Various & Sundry for the Weekend

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread.

This lucky senior citizen golden retriever was rescued after being found swimming about 1 mile offshore of North Carolina.

If you want to stave off memory loss, forget ginko biloba – marijuana apparently helps to ward off Alzheimer’s and assists with keeping memory sharp.


Montana’s unemployment rate rose from 4.6 to 4.8 percent in October. The national average was 6.5. For more statistics – if your so inclined – check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Check out Margaret & Helen’s blog. These ladies – friends for 60 years and counting – have started up a blog to stay in touch after one of ’em moved away. Yesterday they tackled breastfeeding, and a few days ago it was Money, Guns and Sex.

Hank Williams Jr. has announced he will be running for the Senate as a Republican in “the next primary” – that would mean 2010…and since I’m told he’s a Montana resident, I guess that means he’s going to move somewhere else?

…..Alright people – What say you?

  1. goof houlihan

    Not that I hit the bars much any more; it’s been years since I was asleep under the jerky rack. But, who didn’t see this coming before the outright smoking ban hit?

    If I were feeling nostalgic, I’d mandate that every bar have necks and eggs marinating in a gallon jar of brine on the bar, and anyone who rode a horse into town could still have a hand rolled with his or her shot and a beer.

    This law will be a big push for “casinos”, whose miserable existence in the state does nothing but evil for our individual and collective lives, whether it be the effects of gambling debt and bankruptcy on families and social services, or the look and feel of our cities and towns. I like the statewide law and it keeps the smoking wars out of local politics.

    Nevertheless, it’s Montana and smoking and drinking and gambling and whoring are all part of the “Gunsmoke” wild west aura. Even as late as a hundred years ago that was the scene downtown. I’m as libertarian and libertine as the next guy but I’m thinking if Sen. Jerry Black, R-Shelby really wants to go backward, why not include some language in the bill to bring back hotels for single ladies and opium dens in the underground? Let’s preempt some old local ordinances and really free up the whole scene.

    Is the gambling industry hurting because of the smoking ban? Good! But with hard times coming, I doubt that it is.

  2. goof houlihan

    oh…and “Go Cats!”

  3. In the words of the Dixie Chicks, “they got Junior but they don’t have Hank.”

  4. Jim Lang

    I love being able to go into a bar without having to endure the stink of cigarettes.

  5. klemz

    I disagree that gambling contributes strictly evil to society.

    Even when I’m having the worst day ever, I can cross the hall from the Golden Rose to the Savoy, take a look around and think, “Wow, no matter how bad things are right now, I’m not sucking half as bad as these people do on their best days.”

    It’s like spiritual guarana. Why do you think normal people go to NASCAR events?

  6. JC

    What makes you think people at NASCAR events are normal?

  7. So is that your attitude on the reservations? Gambling machines aren’t exactly stepping-in for the absence of secure commercial financing, unemployment, or fathers these days are they?

    This is your official verbal sensitivity warning for not thinking of the indians.

    You should now go spend about five minutes or so feeling bad about this. Then go back to your normal business.

    (I will assume that you are a white person, if not, no foul called. Sorry for making you look mean.)

  8. Lizard

    Sensitivity Police: as a euro-american, thinking about indians makes me uncomfortable, because basketball and Coca-Cola is a pretty shitty trade for the genocide that lurks behind the term “manifest destiny.”

    Leonard Peltier rots away in prison as a political prisoner because he’s one small crack in a gigantic foundation of lies, and acknowledging his false imprisonment could lead to all kinds of awkward reflections.

    It’s best, as a white person, to create a perimeter of denial around one’s psyche, to enable us to disassociate ourselves from the crimes of empire carried out through our silent complicity.

    collective amnesia is a key factor in maintaining the american exceptionalism that persists despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

    if killing indians was the original sin of this country, it seems morbidly fitting that killing the current stewards of the cradle of civilization marks the predictable descent of another empire’s failed attempt to dominate the globe.

    and despite the above hyperbole from a pale-skinned hypocrite, I will still enjoy my turkey and mashed potatoes.

  9. Watch it Lizard, or I’ll give you a sensitivity warning too.

    This is serious stuff here.

    What would your friends think of you if you got a warning?

    You know this goes on your…



  10. Lizard

    Sensitivity Police: yes, serious stuff. thank you for letting me off with a warning.

  11. Look I don’t support a women’s right to breast fead in public, till they support my right to do the same.

    I got me a case right now gainst Jim Palmer trucking who prohibited me from tryin to brestfead/chestfeed in the cab of my truck or anywhere on Palmer outfit proporty.

    Everybody knows men can lactate (, but them feminazi activists got erybody beleevin that only Laaaaadies get to breastfeed in public.

    That’s not the equal America I come to love. That’s why I’m independent now, got my own rig, and I can chestfeed babies all day in their without no Jim Palmer or feminazi liberals tellin me otherwise.

    Ts what I think of that.

  12. JC

    Dude, what happened? You get caught with a two-bit on your lap in your cab out at Fred’s on a pass through town? You’re a little old to be claiming breast feeding rights.

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