HD-95’s Diane Sands Responds to BCC Candidate Larry Anderson’s Political Ad

by jhwygirl

Republican candidate for County Commissioner Larry Anderson had a lovely advertisement in Sunday’s Missoulian, listing all of his ‘supporters’ – including Democrat Diane Sands, state house representative for HD-95.

Apparently, though, Diane Sands did not endorse Larry Anderson.

Her comment at this post:

I was surprised to see my name in the Sunday Missoulian endorsement ad for Larry Anderson. I have not been involved in the County Commissioner race on either side and will not for many reasons, including the fact that I am a county employee, and I have my own race to run for re-election to the legislature in HD 95. My name was used without my permission and I called Larry Anderson this morning to object. Larry apologized profusely for the oversight and took total responsibility for the mistake.

The opinions of my partner, Ann Mary Dussault, are her own and should not be considered to automatically be mine. If you are interested my opinion email me instead of this anonymous blogger stuff.

After calling Larry Anderson I immediately called Michele Landquist to correct the record.

I repeat. I have not endorsed any candidate in the race for County Commissioner and I don’t intend to. Period.

Rep. Diane Sands

I guess this is just another Pullin’ a Lewie from another Missoula County Republican, who feels he has to lie and exaggerate his Democratic Party ties to get elected.

Partisanship of the worse kind.

  1. goof houlihan

    This is a pretty common occurrence. I’ve seen the same name on opponents’ Sunday support ads. Someone assembled the same names as before, or they keep the names from a primary, or they make assumptions about a partner or spouse. These ads are usually assembled by volunteers and the candidates don’t call and check each name before the advertisement is run.

    Sounds like Larry handled it the right way.

  2. His website doesn’t mention her name – his television ad, which lists a whole bunch of people – doesn’t list her name either.

    Just a print ad in the Sunday paper, two days before an election…when it leaves little time to publicly clear the issue.

    He didn’t look the thing over before it went to print? Yikes.

    You’d think he’d know who is supporters are.

  3. petetalbot

    “Join these Republicans, Democrats and Independents … ” says the campaign ad for Larry Anderson in Sunday’s Missoulian.

    What a crock.

    I see two or three “Democrats” in that ad, one of whom says she didn’t endorse Larry. Makes you wonder about the other names in the ad. I see one or two “Independents.” The rest of the ad reads like the Republican Party Central Committee. Many elected Republican officials and also lots of hard, hard right-wing names in the ad. Of course, you’ve got good representation from the development/real estate community, too.

    As one friend said, “If I were a Democrat and my name appeared in that ad, I’d be really embarrassed.” Disgusted, is the word I’d use.

    I also had a call from a woman I hadn’t heard from in quite awhile asking me about the commissioner race. I gave her my opinion and she continued calling others, researching, even called Michele. (If only all voters were as diligent as she in ferreting out the truth!)
    I heard from this woman again and she told me she was voting for Michele and that the negatives she’d heard earlier about Michele turned out to be a whisper campaign and didn’t hold water.

    I supported Dennis Daneke in the primary but I’m voting for Michele in the general and urge others to do the same.

  4. i did not have strong feelings either way as an independent for either candidate but if for no other reason than we need new chemistry regarding politeness in dealing with the public, i am voting for michelle. not that Mr. anderson was impolite but i just think adding a strong personality to the mix might help loosen up the attitude and atmosphere for the public to participate more in decision-making. it has felt a little on the “clubish” side in the courthouse in recent years.

  5. Pogo Possum

    I came back from a hunting trip this morning and checked my email to find a message from a person I know inside Larry Anderson’s campaign informing me about the error in listing Diane Sands name on Larry’s endorsement ad. I also saw Diane Sands’ comments posted by jhwy Girl.

    I told jhwy Girl I wouldn’t comment on the Anderson/Landquist race any more. Since I repeated in earlier posts what I was told concerning Diane’s name I want to let you know what I was told this morning.

    According to the email I just read, Larry spoke with Ann Mary Dussault and Diane Sands some time ago concerning his race and discussed if they would offer their support and their endorsement. After a lengthy conversation, Larry left with the understanding both Ann Mary and Diane would allow their names to be used as endorsements in his campaign. He was wrong.

    Ann Mary is endorsing Larry and stands behind that endorsement. Diane Sands, as she has clearly stated in this web site, has never endorsed any candidate in this race and is not taking any positions on any candidate.

    Larry spoke with Diane on Sunday and said it was his error, said he misunderstood their conversation and apologized profusely. He pulled the ad and is not running it again.

    The information I received said this is the only ad in which Diane’s name appeared. The email commented that Diane was concerned but very gracious, much more so than one would expect in this situation.

    I have seen these same problems before in campaigns in both parties. My suggestion for candidates in any race is to get endorsements in writing so there are no misunderstandings.

    Even though my earlier posting, in which I mentioned Diane’s name, was based on Anderson’s ad, I offer my humble apologies to Diane Sands. Diane has demonstrated true statesmanship in handling this issue.

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