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by problembear

“democrats never agree on anything. that’s why they’re democrats. if they agreed with each other, they would be republicans.”- Will Rogers.

“the 1928 Republican convention opened up with a prayer. If the Lord can see his way to bless the Republican party the way it’s been carrying on, then the rest of us ought to get it without even asking.”-Will Rogers.

on the eve of this election i am thankful that we have the freedom to choose our leaders. it is a privilege to join all americans in this precious right. when you vote, close your eyes for a few seconds and thank those who gave their lives so that we can do this.


Political doings #5

by Pete Talbot

(This will be the final ‘Political doings’ installment before the big, big election tomorrow Tuesday. Hooray and Vote!)

Amy’s song

This YouTube video is a song by local musician Amy Martin with most of the images coming from Missoula and a few from San Francisco. Watch, listen and enjoy:

Nice job, Amy. Hat tip to Horton.

Bad Lists

Just got a call from the McCain campaign urging me to vote for John and Sarah. The message was something about Obama redistributing my wealth to deadbeats and lowlifes. After thanking the caller and hanging up, I, in the parlance of young bloggers/texters, LOL (for the benefit of folks my age, the Urban Dictionary describes LOL as: laughed out loud).

The McCain Campaign is using some bad lists if they’re calling me, a devout Democrat, who voted for Obama close to a month ago. Here’s to them wasting their time.

How I see it

Finally, I used to be a partner in the advertising/marketing firm WestRidge Creative and still do some work for them. Anyway, each election cycle, there’s the Big Board. This year, it’s the Damn Big Board. All the races that are of the most interest to us are on the board and (for $5) you pick the percentage of votes each candidate/initiative will get. The person with the most correct picks, wins. There are 28 races on this year’s board, with two tie breakers.

This may seem like a cynical way to view the election but it’s the only way we stay sane one day out. My numbers are below the fold:

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by Pete Talbot

National Notice

Montana makes the New York Times election news. There’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s a good synopsis of what’s happening here and about Barack Obama’s chances for taking the state. The reporter, Jim Robbins, writes about Montana a lot. I believe he did a number of stories on the Tester/Burns contest in 2006 for the Times. (Sometimes the Times makes you log in to access stories so I’ve also reprinted the piece below the fold.)

Robbins interviewed former Democratic Congressman Pat Williams for the progressive perspective and state Sen. Joe Balyeat (R-Bozeman) for the, eh, conservative perspective. Joe Balyeat! Might as well interview Ghengis Khan if you’re looking for a right-wing nut’s point of view. Of course, Balyeat states that, “his (Obama’s) radical view on guns … ” is the reason Obama will lose in Montana. We’ll see, Joe, we’ll see.

No Dividends

Hope you’re not holding a lot of Lee Enterprises stock and counting on those dividend checks. It’s hard times in the newspaper industry and Lee, which publishes five dailies in Montana, including the Missoulian, has suspended dividends indefinitely.

It has also cut employee benefits and bonuses for executives. All this was dictated by the banks that are restructuring Lee loans.

This is sad news for a newspaper junkie like me and doesn’t bode well for the newspaper reading public. And my heart goes out to those working stiffs at all the papers who are suffering layoffs, reduced benefits and an unsure future.

I also give kudos to the Missoulian for printing the news story about this newspaper chain’s misfortunes. It’s really bad PR and could have been covered up, but wasn’t.

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by jhwygirl

My disdain for the negative reaction thrust upon those seeking public input on issues before the Board of County Commissioners, by the Board of County Commissioners, is something readers of this blog know well. It’s not something new, and goes back, even, to a post I wrote back nearly 2 years ago over at Left in the West.

More recently, the open pit mining issue facing the Lolo area once again raised my ire. The very real possibility of gravel pits being located in residential areas – unzoned as they may be – and the very real possibility of having multiple pits in your neighborhood (or in your backyard, front yard, side yard) has existed now for more than 2 years, and our County Commissioners have failed to act.

When one was proposed in the Lolo community, our Board of County Commissioners once again failed to act until they were backed into a corner. For months they ignored crowded public meetings and stacks of papers submitted by the neighbors, instead saying that they could rely on DEQ to do its job. Or perhaps I should say that the BCC failed to its job, granted to them through the zoning powers of the Montana Constitution, that allowed them to protect the health safety and welfare of its citizens.

One Lolo resident at the forefront was Michele Landquist, a 35 year resident of Missoula County, advocating for both her and her neighbors, but more importantly, the air and water quality of the neighborhood.

Much of Michele’s campaigning has been out in the rural areas of the county – not just Lolo, but Evaro, Clinton-Bonner, Miller Creek, Orchard Homes, Big Flat, Target Range, Grass Valley, Seeley and Frenchtown. She tells me that she has been well received.

Landquist has been a supporter of trying to find solutions through the Board of County Commissioners to create opportunities for more jobs in Missoula – which is one reason why the Indy’s endorsement of Larry Anderson has perplexed me. Saying we need to have a voice for business on the BCC (as if one doesn’t exist with both Jean Curtiss and Bill Carey.) Please!

Read between the lines there, and the suggestion by the Indy is that Curtiss and Carey are not voice for the business community. Does anyone who read this think that is true? That Jean Curtiss and Bill Carey are anti-business?

In Michele’s own words, she is running because:

I am running to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and everyone is treated with the respect they and their issues deserve. People bring problems to the BCC to solved. I want to work harder and think outside the normal box to find more win-win solutions for ALL the people.

Maybe Landquist isn’t the seasoned poltico that Anderson is, but everyone has to jump into the water somewhere to take that swim. Michele has been on the Lolo Watershed Committee (or whatever that is called), and any landowner with water rights knows that those committees aren’t exactly the most docile things going – Michele will give a fresh face to a good ole’ boys-and-gals club that has been the BCC for wayyyy too long.

I did, in fact, ask Landquist about the reasoning in the Indy, that she wasn’t experienced enough. Here’s what she said:

I would very much like the opportunity to swim. Living out in the county, how many choices/opportunities do I have to get involved politically? The future is now, this is a six year term and it will effect our future. The H20 work I did was with both the Watershed Education Network (WEN) as a Field Coordinator and with the Lolo Watershed Group (LWG) where I served with in a number a capacities the last title was Interim Executive Director. I worked myself through to that position by first being Co-coordinator, Coordinator, Project Manger and finally Interim Executive Director.

That’s not small potatoes in terms of experience now, is it?

County Commissioners are elected to office for 6 years. Ask yourself – do you want more of the same? Have you been happy with what has occurred over, say, the last 5 years? Did Anderson do anything different since he’s been on the BCC for more than a year now?

Do you want to be stuck with more of the same for the next 6 years?

Do you want to know that your voice will be heard when you want to speak?

2008 is looking to be the year of big change. Let’s make 2008 the year that the citizens and communities and neighborhoods of Missoula County get a true voice – and an open ear – on county issues.

Vote Michele Landquist for County Commissioner.

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