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by jhwygirl

So I figure I’m doing at least that by posting this here.

Forwarded to me by one of Missoula’s finest…..Thanks!

by problembear

it’s amazing to watch the republican party strangle itself by stepping into the coils of it’s most far right wing lunatic fringe. i am an independent who has almost always voted democrat, and i am usually not a very political bear but this year seemed to be too important to just stand on the sidelines and watch so i have thrown my two cents in once in awhile.

the discourse on the blogosphere has been interesting starting with my first feeble attempts to blog six months ago. first, i had to learn some basic blogomanners which wulfgar was happy to help me with. no better teacher is out there by the way. if you’ve gone claw to claw with master sergeant wulfgar then you have completed basic training and are ready to test your mettle against any conservablogger lunatic who lurks out there with their insanely irrelevant arguments all prompted by a far right propoganda machine which supplies their rhetoric. to be sure, there are some good thinkers on the far right who supply thoughtful comments and appear to even have an original thought or two, but the majority of them are much too predictable – pathetically so. it even makes me feel a little sorry for them. i find myself at times wondering if they really believe all the crap the rich bastards who run the far right shovel into their ears on the radio and into their eyeballs on the hate-fear-racist blogosphere.

i am equally turned off by the far left. but i find their opinions less sinister because they at least seem to  be motivated by a sincere desire to do good things and they seem to have some independent thinking in  their arguments however vehemently they may stray from reality.

what is my point? just this. if we continue doing what we are doing we will win- no matter what the far right wing of the republican party does. why? because they have lost all credibility with the majority of americans with their hateful tone, the slippery nature of their language and the stupidity of their arguments. in a word, the right wing of the republican party has finally met it’s match. they have run afoul of the great mass of americans who do not care about what they care about. what’s more, the majority of the electorate do not trust republican idealogy anymore. the majority of americans feel cheated and they are mad as hell. many, many good republicans this year are ashamed of their own party. they join all of us reasonable centrists who are in no mood to be lied to by bigots and fear-mongers or used as pawns by the rich and the politicians who do their bidding. America wants someone to listen to them when they ask politicians to do something about the mess this country is in. America trusts Obama because he is reasonable- like they are. he wants the same things they do- a fair future for our kids and a fair shake at a future with a level playing field. America is tired of the wealthy calling all the shots and getting all the breaks. We are not socialists. we want a fair chance – not handouts, and no more golden parachutes for morons who don’t care about what happens to america.

like our forefathers, the patriots, we simply will not cave to the might and power of the Bush/mccain aristocracy who use our kids for cannon fodder while their buddies get rich selling them bad equipment.

as a fairly centrist thinking independent i hereby declare the right wing lunatic fringe of the republican party completely irrelevant to most americans. we love our country and the freedom it stands for. what they have to say means nothing because they only speak for the 5% who are rich and their servile minions. we will win because we care about what happens to the other 95% of america. we fight for america’s future and the future of the majority of americans. we stand united with Obama.  whoever is foolish enough to try to stop us, come ahead and try- for i have been tested by the best.

united we stand, divided we fall- power to the polite people!

by jhwygirl

I just got polled by Rasumussen. I have a land line, but I use is almost exclusively for internet. Anyone who knows me that needs to reach me uses my cell phone. If that land line is ringing, I can darn well bet it’s someone I don’t know. That being said, the thing has been ringing all afternoon. I finally gave in this evening.

It was an automated call (“if yes, press 1, if no, press 2”) and was primarily for determining who I was voting for in the gubernatorial race (Schweitzer) and who I was voting for in the presidential race (Obama). It also wanted to know my favorability ratings for each of those candidates. Oddly, it didn’t ask what I thought of Brown, but it did ask about McCain (I gave him a “less favorable,” not the “unfavorable” rating. I gave Schweitzer the “good” and not the “excellent” grade.)

Anyways – if you are like me and don’t usually answer the phone, answer it. It could be Rasmussen calling.

Sorry. I don’t have caller ID.

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