Just How Fast Can That Counter Spin?

by jhwygirl

So I head over to hummingbirdminds for my quick daily roundup of favorite blogs and I see he’s posted his McCain lie counter, which reminds me that I should post mine.

It’s broke 3 digits. Ha. Funny.

So I head to the website to get the updated picture to post the link, and I see that the counter is up to 128. I do a double-take. Wasn’t it 107 at hummingbirdminds?


What time did he post it?

7:40 a.m.

It’s what time?

7:30 p.m..


What was it when I last posted October 1st?


And that was how many days ago?

Boy. Old Republican Presidential candidate John McCain must of told some whoppers last night.

To be fair, Fact Check fact checked last night’s debate. Washington Post also has a running fact checker, going way back. ABC News also has one from last night’s debate.

I like how ABC summed it up, though:

Perhaps the biggest exagerration of the night came from the debate organizers, who called the format a “town meeting.” Of the 21 questions asked during the 90-minute debate, nine came from moderator Tom Brokaw, eight from the live audience in the hall and four from Internet users.

Yep. Brokaw put out a snoozer last night. Little substance and lots of great soundbites. I don’t think anyone winked, though. Looked more like campaign stump speeches, and we’ve all seen plenty of that.

Shakespeare live blogged the event. See his take on it.

Tis a shame, with so much at stake.

  1. there was honor and integrity there at one time. everyone has it at some time or another- but then there is a day when you are asked to do something or a tempting opportunity presents itself that you know is wrong. why? because it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. you know that it is evil at it’s core and you know you should walk away. McCain did not walk away and now he is lost. the empty vaccuous and desperate eyes give him away. the republican spider of greed, hate and fear has almost sucked the last of his juices away and he hangs suspended in his cocoon of death awaiting the last merciful pierce of the fang. let’s put the poor guy out of his misery this november. it’s pretty hard to watch a guy go this way.

    sometimes it is easy to get caught up in the GOP spider’s hate and fear when battling it, but we have to take comfort in the fact that we are the party that seeks light not darkness. we are the party that loves. we are the party that takes courage in the face of fear. we will prevail if we remember this once in a while.

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