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by jhwygirl

Relied on Wall Street. Just three years ago.

I’m thinking Mildred and few thousand shareholders are thinking differently right now. McCain better stay far far away from them with that privatization talk.

In 2005, McCain and Bush stood together, advocating for private accounts for social security.

So Economic Einstein and Republican Presidential nominee John McCain, just three short years ago, felt that Wall Street was the appropriate place for people to place their trust in their long-term economic security?

Let’s see – the AIG bailout was $85 billion. Economist are estimating the total bailout costs will be $900 billion. Today, the Bush/Paulson Administration requested a $700 billion dollar no-strings-attached bailout package that will raise the national debt ceiling from $10.615 to $11.315 trillion.

Take a moment to let those numbers sink in, people. Clinton left Bush, 8 long and torturous and ethically devoid years ago, with a surplus.

And all this destabilized in just 3 years? Today those same Wall Street people are greedy? Where were thee three years ago, pal?

Obama/Biden, though, know the real story. Biden’s been hitting McCain hard on the campaign trail – and if you have a few moments tomorrow, I highly recommend watching CNN’s “On the Campaign Trail” to see just how hard. For a taste of some real Straight Talk:

“If John cares so much about this now, where was he a week ago? Where was he a month ago? Where was he 5 years ago? I’ll tell you where he was. He was bragging to the folks on Wall Street, the executives who now he calls greedy, he was bragging to them how he was going to shred the regulation that fetters them, that ties them down,” Biden said, calling those regulations “the very things that protected ordinary people on Main Street.”

“All of a sudden it’s ‘my goodness there’s greed on Wall Street. My goodness we need common sense regulation. My goodness,’” he continued. “This is a simple simple choice people have. It’s a choice between those who think that the marketplace and the corporations and the wealthy of America should go unfettered and have no regulation, and those of us who think there should be common sense rules to protect transparency so people can see the ability to know where your dollars are going.”

“John has said to the folks on Wall Street, and again I’m quoting here – this is in the Wall Street Journal – I’m always for less regulation. Here now, John has said he’s going to crack down on the greed on Wall Street. The greed of American corporations,” he said.

“Lets take a look at John’s conversion here. Something happened on the road to Damascus. John fell off his horse, but he got back on the same horse.”

Make no mistake, McCain’s privatization plans for Social Security have deep roots. Senator (now Republican Presidential nominee) John McCain’s plans go back more than 25 years. Here’s one of his speeches from 1999.

As Biden put it: He may have had a political epiphany, but it sure wasn’t a policy epiphany.

Or, as ABC News’ George Will put it, a Conversion of Convenience (even if you are on dial-up, this one is worth the wait):

This is McCain/Palin. This is the Republic Party.

Vote accordingly folks.

by jhwygirl

Over at Left in the West, Jay brings us word of Art Noonan, executive director of the Montana Democratic Party, and their complaint filed May 12th against PSC commissioner Brad Molnar and his violations of state ethics law.

Here’s a link to the official complaint.

Why isn’t the Noonan/Montana Democratic Party’s complaint even listed as a formal complaint? Two other complaints, made after Noonan’s, have apparently made it to the docket.

Did I say “two other complaints”? Two other complaints against Molnar?

Just what is 4&20 fav Art Noonan and The Montana Democratic Party complaining about?

1. Use of campaign materials without the proper disclaimer.
2. Use of corporate (PPL and Northwestern Energy) sponsored campaign materials.
3. Use of materials that appear to be paid for with public sources.
4. Falsely implying support from individuals in his campaign materials

Hasn’t the state sued PPL for 40 or 50 years of using its rivers? Isn’t something like a $40,000,000 settlement being discussed? And Northwestern Energy? Don’t even get me started there…

To top it all off, even after being called on to stop using these materials by School District 2 and the Billings Chamber of Commerce, he said that he’s just too cheap to buy new pamphlets. He’ll use the brownout pamphlets until they’re gone.

“What is so wrong with dated brochures?” Molnar said. “I’m a fiscal conservative, and I just can’t throw anything away.”

Molnar apparently continues to use state funds towards his re-election: In August he sent out a fund raising letter using his Montana government email address and phone number.

The only complaint against Molnar on the Commissioner of Political Practice’s docket that has gotten a hearing date (September 4th) – the one filed in June – had to be postponed to give Molnar time to consult his attorney.

Let’s get this straight – Molnar was served with a complaint from the Commissioner of Political Practices back in June and he’s only recently retained an attorney?

This guy serves on the Public Services Commission (and 4 previous terms as a state legislator) and he doesn’t have the brains or the forethought to hire an attorney when ethics charges are filed against him? When he knows there is going to be a hearing?

Because if he does have brains, then he’s intentionally undermining the process.

So which is it?

It’s bad enough that the Commissioner of Political Practices is woefully understaffed so much so that is isn’t able to do timely investigations into election ethics violations. But to have a candidate willfully undermine the process is worse.

by jhwygirl

Lord knows we need it….

Hundreds of new ocean creatures, from some slick-lookin’ ocean slugs to soft corals to I-don’t-even-know-what-you-call-thems have been found off the coast of Australia. Make sure to check out the pretty pictures.

Palin’s favorable rating slips by 10 points in just 3 days.

It only took 111 years – but a rare New Zealand reptile has finally become a father. Seems a cancerous growth on his, ummm, genitals was the problem. Wonder how good that had to feel….

Apparently,the Japanese have more money than they know what to do with it. Happy for them, huh?.

Good news if you like peanut butter.

OK…now how about a little fun too?

ZOMBIE ALERT: The librarian at Wretched Oddments warns us about zombies and overdue books. Consider yourself warned.

What would your name be if you were born to Sarah Palin? With names like Track and Trig, Bristol, Willow and Piper, who knows, right?! Click here to find out what your name would be if you were born to Sarah Palin. Mine would be Chase Rooster Palin.

Bozeman! Akron! People – Please! Take care of your goats!

Finally, on a final note….

Gregg at Electric City Weblog has figured out nifty way to to deal with trolls. It’s kinda like the tactic some local businesses use when they post bounced checks behind the counter. Me likes.

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