We don’t need no steenkin’ education in Ravalli County!

by Rebecca Schmitz

My mom, who lives in Stevensville, called me bright and early (a little too bright and early–I was celebrating downtown until the wee small hours) this morning. She was horrified by the election results in Ravalli County: Bitterrooters voted overwhelmingly for Elaine Sollie Herman, and against the school levy in Hamilton and Legislative Referendum 118, the 6 mill levy. What the hell? Doesn’t anyone value education up there?

Boy, sometimes the Bitterroot makes Gallatin County look almost sane.

  1. it’s gotta be the pesticides in the water up there….

    my S.O. and i took a little trip to hamilton last weekend and the signage was unbelievably grotesquely and overwhelmingly far right everywhere you looked. huge signs everywhere.

    always like to stop in Glen’s and the coffee cup to get a slice of local feelings and the conversations were extreme right wing in every table and in every booth. nary a whimper of dissent or even centrist thinking anywhere. must be hard to be an independent much less democrat anywhere in that valley.

    i thought the flathead was bad, but the bitterroot looks like a progressive wasteland now.

  2. I could have guessed that about Glen’s. The great big anti-zoning sign out front was a giant clue as to the politics within.

    Too bad. Good pie shouldn’t be wasted like that.

  3. “Doesn’t anyone value education up there?”

    Unfortunately, Rebecca, no; not if they have to pay for it and it doesn’t include Intelligent Design. It would take a few madrasa opening up shop in the valley to scare the ‘Root into action.

    (Oh, I can already hear the hate-mail pouring in!)

    Your statement made me recall a letter to the editor I read authored by a valley educated teenager published in last week’s Bitterroot Star (pub. 10/29/2008). I realize that I’m giving this letter more publicity than it deserves, but check it out below.

    Support for Republicans
    Dear Editor,

    I am going to graduate from Stevi in several months from now. I am very thankful that my parents taught all of us to think for ourselves and check all of our sources before we believed something. I believe our country is in an unbelievably embarrassing and frightening mess. Obama is a liar and knows he can’t win honestly so he has to rely on corruption, deception, dirty money. And voter-fraud like Tester – It takes more than a hat and a smile and a big buckle to be a leader.

    Obama illegally accepts donations from foreigners and terrorists and his wife is disrespectful of America. Obama is so afraid of Sarah that he has to send tens of “investigators” to scrape up any dirt that would help him not have to face her. Get used to her, dude. Obama is not cool, he is a cold and smug robot. Every response intentionally designed to fool unsuspecting stupid blind sheep who believe the media and commercials. If being President required being a slick, eloquent, hypnotic speaker, Obama would win hands down. Now wouldn’t that be an Obama-nation? If there weren’t so many of us that researched Obama and know the truth he might really be ahead in the polls! Those are just pre-destined results anyway. Can you say desperate? For healthy and prosperous America, tell Obama to keep his change, or that is all you will be left with! If you think people are more important than varmints that naturally die off, you want to vote for JR Iman and Greg Chilcott as our Commissioners as the other three are deceptive and do not have your best interests at heart. Vote McCain and Sarah! Vote Republican all the way!

    B.K. (I’ll withhold her name)

    B.K., I realize is young, impulsive, and ignorant to the outside world. It doesn’t help, however, that it seems her parents have left her with a massive hurdle of misinformation and intolerance to clear before she can honestly “think for herself”. I guess she can thank her parents later in life for that educational lesson.

  4. Gee, it sounds like B.K. could be one of Dallas Erickson’s kids.

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