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by Rebecca Schmitz

Or maybe not. I know you guys.

So I finally got around to dining at Caffé Dolce’s new location on the corner of Beckwith and Brooks last night. It was a big deal for me because as a gigantic (in both senses of the word; I [hearted] the Linguini con Funghi e Formaggio a little too much) fan of the late lamented Perugia, any restaurant the Risho family is a part of, I want to eat there.


In my humble semi-professional amateur foodie opinion, here are (still) the best Italian restaurants in Montana.

1) Marie’s in Stevensville
2) Ferraro’s in Bozeman
3) Higgins Alley in Missoula

Don’t get me wrong: Caffé Dolce is good. But it isn’t great. That distinction belongs to Marie’s and Ferraro’s. I do believe I’ve been transported to other worlds while eating their food. As for Higgins Alley, well, the fresh gnocchi in gorgonzola cream sauce is sex on a plate. I know, I know. I should mention Lydia’s in Butte or even Rikki’s (not really hardcore Italian, but the pasta is pretty good) in Great Falls. In Billings there’s…well, I don’t really know what’s over in Billings. My experience there is limited. Maybe there’s something on Montana Avenue?

What do you think? What’s the best Italian in Montana? Or do we even have* good Italian food?

*This is pretty much the way I feel about decent Mexican restaurants in Montana: they don’t exist.

by problembear

this is your captain speaking…we have encountered some turbulence and loss of cabin pressure…also, two of our four engines appear to be in flames but let me just assure you that you are in no danger. now i hate to do this but i have to ask you something. will the passengers in second class please draw your attention to the tall creepy looking fellow in the $5000.00 suit who is here to help you. i have instructed my navigator, Henry Paulson to collect all the parachutes stored in your overhead compartments and distribute them to the first class passengers. your compliance is very much appreciated. also, i am leaving the controls to my co-pilot John McCain and his very capable flight assistant Sarah Palin because i and the executives in first class have some important meetings to attend with our safe sanctuary off-shore account managers and must bail out now. John tells me that he knows nothing about how to read the dials and controls on this plane but i am sure there is nothing to worry about. he and sarah did stay at a Holiday Inn. there is some talk that a perfectly capable young pilot is available to fly this plane with his equally capable co-pilot from Delaware but, well…heh, heh…well we wouldn’t want that would we. i mean that would be dangerous for america.

that is all. this is George W Bush signing off.

by jhwygirl

Orcinus has done some great stuff on domestic terrorists. There’s this: Palling with Extremists, Indeed. There’s also this one, too: Pastor Muthee, Witchhunter All Right.

Keith “My Hero” Olbermann thoroughly – I mean thoroughly – dissected the hypocrisy behind the McCain/Palin attacks on Obama’s association with William Ayers. If Obama is guilty by association, Palin is al-Zawahiri. It is definately worth the read for anyone who wants to be informed.

Hey, if McCain and his Pitbull in Lipstick are going to go back at trying to rehash that domestic terrorist yawn, maybe some light should be shed on the newer story with connections to Iran?

On that note – McCain lost 3 points, in Montana, in just the last week. Yikes. He’s now down to a 5 point advantage – which was double-digit just 2 weeks ago.

OK, how about some fun stuff?

Virgin birth, but some dire results in the end. Just like sharks, huh?

Here’s a way to settle a divorce.

Just in case you were wanting to sprinkle your loved one’s ashes at a baseball stadium, think again.. Hell, if those contractors who were demolishing those stadiums were smart, they’d scoop up that dirt and take it home and put it on ebay. I mean, if the fans are that fanatical, they could make some cash.

Now, if they could set this up in wordpress and in cell phone text messaging…..

Speaking of drunk….

Man, I know sex is fun, but wouldn’t a cold shower have been better?

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