Live Blogging Missoula Montana

by jhwygirl

3:23 p.m. Wednesday: That’s it, numbers in. That two last holdouts in the races below – Secretary of State McCulloch and State Representative JP Pomnichowski – pulled through, both with decent room to spare

It looks like Gallatin County appears to be the hold-outs tonight – Flathead and Yellowstone are both done reporting.

Obama 219,862 Ron Paul 10,212 McCain 236,043 Nadar 3,573
McCain is conceding now, and he is a class act in his defeat. Good for him. Good for America.

Governor Schweitzer 305,445 Brown 153,746

Secretary of State McCulloch 226,281 Johnson 223,569

Attorney General Bullock 234,428 Fox 214,800

Auditor Lindeen 236,141 Grimes 207,701

Superintendent Juneau 224,264 Herman 195,117

Chief Justice McGrath 270,997 Waterman 90,045

SenatorBaucus 334,030 Kelleher 125,178

Congress At-Large Rehberg 299,499 Driscoll 147,778

PSC District 2 Tussing (D) 38,715 Molnar (R) 51,966

PSC District 3 Vincent (D) 51,864 Olson (R) 47,401

PSC District 4 Gutsche (D) 42,975 Mood (R) 42,677

C-44 (allow 25% investment into stocks for state retirement system) 113,401 No 325,748 (82% reporting)

I-155 (Children’s Healthcare Initiative Yes 314,987 No 137,825

LR-118 (Levy to support the University system) Yes 252,184 No 195,909


SD-2 McClean (D) 4,372 Zinke (R) 5,222

SD-7 Clark (D) 3,649 Hinkle (R) 4,337

SD-10 Hamlett (D) 4,065 Whitaker (R) 3,899

SD-18 Baumgartner (D) 4,343 Brenden (R) 4,710

SD-26 Moss (D) 4,182 Graham (R) 3,737

SD-37 Gallus (D) 4,481 Dwyer (R) 1,831

SD-50 Larson (D) 5,722 Matthew-Jenkins (Con) 2,386

HD-8 Steensen (D) 1,889 Witte (R) 1,869

HD-10 Augustad (D) 790 Blasdel (R) 2,646

HD-13 Elliot (D) 2,097 Ingraham (R) 3,143

HD-14 Hendrick (R) 2,728 Grimm (D) 1,458

HD-15 Boss Ribs (D) 458 No challenger

HD-17 Bean (R) 2,346 Wier (D) 2,004

HD-20 Kottel (D) 1,878 Allen (R) 1,565

HD-28 Skari (D) 1,940 Hollandsworth (R) 2,336

HD-29 Ed Butcher (R) 2,605 Simpson (D) 1,884

HD-36 French (D) 3,107 Rising (R) 1,430

HD-59 Beck (D) 2,708 Boggio (R) 2,138

HD-63 Pomnichowski (D) 2,786 Burnett (R) 2,709

HD-78 Cohenour (D) 2,294 Gibson (R) 1,844

HD-91 Furey (D) 2,356 Hill (R) 1,465

HD-92 Hamilton (D) 1,818 Stusek (R) 1,448

HD-93 Barrett (D) 2,584 Dogiakos (R) 1,404

HD-94 McAlpin (D) 2,395 Frey (R) 2,032

HD-95 Sands (D) 2,250 Blackler (R) 1,378

HD-96 Henry (D) 2,042 Eschenbacher (R) 1,507

HD-97 Reinhart (D) 2,967 Minjares (R) 1,398

HD-98 Malek 2,586 Deschamps (R) 2,077

HD-99 Hands (D) 3,398 Cox (R) 1,356

HD-100 Curdy (D) 1,503 Nooney (R) 1,727

Clerk of Court Faust (d) 11410 (No challenger)

County CommissionerLandquist (D) 27,896 Anderson (R) 21,266

Emergency Operations Center Bond Yes 25,383 No 26,173

Creation of West Valley Council Yes 1,554 No 670

Creating the Seeley Lake Resort Area No 239 Yes 137

Seeley Lake resort Tax No 257 Yes 196

  1. AP be damned! Bob Kelleher win not concede this race.

  2. The great thing about Kelleher is that there’s always next year… No I’m dead serious. If he’s breathing he’ll run for office…even if he’s breathing on a respirator.

  3. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes – and I’m not talking about Kelleher either.

    How are ya, man?!

  4. klemz

    Sup Duganz. Maybe Obama will give him a cabinet seat as the Secretary of Bicameral Reform.

    Speaking of respirators, how’s health care? You reforming it yet? I want government subsidized yoga by 2010.

  5. I’ve been working, sleeping, and taking a few courses at that conveniently located university (way to pass the mill levy y’all).

    Anyway… I’m actually pulling for Kelleher to get a spot as a Fox News Pundit. If they’ll invite “Tito the Builder” to give his 2¢, why not an old man with scary eyebrows?

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