Political doings #5

by Pete Talbot

(This will be the final ‘Political doings’ installment before the big, big election tomorrow Tuesday. Hooray and Vote!)

Amy’s song

This YouTube video is a song by local musician Amy Martin with most of the images coming from Missoula and a few from San Francisco. Watch, listen and enjoy:

Nice job, Amy. Hat tip to Horton.

Bad Lists

Just got a call from the McCain campaign urging me to vote for John and Sarah. The message was something about Obama redistributing my wealth to deadbeats and lowlifes. After thanking the caller and hanging up, I, in the parlance of young bloggers/texters, LOL (for the benefit of folks my age, the Urban Dictionary describes LOL as: laughed out loud).

The McCain Campaign is using some bad lists if they’re calling me, a devout Democrat, who voted for Obama close to a month ago. Here’s to them wasting their time.

How I see it

Finally, I used to be a partner in the advertising/marketing firm WestRidge Creative and still do some work for them. Anyway, each election cycle, there’s the Big Board. This year, it’s the Damn Big Board. All the races that are of the most interest to us are on the board and (for $5) you pick the percentage of votes each candidate/initiative will get. The person with the most correct picks, wins. There are 28 races on this year’s board, with two tie breakers.

This may seem like a cynical way to view the election but it’s the only way we stay sane one day out. My numbers are below the fold:

1] President: USA

Barack Obama (D) 51%

John McCain (R) 47%

Other 2%

2] President: Montana

Obama 48%

McCain 47%

Other 5%

3] US Senate: Montana

Max Baucus (D) 71%

Bob Kelleher (R) 29%

4] US Representative

Denny Rehberg (R) 59%

John Driscoll (D) 39%

Other 2%

5] Governor

Schweitzer/Bohlinger (D) 60%

Brown/Daines (R) 38%

Other 2%

6] Attorney General

Steve Bullock (D) 52%

Tim Fox (R) 48%

7] State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Denise Juneau (D) 52%

Elaine Sollie Herman (R) 46%

Other 2%

8] State Auditor

Monica Lindeen (D) 53%

Duane Grimes (R) 47%

9] Secretary of State

Linda McCulloch (D) 50%

Brad Johnson (R) 49%

Other 1%

10] Public Service Commission—District 4

Gail Gutsche (D) 52%

Doug Mood (R) 48%

11] Supreme Court Chief Justice –non-partisan

Mike McGrath 56%

Ron Waterman 44%

12] Missoula County Commissioner

Michele Landquist (D) 47%

Lawrence Anderson (R) 53%

13] House District 100

Willis Curdy (D) 51%

Bill Nooney (R) 49%

14] House District 99

Betsy Hands (D) 70%

Jedediah Cox (R) 30%

15] House District 98

Sue Malek (D) 52%

Will Deschamps (R) 48%

16] House District 97

Michele Reinhart (D) 60%

Carol Minjares (R) 40%

17] House District 96

Teresa K. Henry (D) 60%

Steven Eschenbacher (R) 40%

18] House District 95

Diane Sands (D) 60%

Kevin Blackler (R) 40%

19] House District 94

Dave McAlpin (D) 56%

Linda Frey (R) 44%

20] House District 93

Dick Barrett (D) 62%

Steve Dogiakos (R) 38%

21] House District 92

Robin Hamilton (D) 62%

Dan Stusek (R) 38%

22] House District 91

Tim Furey (D) 57%

Walt Hill (R) 43%

23] Senate District 7

Paul Clark (D) 51%

Greg Hinkle (R) 49%

24] Senate District 50

Cliff Larsen (D) 72%

Kandi Matthew-Jenkins (C) 28%

25] CA-44 (… public funds invested in stocks)

For 35%

Against 65%

26] REF-118 (… 6 mil levy)

For 57%

Against 43%

27] I-155 (… healthy kids)

For 72%

Against 28%

28] “Emergency Operations Center Bond” (Missoula County voters only)

For 48%

Against 52%


****Total Number “Ds” versus “Rs” in MT Legislature: a] Senate and b] House

29] a] Senate D 25 R 25 (Total: 50)
30] b] House D 52 R 48 (Total: 100)

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