by Pete Talbot

Stang out

Judy Stang (S.D. 7) is ending her write-in bid and throwing her support behind the Democratic candidate, Paul Clark. This is good news. Ms. Stang lost a tight primary race to Mr. Clark and then filed as a write in. She has since withdrawn her write-in campaign, which had the potential to peel away votes from Clark and help elect far-right Republican Greg Hinkle. Thanks, Judy. (Curse you, jhwygirl, you scooped me by 18 minutes.)

Pink eye

Driving across the state last weekend, I was assaulted, time-after-time, by huge, pink apparitions. Turned out they were Elaine Sollie Herman (Republican candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction) billboards. I’ve got to admit, they’re eye catching (in a Mary Kay sort of way) and she has a lot of them up. I’m not sure it will be enough to defeat Democrat Denise Juneau in this three-way race. Juneau has campaigned hard across the state and done well at fund raising, too.

Hightower in Helena

If you’ve never seen author, radio personailty and the former Texas Agriculture Commissioner in the flesh, it would be worth your while to head over to the Capital City this Friday evening. Jim Hightower (billed on his website as “America’s #1 Populist”) will be speaking at 7:30 p.m. on October 24 in the Oriental Room at the Great Northern Hotel (which is a little bit north of Last Chance Gulch). I saw him twice in Missoula in the 1990’s. He’s witty and thoughtful, and will speak to “what can be done to put things right in America after eight years of Bush.” The event is sponsored by the Progressive Democrats of Montana and it will cost you $20 at the door.


  1. petetalbot

    Craig Moore had difficulty accessing this site. Here’s his comment, promoted by Pete:

    Pete, when I drove across the state last July, I missed all those wonderful signs. However, the scenery was beautiful. In years past I always got a chuckle out of the Barry “Spook” Stang signs around St. Regis. It always made me think of Halloween.

  2. I have a Hightower quote posted in my office. Speaking of (then Governor) GW Bush, Hightower said:

    “When ignorance gets to $40 a barrel, I want drillin’ rights on that man’s head.”

  3. Here’s a video of Jim Hightower speaking at a union benefit in Syracuse, NY in 2003:

    He’s the master of glib humor, but the subject is very serious.

    Some might say he was wrong in his prediction that Bush would be a one-term President, but of course Bush stole both elections, so he really should have been a NO term president.

  4. Hightower in Helena? I may just have to head over. He’d be excellent to hear – especially in an election year.

  5. JC

    ‘Denise’ Juneau, Pete.

    And I hesitate to call it a three-way race. Eisenmenger has a small following among those who know him, and even smaller among those who don’t.

    Having known him during his salad days growing up in GF, I’d be hard pressed to point a quality that would recommend him for the job. Maybe I was subjected to a few too many noogies in the school yard by he and his buddies to have formed any long-lasting positive impressions he could apply as Super.

  6. petetalbot

    Thanks, JC, for the heads up (I’d written ‘Carol’ instead of ‘Denise’ Junaeu in the above post). It’s been corrected. Another case of me trying so hard to get it right that I got it wrong. I’ve done this with City Councilman Jason Wiener, whose name I’ve spelled as ‘Weiner’ a couple times. He wasn’t amused.

    And you’re right, it’s not much of a three-way race, but there are three people on the ballot. Maybe Don Eisenmenger will pull a few votes from Elaine Sollie Herman. It sounds like he has the school-yard bully voters in his pocket.

  7. Cathy Kulonis

    What a lame comment on the COLOR of Elaine’s signs. They were not even brave enough to leave their name! They are not even pink! They are black with a nice contrast of pink. Your desperate attempt to say at least something, anything against Elaine is just another example of ugly liberal Democrat hate and meanism. Elaine has worked very hard herself, probably more than the others. She had to since “someone” messed with her website! How desperate. AND of course the Democrat canddiate seems to have soooo much funds to spend on advertising like all the other Dem candidates from top to bottom. I “wonder” where they get their money? They hate those who make it but have plenty of it when it comes to using it to spread their lies and hate. Cathy Kulonis in Stevensville, MT

  8. Cathy Kulonis

    Oh I see the name of the “author” of PINK EYE now. It’s a “journalist.” Surprise, surprise.

  9. the people are giving all this money, cathy, because they got tired of the GOP liars and swindlers party making themselves rich while those who work for a wage get less and less. i notice most of the republican candidates use the smallest print possible on the part of the sign that says republican this year. now why do you suppose that is?

    the republican party invented lies and hate kathy and you can look it up.

  10. petetalbot

    Wow, Cathy, I thought my criticism of Elaine Sollie Herman was pretty tame. Sorry it so upset you. Let me try again.

    First, Denise Juneau, Elaine’s opponent, is extremely qualified for the job. Besides a Masters in education from Harvard, she’s both taught and administered, and worked for the Office of Public Instruction. (That left-wing rag [sarcasm], the Billings Gazette, endorsed her.)

    Second, from what I see on Elaine’s website, she hasn’t been professionally involved in education for something like 30 years. It also looks like she’d be a disaster on the Montana State Land Board.

    A couple other points: you say that my post ” … is just another example of ugly liberal Democrat hate and meanism.” I’m not sure meanism is a word but I’m really a pretty likable guy. I am not, however, a “journalist,” as you write in your second comment, and any working journalist will tell you as much.

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