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by problembear

rob natelson over at electric city provides some amusing sidebar to the election…

“come back here and fight, you coward.” the black knight yells at King Arthur.

you lost rob- get over it, or don’t. it’s all the same to us.


by problembear

senate banking committee shows pathetic, groveling CEO’s the door……..sorry boys! some other rich white guys in $5000.00 suits already got in line ahead of you. You’ll have to wait your turn.

“…have you seen the rich white piggies in their starched white shirts?…” the beatles, white album (40th anniversary)


now this man down at the used car lot tried to sell me four wheels and a trunk. i said “man, there is no engine!”, he said, “the engine’s just a bunch of junk. you don’t need no engine to go downhill and i could plainly see, that that’s the direction you’re headin’ in”, and he handed me the keys.

no deal; you can’t sell that stuff to me. no deal, i’m goin’ back to tennessee….

-Townes Van Zandt.



Alaskans give the heave ho to Senator Ted Stevens…..finally. heard a great song today on KYSS FM- “….why is the rich man dancin’ while the poor man pays the band?…”- Travis Tritt, from Lord Have Mercy On The Workin’ Man  

it’s already starting- after 8 years of torment, lies and deceit- Americans are finally putting their foot down on rewarding any more bad behavior.

by jhwygirl

Announced today, Governor Schweitzer appointed new directors to two state departments – the Department of Public Health and Human Services and Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Anna Whiting-Sorrell assumes charge at DPHHS. She’s been serving as the Policy Advisor on Families to the Schweitzer Administration and will replace Joan Mills, who has held the position of director since being appointed by Governor Schweitzer in September 2005.

Anna is an enrolled member of the Confederated Salish and Kootanai Tribes – and she had served as the Director of Native American Outreach to John Kerry’s Presidential Campaign.

Joe Maurier replaces Jeff Hagener at the helm of FWP. Maurer has been with FWP since February 2006, coming to Montana via Colorado State Parks system. Hagener is leaving FWP after having served for nearly 8 years, having been appointed by former Governor Judy Martz. I’m thinking that Hagener was the only “hold-over” of the Martz Administration.

by jhwygirl

A slew of legislative audit reports have been issued in October – 13 in all – including several that might be of interest.

Not much of any significant detail that I could find – all of the reports seem to indicate minor accounting problems when it comes to making timely deposits and accounting for vacation and sick leave.

Apparently DEQ and the DNRC share some woes when it comes to accounting statements with regards to the State Revolving Fund Loan Programs for Drinking Water and Water Pollution Control.

There’s some other stuff in there with the DNRC related to managing the school trusts – it apparently costs more to manage the trusts than state law allows. The auditors seem to acknowledge this, and it appears that changes are needed to state law (?)

An August report on the Department of Corrections has some interesting stuff in there with relation to medical costs and accounting – along with the lack of administrative rules with regards to monitoring of level 3 sex offenders.

The Department of Military Affairs looks like it’s got some accounting issues – both over utilization and underutilization – of Homeland Security funds.

All of the Big 5 get audited, too:
Board of Public Education
Department of Justice
State Auditor’s Office
Office of Secretary of State
and, last but not least –
Office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Anyways – peruse away. Your government – your tax dollar. For a summary document, hit this link and you’ll find a list of all the audits, by year, with a “summary” link over there on the right column.

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