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by jhwygirl

What do they have in common?

Read this, via the Billings Gazette, and you’ll figure it out.

(Sorry – that one couldn’t wait until Saturday)

by jhwygirl

Warning: This digressed, I’m afraid, into a rant. With that being said, I invite you all to join in.

Who can keep it all straight anymore? News is moving so gosh darn fast you can’t read the stuff fast enough before something changes, there’s so much going on.

Is there a better plan to be had? Better plan in who’s point of view? A Republican’s or a Democrat’s? Are we that divided and drawn up to our corners that it’s gotten to a point that we’ll be lucky to hold it all together until Thursday at noon when the House re-convenes? ‘Cause it’s sure sounding like it.

Nancy made what Republicans are saying was a bad speech. The way I see it, she failed to give any credit to Republicans for negotiating out a better bailout package than the original 3 page I’m-King-of-the-World proposal from Paulson.

Eric Cantor, Republican, blames Pelosi, waiving the text of her speech around for all news cameras to see. He agrees we need a bailout, he agrees something has to be done, he agrees it’s a crisis – but, gosh darn it, Nancy said something mean.

House Minority leader John Bohner, too, blames it on Nancy’s partisan speech, saying “I do believe that we could have gotten there today had it not been for this partisan speech that the speaker gave on the floor of the House,” adding that Pelosi “poisoned” the GOP conference.

So what did Democrats have to say? Barney Frank summed it up well: “Give me those 12 people’s names, and I will go talk uncharacteristically nicely to them and tell them what wonderful people they are and maybe they’ll now think about the country.”

So let me get this straight? You all agree that something needs to be done, but Nancy said something bad and you guys can’t get your egos out of the way so you vote nay? Because that’s what you both said…to dozens of television cameras, for all the world to hear…

Gingrich is now calling for the firing of Paulson, calling the situation the “Final Collapse of the Bush Administration”. But he’s also blaming Democrats. And he’s also saying he’da voted for today’s package.

The Negotiators claim to be protecting us from “golden parachutes.” That’s a lie. I hate laws with no teeth. And, excuse me, FUCK giving those wall street guys bonuses for putting us into this mess.

We are seeing fraud of the highest level, committed against the citizens of the United States of American.

Paulson? The guy who said that limiting parachutes would be a “poison pill”? The guy who got $18.7 million in bonus’ for 6-months of work for Goldman-Sachs in 2006 – the year he started as Treasure Secretary? If you clink that link above from moneycentral, Paulson gets to decide who gets bonuses. Do you really want this guy deciding who deserves a bonus and who doesn’t? What currently sitting CEO that needs a bailout deserves a bonus? What fucking plant is this guy on?

Excuse me, but I’m pissed off.

And come to say it – Paulson has been Treasure Secretary since 2006 and he’s not done a gosh darn thing about this until now? And people want to blame Democrats since they’ve “been in charge of congress since January 2007”? Dispel that thought from any Einstein mind that is thinking that with this simple yet concise comment from Councilman Ed Childers.

Problembear has a nice little bio on Paulson that shouldn’t be missed.

So here we are – the House is in recess until noon on Thursday. We’ve got nothing, stocks falling in every market around the world.

Is this the shit history is made of? Paulson on bended knee begging Nancy Pelosi not to ‘kill the deal’? Republicans voting nay because they are offended by Nancy Pelosi? While banks close, fortunes are being lost, businesses are failing?

Maybe for the next day or so we can get back to the election.

I’m not betting on it. But I’m wishing on it.

Oh – and How ‘Bout Them Steelers?!

by Rebecca Schmitz

For those who reflexively blame the bailout on, let’s see, “clever community organizers“, here’s Bill Maher:

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