County Commissioner Candidate Michele Landquist Writes 4&20 Blackbirds

posted by jhwygirl

Note: I supported Michele Landquist in the primary, and I will cast my ballot for her in the general. I believe our Board of County Commissioners needs change, and someone who will question the establishment. Michele Landquist will do that. Michele has billed herself as the non-partisan candidate. I believe her when she says that, and as an affirmation of that, she has spoken to issues, not her party affiliation.

From Michele Landquist:

I have just finished reading some of the recent 4&20 blogs about my race for the BCC. All I can say is I have been very humbled by the amount of support I have. It seems like everywhere I go folks are telling me that they voted for me. Plenty of people continue to email and telephone me on particular issues of concern to them to see where I stand on issues that are important to them and then afterwards they tell me I have their support.

I have also seen Larry’s supporter list and I am very concerned because of the amount of support he has from some developers and some large land owners (who are most likely protecting their own self-serving-interests). This is only natural of course because Larry boasts that he supports private property rights.

I support private property rights too but I do not subscribe to the always mentioned highest and best use philosophy. We all have an obligation to be respectful neighbors and most especially we have the responsibility to be good stewards of this earth and in essence we are only on this planet a very short period of time. In short it is called “land ethics” and it has been in short supply for too long in Western Montana. Therefore, I believe it is imperative to know and understand the difference between our Montana constitutional rights of “clean and healthy environment” and “reasonable use” verses “highest and best use” so that our decisions will stand the test of time-leaving us with clean air, clean and abundant water, local agriculture opportunities and decent employment options-not just for the here and now but for many future generations.

  1. Pogo Possum

    With all due respect Michelle, it is a bit of a stretch to state that the Democrats posted on this site that support and contributed to Larry Anderson are nothing more than “…developers and some large land owners (who are most likely protecting their own self-serving-interests).”

    I have seen the larger list of respected Missoula area Democrats, some of them current or former office holders, who are supporting Larry Anderson. When a large number of key political players don’t support someone in their own party, that says a lot.

  2. Pogo Possum

    “Michelle has billed herself as the non-partisan candidate.”

    My mother used to remind me that a person’s actions speak louder than their words.

    My friends in Lolo forwarded to me the email Michelle sent directing them to Bill Vaughn’s site where he was attacking Nooney in the most (to be polite) “partisan way”. They told me they were disturbed Michelle would choose to support a site that would drag Nooney’s wife and children into a political attack. Needless to say, they will not vote for Michelle now.

    Wallowing around in a fellow Democrat’s political mud looks like a rather partisan act for someone claiming to be “non-partisan”.

  3. Pogo – Anderson is campaigning under a “the county commission needs a Republican” banner. In every interview he’s done he’s loudly repeated that.

    It’s a pretty lame campaign slogan. Especially for local politics, and especially in a year like this one.

    Michele (one “L”) is campaigning under issues.

  4. Pogo Possum

    My apologies for misspelling Michele’s name. That was careless of me.

    Larry talks alot about keeping political balance in the Commissioner’s office. I agree with that and I have a feeling a lot of other people in the county agree also.

    It worked well when Barbara was there for many years. From what I hear from the people in that office, Larry is working well with them and they rather work with him than Michele.

  5. TheKritik

    Larry has been an asset in the County Commissioners Office. He looks at all sides of the issue, asks for professional advice, and makes a balance decision (even if not in my interests). The County Commissioners tend to prefer consensus on issues and work hard towards that goal on each and every decision. Larry has done well in office and deserves all the support he has received, including my first non-Democratic party vote for a partisan office ever.

  6. Duncan Idaho

    Like Pogo and Kritik said, I also want balance in the makeup of the County Commissioners. I haven’t voted R very often in my life but this is one time.
    Larry’s slogan may be dumb, but it’s pragmatic. And let’s face it, the City of Missoula’s slogan is “We like it here.” (I don’t know whether the County has its own slogan, but maybe Larry can help out with that too :-).

  7. To each their own, Pogo, Kritik and Duncan – if you are happy with the status quo, that’s what your vote is for.

    When I consider how many loud and room-filled meeting the BCC has had over the last 2+ years, I dare suggest that there are a whole bunch of people out there in the county that aren’t happy with the status quo. They want to see change and they want to see someone that is willing to challenge it.

    There are certainly things that the BCC does that are work items – administrative stuff that, like it or not, is a function of running a government. There are other things though, that should be questioned – that should be debated and discussed and even challenged.

    For years the BCC has looked like some exclusive club, with the three of them – regardless of whom those 3 were – sitting up there and rolling their eyes at public comment and making snarky comments on either how the neighbors should buy out the developer if they don’t like his proposal or how Missoula County should be leaving the regulatory authority up to the DEQ (nice, huh?) or rolling their eyes, at the very least, as neighbor after neighbor gets up and testifies to important issues in their backyards. They don’t want to be bothered.

    Michele Landquist will listen and she will make sure people have a voice.

  8. Pogo Possum

    For those who haven’t seen it yet, the Missoula Independent endorsed Larry Anderson for the County Commissioner’s race.

    “Ultimately, balance is why we think Anderson proves the more appropriate candidate.”

    In addition, I recently saw Anderson’s Endorsement ad dropped on my door step. Two note worthy Democrats who felt strongly enough about this race to put their name on an ad endorsing Larry include Ann Mary Dussault and Diane Sands.

  9. Ha. Funny you would mention that endorsement.

    We know who Anderson stands for and, while we might not always like where that places him on issues, we believe the business community deserves a voice in a time of unprecedented growth.

    This wholehearted endrosement, right?, in a paragraph that began like this:

    Until someone sees fit to correct it, Missoula County’s directing board consists of just three seats. With such a small representative body holding the reins over growth issues in a booming county, voters must remain vigilant in maintaining political balances. Let a majority of no-growth or pave-the-way cohorts gain control and the region either becomes a confederation of overpriced bedroom communities or a terrarium for leap-frog developers.

    First of all, it is not as if Carey and Curtiss are exactly out there denying a ton of subdivision. Further, consider that during the approval vote of the Mullan-Wye plan (something that took close to 6 years) Carey cast his approval vote with a statement that went something like ‘I’m going to vote to approve this, but people should be aware that we won’t be able to use this for subdivision approval because growth policies don’t regulate’ (which is actually contrary to court rulings in that matter). Curtiss wasn’t exactly on the bandwagon with regards to emergency zoning, and all of them – Anderson included – were wanting to push off the health, safety and welfare issued to DEQ, who is, you know, doing such a lovely job.

    Pogo – you can continue to name-drop all those “great Democrats” out there, but there are plenty of other great Democrats that are casting their vote for Michele.

    If people want the status quo – and we all know what the status quo has gotten Missoula – take a look out on the highway as you roll out of town – go ahead and vote for Anderson (because we all know those developers need to have some representation on the BCC, they are being sooooo persecuted).

    If you want someone that is going to ensure that neighborhoods and all citizens get a voice, vote for Michele Landquist.

  10. one more…Ann Mary Dussault isn’t exactly a shining endorsement for a candidate if they intend on ensuring public participation in a public issue like, say, a $24 million facility?

  11. Pogo Possum


    I never thought I would have to be the one to start defending Democrats on this site but here goes.

    I may not have always agreed with every decision she made but I have had great respect for Ann Mary for many years and thought she did a commendable job as County Commissioner during her days. I voted for her in every county election even when she had Republican opposition. It is unfortunate for the county that she lost to Kennedy years ago though it created a new opportunity for her.

    By the tenor of your comments there is apparently some professional history between the two of you so I am not going to get into that.

    My point on Michele (supported by others on this site and the Independent comment sections) has been made and not disputted. When prominent members of her own party don’t support her and endorse her opponent, that should be a clear message she is not the best person for this positon.

    Her only real talking point ( and yours as well) is that she will represent the rural areas better than Anderson. Interestingly, many of the Democrats supporting Anderson live in those same rural areas, have been on boards or committees with Michele, are recognized respected leaders of rural issues and still prefer Anderson over Michele.

    Again, my point has been made. Since this is your site I am going to take a break and give you the last word on this subject (for now).

  12. it does seem as though Jean Curtiss needs to take a public participation politeness retreat stressing proper patient body language and less arrogant facial expressions toward the public while they are testifying. i say set her down in a chair and make her watch herself on mcat for a couple of hours. that should cure her.

    i think the commissioners need some new chemistry so count one bear for Michelle.

  13. There’s some pretty prominent Democrats on Landquist’s side too, Pogo – Ron Erickson, the Democratic Part itself, Ed Childers (who is more non-partisan nowadays), Lou Ann Crowley, Pam Walzer, Traci Sylte, Earl Pruyn, Myra Schultz – lots of great community people. Even Mindy Palmer, Missoula’s hardest working realtor.

    Look – to each his own. I don’t disrespect your choice and it’s good you have strong feelings about your candidate. Both have good supporters.

    May the best person win, right?

    I lift a beer to you tonight, Pogo. ‘Cause in the end, we’re all in this together.

  14. Jim Lang

    My point on Michele (supported by others on this site and the Independent comment sections) has been made and not disputed.

    That is a lie. I’ve disputed your point.

    When prominent members of her own party don’t support her and endorse her opponent, that should be a clear message she is not the best person for this positon

    Who are these prominent members? You posted a list of people in another comment – I’ve never heard of any of them. None of them have ever attended any Democratic party meetings or functions, afaik. What makes you think they are Democrats? They certainly are not ‘prominent members’ of the Democratic party just because some Republican says they are.

  15. TheKritik

    I look forward to the same level of opposition to Larry Anderson we’ve seen from 4&20 to Jean Curtiss and Bill Carey when they come up for re-election. Larry is much less status quo as he was a replacement for Evans. He has offered a fresh approach on many issues, including transfer of development rights to help protect ag land in the county… and he listens to people (even if it’s not his slogan). Go Larry!

  16. Diane Sands

    I was surprised to see my name in the Sunday Missoulian endorsement ad for Larry Anderson. I have not been involved in the County Commissioner race on either side and will not for many reasons, including the fact that I am a county employee, and I have my own race to run for re-election to the legislature in HD 95. My name was used without my permission and I called Larry Anderson this morning to object. Larry apologized profusely for the oversite and took total responsibility for the mistake.
    The opinions of my partner, Ann Mary Dussault, are her own and should not be considered to automatically be mine. If you are interested my opinion email me instead of this anonymous blogger stuff.
    After calling Larry Anderson I immediately called Michele Landquist to correct the record.
    I repeat. I have not endorsed any candidate in the race for County Commissioner and I don’t intend to. Period.
    Rep. Diane Sands

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