visitors to my city that come in on the Orange Street exit off of I-90 to see. And spotted knapweed doesn’t spread, does it.

    Does it tick me off that a daycare down the road – in a residential neighborhood – has two 32 square foot signs where only a single 6 square foot sign is allowed? I worry about the possibility of an electronic message board being next.

    Do I get pissed when I go by the SHEC center, which is required because of a change in use to meet parking and landscaping, and I see no landscaping, and unpaved parking? Parking on unpaved surfaces which is a violation for several city departments?

    Do I hate walking or biking on third street because the lines aren’t a painted and the unpaved right-of-way is filled with potholes so it is unsafe for pedestrians?

    Do I hate the potholes right outside my window that some damned truck hits every morning at 6:10 a.m.?

    Yeah. I did take what Hendrickson wanted to do last night – without any regard to where those 10 jobs were at all – personal. You’re damned right.

  4. petetalbot

    Yo, pre-law, get back to me when you’re post-law (like that will ever happen).

    You attack jhwygirl for blogging under a pseudonym and what’s your tag? — pre-law — over and over and over again.

    We call ’em like we see ’em here at 4&20: Hendrickson votes against seniors and you’re a putz.

  5. Petetalbot, you have no respect for my awesome ambition and ability to someday have super analytical skills. No respect.

    A tad jealous Petetalbot?

    Look, you’re right though about my name. I just don’t want my professors to see the superb knowledge I rock online and know who’s behind it. Then they’ll expect more. It will be harder to keep a 4.0 average. Law school will fade into the surrounding. I will not become great. Get it?

    So, you see my anonymity goes hand in hand with my eloquence and wisdom, which I’ve gained since becoming pre-law. I’m not suprised at your envy. But I will continue to bless your blog with it on occasion in the same way Jesus would not deny alot of food to folks on that hill where he broke the food up. Know what I”m getting to?

    But I’m not going to get online and trash my professors, and then give out links to their phone numbers for everyone to call. Supercalifragilistic girl over here disaggrees with someone’s political philosophy, so she passively invites everyone to call them and harrass. There are court cases right now that I cannot name that are nonetheless holding people liable for harrassment online which has cause suicides in some cases. That’s not what you pre-eriodites are doing here, and I know Hendrickson isn’t going to strangle himself, but you guys are hitting below the belt with that stuff. My point is, unlike triple-syllable girl I’m not using a blog to have influence on real people like she is, personall harrassment. And I have a pretty good hunch that if wickyjooheegirl actually revealed who she was we might find a very personal tie to some of those budget cuts Hendrickson is recommending. I’m talking paychecks not parks. Get my drift?

    Like me doing the same thing to a professor who gave me a bad grade or something.

    Which I won’t do. We pre-law people live to a higher standard. So why not alphabet soup girl up there lay off the passive-aggressive harrassment of local public officials.

    I’ve got to get back to my flash cards.

    But you are right about my name pete. Hopefully you see where I’m coming from.

    You still are a hater though. A pre-law hater is what you are Pete. But that’s ok. I’m reasonable.

  6. goof houlihan

    Sheesh, here in the land of hyperbole, I’m guessing that John also kicks dogs and steals candy from little kids.

  7. petetalbot

    Hey Goof, I’m just trying to write a punchy headline, a la New York Daily News — I thought you’d appreciate it. The fact is that John Hendrickson is a divisive council member — there’s consensus on that.

  8. Mr. Goof. Um.

    The other day. John Hendrickson stold my candy.

    I stood outside the store.

    The man ran up. He yelled at me with angry.

    Then he, stole my chocklate bar that my mom bought me.

    My mom came and cried.

    John laffed at her. Chocklit driped on his face when he laughed. He was evil. Like Gargamell.

    John Hendrickson hates little kids like me. Mean man.

  9. Jim Lang

    Well, ‘Pre Law’, if you ever do engage in the democratic process by running for something, whether student senate or something else, you’ll have to give your name… Jon Dough, perhaps… and at that point people will be able to make judgements like: “Jon Dough believes X, therefore Jon Dough is a lunatic!”

    It’s one of those things that goes along with being human.. sometimes people disagree… vehemently… maybe they don’t teach that in ‘pre-law’.

  10. You must have missed this PRE-LAW BAYBEE, so let me repost, regarding your allegation that I am attacking Hendrickson based on his political philosophy:

    Did I attack him, or did I attack what he wanted to do? Was I specific in what I didn’t like him doing or did I attack him based on him merely wanting to cut the budget?

  11. Ed Childers

    Pre-law: what’s an eriodite?

  12. Ruthlmm

    Pete, Consonant Girl et al: I am weekly appreciative of John Hendrickson, Jon Wilkins and Stacy Rye. Does that trio surprise you? well, they have good ideas and they care. And they each, in their own way, wrangle that mess back on task periodically.
    They are not right all the time, but I can tell they give much thought to their duties.
    They obviously all keep their consituents and taxpayers as a whole forefront in their minds. They care and it shows. They differ mostly in solutions to the city’s problems.
    Hendrickson is correct in suggesting more and varied cuts. Could he have been more careful in each detail and suggestion? YES! (the transpo idea is off-base) Should the suggestions have been proposed earlier in the process. YES!
    But, here’s my main point — Thousands of us and many, many businesses are making cuts. Painful cuts. Re-evaluating what needs to be done, how many people it takes to do it and ways to accomplish each job and what we really need.
    The city needs to do the same.
    Quit raising our taxes before making more cuts.
    Quit raising our taxes before making more cuts. In each department. (each time I see the Parks crew working on something,there are 3 to 5 people there. One is working !!)
    The “ATM” and “Monopoly” money quotes were perhaps snarky (great word,whoever created that one) but those terms did ring true to this taxpayer. I feel quite hopeless and helpless and I face the distinct possibility of having to leave my home, due to the unsustainable rate of increase in my property tax bill. Read that last sentence again. This is serious ! Something must change at the city level.
    Quit raising our taxes before making more cuts.
    I have cut cable, telephone, dinners out and trips in the truck. I only buy generic products. I bring PB&J to work. There are 2 1/2 incomes in the house and it still is a struggle. I dont’ go to the doctor anymore, even though the yearly is a good idea.
    The city can do better at making cuts at their own house.
    Quit raising our taxes before making more cuts.
    Thanks you Hendrickson, Rye and Wilkins for your service and caring. No, you’re not always right (in my mind) but I now you are not cavalier about your decisions and that counts for something.
    But, GET TO IT EARLIER NEXT YEAR AND BRING SOME STINKIN’ CUTS, REAL CUTS, INCLUDING PROPERTY TAX CUTS to the table …..Please …. Actually, please start now. Keep notes, get going, do what you can do, NOW, on making cuts, making efficiencies at the city level.
    And,to J-girl: An unkempt lawn in a park is not a crisis.
    Our lack on lighting in the neighborhood is.
    Our property tax inceases are.
    And, thank you to MCAT. I watch the proceedings frequently for the full version, full quotes, nuances, facial expressions and manners or lack of at those City Council meetings.
    — Ruthlmm

  13. Matguy


    That was a magnificent troll. I award you one internet.

    /BTW, there is a “Pre-Law” MT vanity plate rolling around Missoula. I have never seen something funnier.

  14. petetalbot

    Ruthlmm, I appreciate your comments. Believe me, I’m not a fan of property tax increases either, and I hope that the city can find more creative ways to gather revenue and hold the line on spending. I don’t believe, however, that there’s a single member of council that enjoys raising property taxes.

    The point in my post was the thoughtless (proposed) cut to senior transportation services. There could be some fat in the city budget but the senior bus line isn’t the place to cut — how could Hendrickson even suggest such a notion?

    I was surprised that the city based its budget on state revenue figures that called for continued robust growth. That seems a little short sighted. Time for a new formula, maybe?

    I realize times are getting tougher for many and paying higher property taxes during an economic downturn seems unreasonable to me. I, like you, hope the city does a better job of budgeting next year. Maybe a little resource conservation would help rein in some of the costs.

    So, good luck on making ends meet. I sincerely mean that. And on a sort of related note; sorry to hear you can’t afford to go to the doctor. National health care, anyone?

  15. rickclemens

    “Does it tick me off that a daycare down the road – in a residential neighborhood – has two 32 square foot signs where only a single 6 square foot sign is allowed? I worry about the possibility of an electronic message board being next.

    Do I get pissed when I go by the SHEC center, which is required because of a change in use to meet parking and landscaping, and I see no landscaping, and unpaved parking? Parking on unpaved surfaces which is a violation for several city departments?”

    NIMBY much? Leave that for the bureaucrats… unless you are one. hmmm?

  16. That’s not NIMBYism you fool. There are rules about signs and parking and air quality.

    Either have rules or don’t. But don’t have them and ignore them.

    Talk to any business that has had to comply with either. When you ignore rules like the ones I’ve stated above, it becomes selective in terms of enforcing them, and therefore, unfair.

    SHEC has argued that they aren’t a church – that they are a recreational facility. Any other health club or recreational facility that opens would have to comply with those rules. Why does SHEC get away with it?

    Maybe because there isn’t enough time to deal with it? Not enough people? And Hendrickson wanted to simply slash 10 people? SKIM 20% off of the zoning department?

  17. goof houlihan

    We can thank Teddy Kennedy and Orrin Hatch for such incursions of day cares and mega churches into our residential only neighborhoods. Look it up.

    Day care is a business and should be regulated as such, not as a church. Gyms and handball courts are gyms and handball courts, not churches.

    Cellular towers are cellular towers, not churches, and should be regulated as such.

    And parking requirements and landscaping requirements should be equally applied to governments, non profits, universities, and 501(c)3s and any others as well….like churches.

  18. rickclemens

    Fair enough. I get NIMBYism and neighborhood watch narcary mixed up because they almost always flow from the same kettle. How about this:

    QQ more

  19. It isn’t the daycare, per se, nor the “church”, per se…it’s the violating of the rules.

    The “church” is in an industrial area. The kids that play outside there on the crumbled unlandscaped lot, adjacent to a major arterial, are in a dangerous location. And now the cars are at risk, too. Basketballs, skateboards, young children and busy streets near a mall do not mix.

    I’m completely with you on the last paragraph. Rules are rules – government, non-profits – everyone.

    Teddy Kennedy and Orrin Hatch? Wow.

  20. goof houlihan


    BTW, Hatch and Kennedy are teaming up for a “year of national service” bill too. I guess they’re quite the pals.

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