The Montana state legislature…is Republican…

by Jay Stevens

As I mentioned late last night on LiTW (no link, ha), the GOP had captured the Senate. Not a big surprise. But what is a big surprise is that it looks like they’ll control the House, too. It’s a surprise because the Republicans had to defend so many seats, and they were working in an election with a large grassroots presence working for a Democratic president.

Right now, it looks like the Senate stands at 27 Republicans and 23 Democrats; and the House at 50 Republicans and 49 Democrats.

That’s right, the math is off. There’s one race that’s still in doubt. HD 63, featuring a good friend, JP Pomnichowski, where returns are not all in. Also there are still absentee ballots that are trickling in that may affect other races, too.

In any case, it looks like the Democratic wave swept up the statewide races, but failed to reach down into the local races.

Thoughts? Updates?

  1. JC

    Classic Montanan split voting behavior.

    Maybe we can clean that up with a little proper redistricting. ;-)

  2. guess we’ll have to find a republican sponsor for reining in pay-day loan interest rates which are currently 650% allowable under montana usury laws. Ohio, Oregon and Colorado all recently brought them in line with the military rate of 36%.

    how about it, republicans? any ideas about someone who we could work with on this? most states have passed some version of this law with bipartisan support. only the real hard-liners seem to support these businesses.

    pay-day loan businesses affect nearly 60% of missoula’s needy by luring them into a trap they cannot escape while the proprietors rake in obscene profits. we need to break this spiral of needless suffering.
    if anyone knows a republican legislator (or their minister) who would like to help us please let me know how to reach them.

  3. I completely give up trying to figure this damned county out, save to say that we have the largest population of ‘spite voters’ in the state.

  4. not so hasty

    Democrat * Jennifer JP Pomnichowski 2786
    Republican Tom Burnett 2709

  5. Yay!

    I hope Brady Wiseman wins his race.

  6. 3 races are in recount territory and provisionals aren’t counted yet. This isn’t quite over yet. I’m not promising results will change. I don’t think anybody knows.

  7. klemz

    “Classic Montanan split voting behavior.

    Maybe we can clean that up with a little proper redistricting. ”


  8. not so hasty

    Democrat * Jennifer JP Pomnichowski 2941
    Republican Tom Burnett 2812

  9. Pronghorn

    Geez, any chance the outcome of the HD 100 race will change…for the better???

  10. goof houlihan

    Even at 50/50.

    Looks like it’s time for a Switchzenberg. Any job openings with the governor?

    And Gallatin did fine, approving the jail, voting overwhelmingly for the chips initiative, and the 6 mill levy, although the McCain/Obama race is now dead even.

  11. JC

    What, Goof… the last jail Bozeman built wasn’t good enough that they have to build another? It wasn’t that long ago (26 years ago). But it was right in my back yard. I kind of didn’t like that. Put a crimp in our back yard parties.

  12. goof houlihan

    No, the jail built 26 years ago when Gallatin county was a third the size it is now, and which didn’t work when it was built, is extremely inadequate. This was the third jail bond issue to go before the voters, and the third time was the charm.

    One of the reasons was that it is going to stay on the same 19 acre site.

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