Various & Sundry for the Weekend

by jhwygirl

Nothing planned for today? Blacksmith Brewing, newly opened in Stevensville, is having a branding party, starting at 2. Bring your branding iron – you know you got one – and brand a table or a pole or something.

oh…and have a beer or two too.

A man is pregnant – for the second time.

The first female 4-star Army general was promoted yesterday.

MT FWP is seeking public comment on a stabilization project designed to try and save the world’s 3rd largest Ponderosa pine in the world. I heard of its woes during high water this year, and headed on out there to see the situation. Took this picture. It truly is impressive. Big Pine June 2008

Americans are apparently OK with a Democratic majority up in Washington D.C..

India’s 6000 Muslim clerics have declared a fatwa against terrorism. India is home to the 4th largest Muslim population in the world.

Palin has become a verb. Example: HR sent me another Palin for the marketing manager opening.

York City was punked on Wednesday morning by a group called The Yes Men, who put out a fake New York Times, dated July 4, 2009, with stories such as “Iraq War Ends,” “USA Patriot Act Repealed,” “Bush Indicted for Treason,” and “Freidman confesses.”

They even managed a fake website, too…..

More bail-out porn with a follow-up to my “No F*n Way” post the other day: “Top 10 Bailout Sponsored Junkets of 2008”

  1. Jim Lang

    “Palin has become a verb. Example: HR sent me another Palin for the marketing manager opening.”

    Ummm, that’s an example of a noun.

  2. You would be right about that.

    How’s about this? County Commissioners are palining the citizens when it comes to streamside setbacks.

  3. goof houlihan

    Delete this if you wish, but it’s kind of “various and sundry”. I realize I’m poaching your site. I read your posts supporting Michele the “County Commissioner Elect” (has she got a podium and a sign, yet?) regarding her support for “county recycling”.

    Here’s a link to a curbside recycling program Bozeman is trying to start. The critical thing is….it costs money to do it, ten bucks a month. Everyone thinks it should be….”free”. Well, collections trucks aren’t “free”, nor is the union labor to drive them.

    There ARE a couple of private firms who do this, once a month, too. They aren’t “free” either. But either the city or the private firm, it’s an opportunity to put your money where your values are.

    Here’s the video, anyway:

  4. No goof – good stuff. Thanks.

    You know, I read something somewhere where some cities – my guess is that maybe you have to be large enough – are actually making money off of recycling.

    I wonder if something can’t be done with the old Stimson site in that end. The railroad runs right into it.

    The little that I know about recycling here, one of the issues is transportation costs of the materials. Butte is doing silicone recycling now – and is one of the few places that does it. They’re even working off of an economic grant to do it.

    So I wonder if the state can’t use, for example, a glass-crushing facility? MDOT and counties around the state could probably save significant amounts of cash if they had a source for crushed glass.

    One of many thoughts.

    I might have to take your comment and this and work it into a post.

  5. Pronghorn

    Could glass cullet spell doom for open pit gravel mining in MT? Now there’s an attractive idea…

  6. Goof, You probably don’t like to think this way, but I reckon we should be focusing on a ‘total waste management’ strategy. Burying trash costs money and takes up open space. Burning trash costs money and smells nasty. Etc.

    Instead, waste management companies should be responsible for minimizing the waste stream and get paid to do so. All that aluminum and metal should be able to pay for as much recycling as we need.

    jhwygirl is right, though. Until the state and federal governments don’t require purchasing of recycled products, then there is little market for these products.

  7. goof houlihan

    It’s not “waste management companies” that have to think that way, its everyone that consumes and throws away. Unfortunately, most people want “some one else” to pay for recycling, and will do it if it is “free”.

    Well, it’s not free. However, rates DO take into account hauling and land costs for landfills. Which is why it is cheap to throw stuff away in Montana, we have a lot of land, and expensive to throw stuff away in San Francisco, they got no land and a lot of garbage.

    Recognizing the economic realities and designing a recycling program that works without subsidies requires that people put their money where their values are, and pay to recycle.

  8. goof houlihan

    My comments are spam?

  9. goof houlihan

    BTW, the “where to recycle” link at the bottom of the DEQ page? “The page cannot be found”. Despite an updated story or two, the DEQ information on glass is seriously outdated.

    Pete did an excellent job of researching the glass situation in Montana in the previous discussion.

    Currently, there’s little market for recycled anything, as the stuff piles up at the docks and China stops buying. I am worried the Bozeman curbside pickup is dead in infancy.

    Except for a few hundred die hards, no one wants to pay for recycling. You can drop stuff off for free, so it’s really only a convenience issue.

    Landfills will now last much much longer as there is no construction industry left to dump anything.

  1. 1 Who Needs Gravel Pits? Let’s Crush Glass! « 4&20 blackbirds

    […] in a comment buried in spam since this past Saturday, Pronghorn asks the question of whether crushed glass could be the answer to eliminating our need […]

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