Fresh Montana Polling Information

by jhwygirl

Via dKos, and done by Research 2000.

McCain’s lost another point since the last Montana polling information, from NewWest just 10 days ago. It’s now McCain 49, Obama 45. Kos is now painting Montana blue.

Schweitzer is having a pleasant time this election season – Schweitzer 57, Brown 40. His approval rating sure looks great too – While Dems have him at 62/33, Republicans put the Good Guv’s approval at 52/41. Even Independents are loving’ the Good Gov – Brian gets a 66/31 approval with them.

Brown’s approval ratings are pretty dismal – overall he’s got a 41% approval 31% disapproval…women don’t seem to take a liking to him either – there he musters a 38, and even Independents give Brown a 37. Men give Brown a little better grade – a 44%.


Rehberg sure isn’t skating by…..most recent polling has Rehberg polling at 52%, and John Driscoll with 38%.

And Driscoll isn’t even really campaigning! He’s not raised any funds, and he’s not traveling to do any campaigning. The only campaigning he’s doing is that travel which he had already planned. I haven’t heard – the guy lives in Helena – if he’s even door knockin’ there.

Man, I don’t know, but I’m thinking that’s gotta hurt.

Anyways, there you go – some numbers to mull over. But now is not the time to get complacent – write those letters to the editor, head down to the Obama campaign and make a few calls, knock a few doors…or, better yet, contact any of the local state races (links in this post) and do some door knocking for them.

Weather’s great – and it gives you a chance to meet some neighbors.

  1. Of course, those Rehberg numbers just make me more angry at Driscoll, who will no doubt claim that the closeness of the race demonstrates that his approach of not campaigning was warranted.

    What it really illustrates is that Montana is moving in the right direction, and that a candidate who had tried would have been really competitive in this race.

    It’s a real shame.

  2. Lizard

    Good ol’ Schweitz is really playing up his blasting the federal id card down in his tv spots, probably because it gave him what the kids once called “mad street cred”.

    i know Brian is a popular guy, and a rising star shushing cabinet speculation, but that just makes me more suspicious. like clean coal, i’m just not ready to get excited about sequestering pollution yet.

    he’s sure got jag trained real good though.

  3. Coal is crap. It’s one big strike I have against the Good Gov…of course, if I wanted someone to do exactly what I would do, I need to run for and win the office.

    That being said, his clay shooting commercial is the best.

  4. I agree with Pogie; I appreciate the message John’s trying to send with his anti-campaign campaign, but we need to get rid of Dennis. Now. And that means doing something more than a (to be sure, thoughtful) gimmick.

  5. anti campaign or just plain lazy? i can’t vote for lazy so i guess i just don’t vote on this one. i agree with pogie. the guy took a flyer on a golden opportunity. i really think that middle america is moving to obama strongly enough to help montana go more blue this year. oh well, with a strong enough democratic majority in congress rehberg can’t do much harm. he’s a follower, not a leader so i look for denny to work with obama, baucus and tester more than he works against them on important issues, and if he doesn’t? so what?

  6. Funny you should talk about running for office jhwygirl.

    Isn’t that a little like Michael Jordan discussing his return to the NBA when he was playing baseball?

    My psychic priest tells me many things about the internets.

    These fandangled contraptions.

    He also told me Michael Jordan actually got busted for gambling, which was why he did a stint as a diamond runner.

  7. I don’t think Driscoll’s lazy, problembear. He wants to send a strong message about the corrupting influence of money in politics. Fine, but when you want to be part of a system that’s corrupt, does this level of idealism really work in a campaign?

    I guess we’ll see when the final numbers come in. How many people voted for Driscoll because of the D after his name on the ballot, and how many wanted to send a message to Denny? You could ask the same about Bob Kelleher’s results, too.

  8. Pogo Possum

    This is a minor point on the Research 2000 poll, but if you are going to ask voters their opinion of a candidate, shouldn’t you at least get the name correct?

    “QUESTION: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Ray Brown?”

    “QUESTION: If the election for Governor were held today would you vote for Brian Schweitzer the Democrat or Ray Brown the Republican?”

    I pulled this of the dKos web site. I doubt “Roy Brown” will poll much better than “Ray Brown” in Montana but it sort of puts a question on their attention to detail and the accuracy of the poll.

    On second thought…….maybe “Ray” does poll higher than “Roy” considering what a lack luster job Brown has done in the campaign.

    The ARG poll numbers quoted by New West are rather suspect. Even New West pointed out ARG has methodology problems. Look inside the polling numbers and you see they surveyed 58% Women and only 42% men. That is a significant methodology issue and would have earned a student an ‘F’ in the Survey and Marketing class I took at UM decades ago.

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