Figure Your Taxes Under Obama or McCain

by jhwygirl

Nifty little tool.

  1. Ah, but would my tax rates be less than during the Reagan years?

  2. Mine would be…but I wasn’t making diddly squat, either.

  3. Klemz

    What if I buy an oil company between now and the election? This tool doesn’t take everything into account–I must protest.

  4. You won’t buy that oil company if you’re going to pay more taxes, Klemz?

  5. Instructions for most progressive missoulians:

    If under the age of 40, and you live in missoula, do NOT use your own income for this calculator tool. You must use your parents’.

    Since most young professional missoulians get their incomes from their parents, annuities, trust funds, and inheritences, the tool will fool you into voting democratic if you only enter you salary at the music store instead of the 2k a month you get from another account, like the one set-up by your rich republican parents.

    Anthropology majors, artists, and local musicians must add an additional 10 percent. Sorry, it’s just the rules that we play by here at AA.

  6. Yeah, you have a point there Art. But it’s not a good one.

    I got all my inhereted money from my mother in Chicago, who made millions off of Asbestos made right here in the great state of Montana. My family’s Asbestos profits helped support all those good paying jobs in libby for all those years, and then I used alot of the profit to fund my run for the state legislature. That was going to help poor people, until I kind of chickened out to run again. I’m scared of this Ryan Zinke guy. He’s a navy seal, and he knows where I live.

    I though a single mom with no money should run against him instead. And I’m so busy strategizing media hits against good democrats like Mike McGrath, I just don’t know where I’d find the time. (

    So don’t always assume that lots of money is bad, and that progressives should feel shame for inheriting republican money.

    They shouldn’t Art.

  7. Lizard

    I’m a big fan of the tax bracket fueling Missoula’s condo-mania. Half a million for a top spot in the Babbs building you say? That’s hilarious.

  8. Dan, my psychic priest tells me you may be going somewhere near or like Hell for what you’ve done today. Helping the Republicans organize an attack on Mike McGrath, makes me see how you’re the kind of christian who would use Asbestos money to fund a democratic legislative campaign.

    Your corrupt ways make the baby Jesus cry Dan.

  9. To update you on a most serious issue Dan, I spoke with god this morning.

    He says you are definitely going to hell.

    He said he had already decided it years ago when you decided to use all that inherited Asbestos money to run for the state legislature. That made his son cry when you did that I guess. His son is jesus, Dan.

    Then, god told me, you made his only begotten son cry again yesterday when your pre-arranged media hatchet job on Mike McGrath went to print in the Helena IR.


    You made the baby jesus cry so badly that day day, that God just got furious and angry, and said not only are you going to hell, but your going to have to share a cell with Marc Racicot, who’ll be there serving a much longer sentence than you. He too pulled the wool over on Libby, much to the chagrin of your family’s now-defunct Asbestos distributors in Chicago.

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