How’s the chicken cooked?

by Rebecca Schmitz

Pete, yesterday I ran into two of those mythical creatures: undecided voters. I know! I didn’t think they really existed either. How could anyone be that confused?

The first was honestly embarassed. He knew this indecision wasn’t right. He asked when I voted and whom I voted for, nodded when I answered, and said he was definitely going to make up his mind before going to the polls today. The second? Well, she’s bagging the whole election. After annoucing that she’s always voted Democratic but thought it was a “drop in the bucket in Montana”, she said the debates didn’t help. She liked McCain’s performance. However, rather than cast a ballot for the Republican, she’s not going to bother to vote at all.

That is sad. Sad.

Vote. It doesn’t matter for whom. Obviously, I’d prefer people vote for Obama, but let’s face it: no matter what Gary Marbut says about gun ownership, voting is the most important right we have. It’s ridiculous to waste it because of temporary indecision and confusion.

Jump in with both feet. Vote.

  1. “It doesn’t matter for whom” you vote? I hope you’re just using lazy language. I strongly feel that if someone doesn’t have a clear idea of who they’re voting for or why, they should consider not voting on that particular issue/office — whether that applies to the whole ballot or one race. There are at least two races that I won’t be voting in when I cast my ballot today, because after reading what I’ve been able to find, I feel either ambivalent or uninformed on the true differences between the candidates. The people who have strong knowledge are better qualified to make those selections, and I’ll have to live with their choices. Informed citizens making informed and measured choices is far preferable, in my mind, to people “just voting” for just whomever.

  2. Maybe that was vague writing on my part, Joe. I meant to express yes, even though this is a liberal blog that supports Obama, if you don’t, if you’re leaning towards McCain (like my undecided voter), Barr, or Nader, it’s still important to get out there and vote. You know, make your voice heard and all that.

    But still, this:

    The people who have strong knowledge are better qualified to make those selections

    really bugs me. Voting shouldn’t be restricted to someone’s concept of “better qualified”. I’m sure plenty of people who thought they had “strong knowledge” of the issues voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. Who’s to say that someone who’s only ever cared about and voted for America’s Next Top Model is less qualified than the average Bush supporter?

    I’m not sure that responsible people should be encouraging others–new voters, undecided voters–to NOT vote just because they don’t fit the profile of a person with “strong knowledge”.

  3. I leave it to anyone out there to decide how they determine their own qualification to vote, and I wouldn’t dare question anyone’s self-assessment. But part of being a wise civic citizen is knowing when you’re only inclined to vote for someone because of their party or their last name or their hometown or race, and recognizing that that’s not enough. The civic responsibility of voting isn’t confined to just blackening ovals. I don’t think we necessarily disagree here, but when I see all the “just vote” messages out there — ranging from your post to that expensive ad put together by pretty much everyone in Hollywood — I find myself rubbed a bit the wrong way.

  4. klemz

    I agree, Joe. I especially agree when it comes to bond measures and mill levies, because people who don’t have any background the issues often just choose the capital benefit. Usually, they don’t own homes, nor are they yet thinking ahead to the point where they might. I think we all know who I’m talking about, but I’ll leave it unsaid.

    Though, I have no idea how one could not be informed of the presidential race at this point. It’s inescapable.

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