If Karl Rove is Calling You a Liar….

by jhwygirl

You know you’ve gone too far.

As of tonight, McCain/Palin are up to 55 – counted by nonpartisan organizations such as FactCheck.org, Wall Street Journal, CNN and Associated Press. Click the pic to get an up-to-date listing.

  1. JC

    I think “Rover’s” attempts here are to bring some light to the bubble around McCain that has their lying spin machine stuck on overdrive. He accurately sees that his Rover-ian tactics are best applied tactically, not strategically. and that if applied strategically, they lose their effectiveness and backfire.

    Rove is just attempting to short circuit the inevitable backlash of the media and electorate before it is too late. And to do that, he has to take it public, because while his presence is not welcome in the bubble, his tactics rule.

    There are still some 50 days left in the campaign. And the closer we get to v-day, the more imperative that the McCain campaign move from the smear part of the campaign to the “how do we steal the election” part of the campaign. As it was with Florida in ’00 and Ohio in ’04, McCain and Rover need to make sure Michigan is in the bank with voter role challenges and all.

    So Rover’s tactics at this point may be serving to distract the electorate from the behind-the-scenes machinations of voter fraud and disenfranchisement by focusing people’s attention on the obvious: McCain’s lies.

    And remember, the Rover/McCain /Bush strategery is all about how to swing 2 out 100 voters in one or two battleground states. They just need to push a few thousand–maybe a few 10 thousand–voters over to their side, damn the rest, and the election is theirs.

  2. Great analysis, as usual, JC!

    And geez – that is one hell of a headache I’ve had today. I only just dawned on me now why you were saying “Rover”. :-<

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