Where is Iverson in All This Voter Suppression Chaos?

by jhwygirl

One thing startlingly strange and missing in all the Montana Republican Party voter suppression activities of this past week is the name Erik Iverson.

You know – Erik Iverson, chair of the Montana Republican Party? Chief of Staff for Denny Rehberg? The guy who’s front and center of just about everything Republican in Montana?

One can only assume that he’s fine-and-dandy with his party’s fraudulent voter suppression activities. Just the same as the local Missoula GOP seems to be, including local bloggers and local state house candidates Steve Dogiakos (HD-93), Carol Minjares (HD-97) and Steve Eschenbacher (HD-96).

Crickets, anyone? {chirp} {chirp}

College Republicans have nothing to say? Nothing? Nothing from local Republican bloggers? Bloggers who are also candidates? The same people who were 24/7 with glee over their 15 minutes of fame over a pseudo-scandal because Schweitzer told a joke?

Your silence demonstrates your approval.

  1. it’s not strange or surprising. cockroaches always hide from the light.

  2. You know, if I were a, you know, reporter, I would think those people might be good ones to ask about the issue.

    Sometimes, it seems like it would be a pretty easy job.

  3. they’d just scurry away saying no comment, Pogie. but, it would be nice to at least see someone with a press pass try to get them to answer for their actions.

  4. KECI interviewed Dogiakos on Thursday night, at the university, during the Biden/Palin debate.

    You’d think that’d been a question they would have passed by him? I mean, college student, candidate – there at the university…the same day that student’s protested outside the University Republican’s office?

    Seriously. I just looked at my TV screen while he gushed on and on about how she was surviving he debate and thought WTH?

  5. goof houlihan

    I didn’t read much here about Govner BS and his bragging about interfering with the election, did I?

    As in…nothing?

    As someone who briefly quieted the crickets with an alternate view, I’ll reiterate. If it’s the law, I want it enforced and want Brad and Vicki and all the other election administrators to be prepared to deal with it, whether it’s same day registration or challenges to voter registrations.

    I haven’t quite pushed past the overheated rhetoric or stopped laughing from the “Forward Montana, non partisan home grown” nonsense to figure out what the criteria might be either to have you as someone challenged, or the democratic party’s complaint about the challenges.

    And…nothing wrong with your partisanship. But for me, it’s not a value in public service.

    On a completely unrelated matter, Ravalli county seemed covered with “Stop Zoning Repeal the Growth Amendment” signs.

  6. petetalbot

    As I’ve said before, Iverson isn’t stupid. That’s why you haven’t seen his name attached to this voter suppression activity. He might weigh in later, after he sees which way the wind is blowing.

    And Goof, I’ll comment on Schweitzer’s Philly speech. It wasn’t a very smart move. It pales in comparison to the GOP’s current registered voter challenge. Eaton and cronies are disenfranchising a lot of voters and pissing off a variety of people, including the press. Bad move.

  7. There’s partisanship and then there’s partisanship, goof. I validly go after members of my own party when there are problems – gravel pits, growth issues, zoning, etc. I don’t see that over there on the right blogs. Nada.

    As for not championing a Republican? What’s Bohlinger? But I guess there are judges in that matter – the Republican’s who don’t like the moderate line he walks – and Bohlinger’s opinion in the matter means nothing.

    Apparently you have to swear some oath to be a Republican.

    Does it involve blood, too?

    Find me a Republican that is even occasionally critical of their own party or its member’s behavior, when it is fitting, and I’ll toot their horn.

    As for Schweitzer’s joke – it was mentioned here – and even those critical of him agreed that what he said had no merit in the reality that the righty blogs tried to thrust upon it….

    There’s a hell of a lot of difference between a tall-talking Governor joking to a room full of lawyers about running off Republicans trying to suppress votes on the Reservation and the head of the Montana Republican Party actually suppressing votes.

    As for my vote – the Republican Party violated numerous laws when they challenged my registration. I count at least 3.

    That is criminal. Failure to speak out against that is tantamount to approval.

  8. goof houlihan

    Well, we will see about “violated laws”. If they’re found to have violated laws, I’m sure many will speak out against that.

    I don’t think there was any tall tale at all, it was braggin. I’ve seen the abuse of power in action, and I believe him the first time.

    Bohlinger walks NO line. What statewide republicans has he supported? What legislative races has he weighed in on in support of Republicans against democrats? Is he supporting Rehberg? Even Driscoll said he’d vote for Rehberg!

    How does the challenge disenfranchise a voter if the voter is legit? That’s a serious question, not a rhetorical device. And is it worse that it’s “on the reservation” than it would be in Butte Silver Bow? That question might be a rhetorical device….

    And Pete, on both counts, “bad move” is an understatement. Both are “no joke”.

  9. more, goof –

    Same day registration, after an audit by the Secretary of State Brad Johnson, turned up no voter fraud in Montana.

    You can see that here: http://www.leg.mt.gov/content/Publications/Audit/Report/07P-02.pdf
    or you can google around any major newspaper around the state for the newstories on his findings after the 2006 election.

    Of course, you could got to his website for the link…. http://sos.mt.gov/News/archives/2007/August/8-15-07.htm but you’ll find that the audit link doesn’t work anymore….I had to find it off of the legislative website.

    I agree with you on at least one thing – Vicki and Brad need to be able to deal with this – and that includes allegations of criminal activity perpetrated by the Montana Republican Party.

    Seems Brad’s gonna be busy these last days leading up to the election.

  10. So there’s a litmus test for being a Republican? And Bohlinger doesn’t pass?

    Voter suppression, voter caging – when you challenge a voter and make it difficult for them to vote, it’s suppression. Requiring them to sign out a notarized affidavit – which some people will have to pay for that notary fee – is suppression. It’s becomes disenfranchisement when the voter doesn’t follow through – or worse, isn’t able to because of age or sickeness or handicap, etc.

    This is a concerted effort on the GOP part to suppress votes – otherwise they’d be pulling this crap on every county in the whole state. Why’s Gallatin getting a walk on this? Tell me in a college town that there aren’t abnormalities in addresses when crossmatching registrations and USPS change-of-addresses?

    Because that’s what they say are the basis of their challenges…although my challenge certainly doesn’t fit that bill.

  11. petetalbot

    Goof, if I remember correctly, Bohlinger was McCain’s campaign spokesman in Montana … pre-primary. Does that count?

  12. Jim Lang

    Let’s be realistic – the only reason the McCain campaign picked Bohlinger was because they were totally clueless about Montana. They probably did some kind of research based on the question “Who is the highest ranking Republican elected official in the state of Montana?” and of course the answer is Bohlinger. But you’d have to actually be somewhat familiar with Montana politics to understand how the answer to that question might be deceptive.

  13. @jhwygirl: Let me start by saying that to be fair, there isn’t much of any posting on the GrizGOP blog lately, we’re all too busy other than to C&P announcements about our events. My silence does not demonstrate my approval, only the lack of time to say or write anything about it.

    Second, I was interviewed by the Missoulian (http://missoulian.com/articles/2008/10/03/news/mtregional/news08.txt) during the 45 minute photo-op “protest” that Matt put on. I didn’t talk about it with KECI because first of all, I wasn’t asked about it and secondly because I was representing the College Republicans in an interview as their Public Relations spokesperson.

    Finally, I stand by what I told the Missoulian. I want there to be no question of anyone’s registrations status on Election Day, meaning I want to make sure that EVERY vote counts, regardless of which way it is cast.
    Nothing could make me more satisfied if my candidacy brings out more people to vote and be active participants in their government. I would be elated if the voters of House District 93 elected me to represent them, but I would be equally elated in a high turnout to vote against me.

    As far as what Eaton et al. did, it may have been a tactic, it may not have. I don’t know, I found out the same way everyone else did: From the Missoulian.

    That being said, I expect the Secretary of State’s Office to investigate any possibility of criminal activity and that proper action is taken for infringement of our sacred election laws if any are found.

  14. petetalbot

    ” … I would be equally elated in a high turnout to vote against me”

    What altruism! On the other hand, since Steve didn’t even bother to fill out the Missoulian questionnaire on why he’s running for House District 93’s legislative seat, maybe it’s more like realism.

  15. That’s amazing, Steve. Just like Sarah Palin, you’re a self-styled newcomer to politics, and yet you’re already a master at the politician’s bullshit non-answer. I live in HD 93 and I can tell you this: there’s no way in hell I want to be represented by someone who’s spending his college years learning how to use fear and intimidation to either suppress votes or convince people to vote against their own economic self-interest.

  16. I thought those College Republicans had finally signed up to fight in Iraq. They’re still here? What’s up with that?

  17. i am pretty sure that carol is an honorable person albeit a little misguided, so she just elected to stay out of the fray. the problem with that is we need to elect representatives who stand up for the ordinary citizens of montana when their rights are being trampled upon. carol did not speak up like her very few fellow republicans courageous enough to do so. does this make her a bad person? not necessarily. but these hard times call for courage and action. my vote is for Michele Reinhart. i know she will stand up for us when it counts.

  1. 1 Michele Reinhart (HD-97) Speaks on GOP Political Chicanery « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] the state in to chaos (and extra costs), consider this – Michele’s opponent Carol Minjares has been silent to her party’s acts of voter suppression…which included my vote too, […]

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