Voter suppression video

by Pete Talbot

Check out this superbly produced video on voter suppression here in Missoula. Hat tip to Missoula Red Tape.

  1. great video- it heartens a bear to see young voters fighting the GOP fascists for their right to vote. it just proves that when you shine a light on it, evil will creep back snarling and sniveling into it’s dark dank lair. it never dies so we must remain vigilant, but for now rejoice in the freedom of democracy.

    just remember to keep those flashlights and video recorders handy, i hear the evil lobbyist herr conrad Burns lurks about, yearning for less freedom once again….

  2. Gee, gone off the deep end much, bear?

  3. i’m not the one who sent out 6000 affadavits to challenge the eligibility of registered montana voters in select democratic precincts for the express purpose supressing their vote. if you want insanity you can’t find better specimens than the state leaders of your own party, carol.
    they engineered a stupid move that alienated most of the independent voters in montana as well as fair minded republicans who were disgusted by their stupidity. the slide in the polls is not going away and the day of reckoning for erik and your candidates will come nov 4. montanans don’t take kindly to this kind of behavior. yeah i get spittin mad when scum like erik and jake try jerking the voters of montana around. don’t you?

  4. Folksy Foul for your use of the phrase ‘spittin mad’ problem bear.

    That is a folksy violation of item b, subsection 6 of the anti-poser statute secretly agreed upon during the 1972 con con. It specifically forbids heated political arguments from using such language in an attempt to seem more “down home,” or “legitimate Montanan.” Tisk Tisk problembear.

    You owe John Morrison 50 bucks for this violation.

    Remember his unworn leather gloves in the Senate primary ad? Classic item b subsection 6 violation. Total disregard for the anti-folksy statute. No respect with that one.

    He’s a wild one. No regard for conformity.

  5. JAYoung

    It’s probably not a real bright idea for the GOP to royally piss off everyone who works in several clerks and recorder offices, although unlike Republicans I trust them to carry out their duties with honesty and integrity.

  6. A tad over the line there, Folsky Police.

    Play nice, please….

  7. it’s true. bears can’t spit very far. i hereby ammend the sentence to read; ……i get mad enough to rip the door off a humvee… that would be more bear-like, i guess. especially if a nice bag of cinnamon rolls were in it. satisfied folksy police?

  8. If it’s a green camouflaged humvee with a green canvas topper, better to call the local police. It might be stolen.

  9. Did we ever find out whose idea this whole deal was? Surely the Montana GOP didn’t act alone.

  10. brian schweitzer asked david letterman to plant the idea in erik’s ear at the fourth of july willie nelson concert in choteau. subliminally of course. just to see if he was dumb enough to try it. it was during the second stanza of “on the road again” when willie slipped in …and you will win montana if you keep democrats from voting in the following counties… sung real fast. it wasn’t fair, i know.

  11. Binky – that’s a good question someone should ask any and all newspapers in the state.

  12. Candidate for HD 97 Carol Minjares is criticizing someone else for going off the deep end? That’s funny coming from a person who likes to spread gossip about Obama not being a U.S. citizen.

  13. Yes Problem Bear. You no longer owe John Morrison 50 dollars.

    Sorry John.

    problem bear seems reasonable and we all you know you don’t need the money.

    Brand new work gloves.

  14. Ed Childers

    1) Excellent Video
    2) anybody named “…bear” automatically gets to be dipped in all the folksy they can stand.
    3) Can it really be true that J Eaton lost his job with the MT Republicans because he stopped the pogram in Montana? I might have heard that somewhere. _Carol_ could fact-check it.
    4) Despite America’s usually lousy voter turnout, Republicans nationally continue to do their best to keep Americans from doing this most important duty. Then again, “It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.” Was that Joe the Stalin who said that?

  15. JC

    Don’t you all know that only real Americans are supposed to vote?

  16. goof houlihan

    “The process” (of registering to vote) “is so…difficult”.

    Pathetic. I’m supposed to sympathize with that?

  17. ultra conservatives who are so far out of touch with america that they dare to excuse the GOP for attempting this outrage are irrelevant. therefore nobody cares what you sympathize with anymore goof.

  18. JC

    No, Goof. You’re supposed to sympathize with how difficult it can be to protect one’s right to vote in the face of GOP voter suppression efforts.

    Then again, I guess it is only pro-Americans like yourself that feel that voter challenges conducted through scatter-shot, where properly registered voters rights are challenged, are appropriate. No sympathy for the anti-Americans who can’t maintain a proper voter registration record–like Kevin Furey, who is on his way back to the war.

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