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by problembear

his endorsement.


by problembear

by the time Calvin Coolidge (George Bush) had left office on march 4th 1929, the economy was beginning to show signs of faltering due to speculators borrowing against stocks to purchase more stocks, but the mood of the country was still very much republican pro-business and the warnings of trouble ahead by prudent business people continued to go unheeded. On March 4th 1929, Herbert H Hoover took over the controls of the government. his pro-business stance ominously mirrors much of the status quo sentiment espoused by the present republican contender for the white house, John McCain.

 Hoover believed that the wealthy class and business should receive tax breaks while ordinary americans suffered. his stingy tenure in the white house brought untold suffering to millions of americans including 24.9% unemployment, bankrupt small businesses, increased suicides and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness to america. by the time Hoover left office the country had sunk into a deep depression which Franklin Delano Roosevelt inherited on March 4, 1933.

although it took FDR over 6 and a half years to bring america back to prosperity again. FDR hit the ground running with his NEW DEAL and within one weeks time had instituted changes which started america working again. Obama is the new FDR of the 21st century. He will start right away on making sure that all americans have hope.

vote for McCain if you want Hoover to haunt us again with do nothing platitudes and hand-outs for the rich while we lose our houses, our jobs and all hope.

Bush may have already brought us to the brink of a similar depression with his ineptitude and unwillingness to do anything other than reward the ones who destroyed this economy. it may be too late to prevent depression in america, but Obama is the best hope we have of making it as short as possible. Like FDR, Obama has new ideas and he has the best interest of all americans in mind. not just the rich.

if a depression is imminent and many economists predict it is, imagine missoula with more than half of our small businesses closed down, and one quarter of the big businesses boarded up. imagine 24-33%unemployment. imagine one home in three foreclosed. that is what four years of McCain would bring the ordinary american worker while he vetoes every progressive bill congress produces to help us and while McCain and the GOP minority in congress stubbornly protect the assets of the wealthy. 

that is a scary prospect. it should be scary enough to get us all to the polls this tuesday. and as consonant girl always says, vote accordingly folks.

by jhwygirl

Has anyone seen Missoula Children’s Theatre’s production of Jesus Chris Superstar?

Johnny Beers brings us the news that Stevensville’s Blacksmith Brewing has finally opened. I hope he comes back to tell us how it is.

The nation’s Capitol Christmas tree is being cut this morning down in the Bitterroot National Forest. It’s been quite an affair for the last several months – the scouting of it – there’s even a back-up, just in case – the preparation, etc….there is even a contingent that will travel with the tree to its final destination, with a couple of orchestrated stops along the way. The tree will make its way up the valley, with stops in Hamilton and Stevensville – and then in Missoula at the Wingate Inn, on November 4th, at 5 p.m….like I said, quite the affair.

On top of that, there are 50 trees also being cut, one for each state, to be displayed in Washington D.C., also.

New York State government has set up a wind energy ethics code, as the result of a special investigation into improper relationships between wind energy developers and state government officials.

Ralph Nadar is expecting his best showing out of his past 3 presidential runs. 3%.

Timothy Egan of the New York Times mulls over the $700 billion bailout, giving our own Senator Jon Tester and Montana some love along the way.

McCain is on Saturday Night Live tonight.

Exxon, Shell and Conoco all posted record profits, again, this past week. In Exxon’s case, it was a 58% increase.

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