by Rebecca Schmitz

Good news for those of you who are asking the question “Who is Barack Obama?” PBS’ Frontline is airing The Choice 2008 on Tuesday night. It’s an in depth look at the candidates. If after the broadcast, and after four years of being in the national spotlight, two years on the campaign trail, thousands of interviews and speeches, two autobiographies, numerous books both pro and con, and hundreds of websites devoted to the man, you insist you still don’t know the guy, I’m guessing there’s no answer that will satisfy someone with such a startlingly distinct lack of intellectual acumen. Or maybe, just maybe, your question is insincere. Regardless, by all means keep on parroting the subtle race-baiting used by a politician our nation was introduced to just six weeks ago; a person who really refuses to face media scrutiny.

Did you know Johnny Ramone was a Republican? No, really, he was. This profile in today’s Missoulian reminded me of that fun little fact.

Steven Dogiakos hopes his ideas speak louder than his looks. This coming from a 23-year-old with a spiky, multi-tone Mohawk inspired by punk bands such as The Ramones and Stiff Little Fingers.

Look, legendary punk guitarists aside, if you’ve come away from the punk movement with a healthy respect for authority, a desire to stand up for the status quo, support for preemptive military strikes and expansion of government power, a membership in the political party of corporate America and the religious right, and you take the side of the powerful against the powerless, well, I hate to be the first to break it to ya, kid: you missed the point entirely.

Or maybe this is the ultimate use of irony. I don’t know. If so, keep on keepin’ on, Steve, you mavericky maverick you.


  1. Sadly, punk these days is little more than a fashion statement.

    Kids today ….

  2. Wait, those crazy punk kids were critiquing authority? I knew I missed something. :)

  3. I know! Damn kids these days, looking crazy just to look crazy.

    Gosh. I sound old.

    I have not, JC, though I’ve been a fan of Eugene Hutz since Everything Is Illuminated. Was your first link supposed to go somewhere?

  4. JC

    Hutz is quite the character. Ever see the movie, The Pied Piper of Hutzovina?

    I guess I mangled the link. It goes to a page with a bunch of songs to listen to.

  5. JC

    Geez. That wasn’t right, either. Try this

  6. Here’s Devotchka right back ‘atcha.

  7. JC

    Thanks. Love that gypsy punk style. Reminds me of the Velcro Sheep back in its hey day.

    I’ve been listening a bit to <a href=””The Alarm lately. Mike Peters really has done some amazing work with his Love Hope Strength Foundation and their recent Everest Rocks climb and documentary.

  8. JC

    Geez I’m having a tough time with URL’s. We need to press wordpress for comment preview!

    The Alarm

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