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by jhwygirl

I spoke with Vicki Zeier, Clerk & Recorder/Treasurer, today down at the Missoula County Courthouse, and she told me that the county has not mailed out any challenges and are still determining legal options.

Apparently, I’m in good company – in addition to challenging military voters and journalists, the Montana GOP has challenged Art Noonan’s vote in Butte-Silverbow County.

Art is a former state legislator and current executive director of the Montana Democratic Party.

by jhwygirl

One thing startlingly strange and missing in all the Montana Republican Party voter suppression activities of this past week is the name Erik Iverson.

You know – Erik Iverson, chair of the Montana Republican Party? Chief of Staff for Denny Rehberg? The guy who’s front and center of just about everything Republican in Montana?

One can only assume that he’s fine-and-dandy with his party’s fraudulent voter suppression activities. Just the same as the local Missoula GOP seems to be, including local bloggers and local state house candidates Steve Dogiakos (HD-93), Carol Minjares (HD-97) and Steve Eschenbacher (HD-96).

Crickets, anyone? {chirp} {chirp}

College Republicans have nothing to say? Nothing? Nothing from local Republican bloggers? Bloggers who are also candidates? The same people who were 24/7 with glee over their 15 minutes of fame over a pseudo-scandal because Schweitzer told a joke?

Your silence demonstrates your approval.

by jhwygirl

I am cautiously emerging from a 3-day fog of Dayquil/Nyquil (more Nyquil than Dayquil) to find that my right to vote is being challenged by the Montana Republican Party.

Found it out thanks to Forward Montana’s searchable database of challenged voters.

This is pure bullshit. I’ve lived at the same address for just about 5 years (only a few days shy).

As soon as I finish writing this, I’ll be figuring out what the Montana GOP’s grounds were to challenging my vote – because as far as I’m concerned, they’ve now filed a fraudulent challenge with the intent to disrupt my lawful right to vote.

I read back in my 4 days of emails and I find that the Montana Republican Party is challenging the votes of journalists, former legislators, veterans and Army Reservists called up to serve in Iraq.

Lt. Governor John Bohlinger wrote an op-ed for the Montana Standard this past Sunday, listing a few of the disgraceful challenges the Montana Republican Party put forth for this upcoming election:

Kevin Furey, former legislator who left the legislature to serve in Iraq
Cindie Kalan-Green, serving in Iraq
Mathew Robison, deployed to Fort Drum
Chelsi Moy, the Missoulian journalist broke the story
Babe Aspholm, an elderly man from Anaconda who merely moved across town to live in a senior living center
Tom Detonacour, a Deer Lodge County policeman
Frank St. Pierre, 86 – a 10 time Medal of Honor recipient for his service in WWII
Mrs. St. Pierre

Yep – this is the Republican Party, folks. Now we know what Karl Rove was doing in town a few months ago.

Look – these guys are proud of it. The Montana Republican Party has promised more voter challenges.

And lest anyone – any Republican – try and tell you that the Montana Republican Party’s vote suppression activities aren’t voter suppression – that it’s about (as Steve Dogiakos, Republican candidate for HD-93, and president of the UM Republicans) having “factual and actual voters,” know this: Forward Montana tried for over 3 hours to get a list of challenged voters from the Montana Republican Party. Jack Eaton, executive director of the Montana GOP said that he would refuse to share that list.

So clearly, for the Montana Republican Party, this isn’t about preventing some sort of voter fraud – of which their own man up there in Helena said there has been no evidence of – it is about suppressing votes, pure and simple.


Someone around here asked me “How many Republicans are you voting for/praising on your blog? Eh?”

That would be none. And don’t expect that to change any time in the near or far future. By throwing this kind of chaos into the election process, they don’t deserve anything less than complete and utter disdain. In fact, the Montana Republican Party should be held criminally liable for fraudulently disrupting the election process.

by Pete Talbot

Here’s what I hear:

Field office phones are ringing positive for Sen. Jon Tester — not so much for Sen. Max Baucus.

Rep. Denny Rehberg’s folks don’t talk to me a lot but I’ve heard he’s getting positive feedback, too.

For the record, Tester and Rehberg voted no on the $700 billion bailout bill (Rehberg — twice). Baucus voted yes. Some folks are calling campaign offices to have their ‘Max’ signs pulled from their yards.

Max followed leadership and voted with the majority, doing what I’m sure he thought was the right thing.

Tester’s not up for election, and Rehberg and Baucus will surely win, so these three all voted their conscience. Of course, the entire Montana delegation is getting a ton of calls, pro-and-con, on the vote … and the economy. People are scared and for the first time in eight years, fear may help the Democratic Party.

The people want change which is why Rehberg voted “no” (one of the smartest vote he’s made since he’s been in office). They admire Tester’s vote.

Baucus is in Montana doing damage control, talking to the press and his constituents about why he voted the way he did.

But still, the market dipped below 10,000 for the first time in four years. Wall Street wonks are wondering if $700 billion is enough. All the candidates have their work cut out for them — especially after the election when they’ll have to try and fix this financial crisis.

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