change can’t come soon enough for most of us…..


by problembear

a few weeks ago W told us that he would work tirelessly on rescuing the economy. let’s see what that little dickens has really been up to since then….hmmm- making sure that workers lose benefits and loosening safety rules should do it.  last minute executive orders to help big business interests seem to be taking up most of W’s time….

meanwhile, Obama’s team seems to be focused on the economy and creating jobs. which prompted senate majority leader Harry Reid to say, “we will soon have a leader…who recognizes the urgency..” Boy that is a slap in the face if i ever heard one. that’s gonna leave a permanent handprint…

reminds me of when congressional leaders asked W if he was going to do anything about the way FEMA responded during Hurricane Katrina….”was there something wrong?” he asked. it must be nice to be so oblivious to the suffering of people who depend on jobs for their survival…like 95% of all americans.

while this country slides into a depression W is still tending to the interests of the other 5%. W remains steadfastly oblivious to the economic disaster most of us recognize as looming dangerously close.


  1. Carol

    Your poor little shift key…so lonely and neglected.

  2. bears are known to be penurious about capitalization.and perhaps a bit lazy- when blogging. real writing strictly hoyle.

  3. Carol

    Hokay. I’m thinking of going to all caps myself.

  4. The ‘Change’ already happened…….now that the election is over, it’s Bill Clinton’s third term – LOL

  5. i must admit that i don’t know what to make of this comment, eric. are you saying that you would like more bush? the guy has been an unmitigated disaster. you can’t possibly be one of the 17% who still support bush? cause i know a lot of republicans and haven’t met one yet.

    and i don’t know about you, but things for most of us fared much better during clinton’s administration. after 8 years of W, clinton or obama or even Bozo the clown sounds pretty good.

    being independent and fairly cynical about politics, i don’t place too much faith in the system. especially when Obama starts appointing the same weed seeds that work with the imbeciles appointed by W that started this massive economic clusterf*&#. but since i don’t have much choice i guess i will try to be more patient. i just don’t understand why our government is propping up businesses who would and should fail and probably will fail anyway.

    why are we rewarding bad behavior? this goes against all laws of physics -leave alone laws of economics. and seems to be like allowing weeds to grow where we should be planting a new crop.

  6. Lizard

    i think what eric is saying, problembear, is that reheating the Clinton years undermines the crafted sloganeering you all choked down–hook, line, and sinker.

    Bill Clinton, ha. when will you doe-eyed Dems ever learn? NAFTA, media conglomeration, welfare reform, repealing Glass-Steagall. the rethugs went after what the man did with his presidential penis because policy-wise, he fed all those gaping corporate mouths, and still the party faithful adhere with only a few polite ahems, and oh wells when the reality of Obama’s actions (appointments) contradicts the rhetoric of his illusion (language).

    that said, i’m finally getting the stimulus check most everyone else got last summer, and i do believe a book indulgence at Shakespeare & Co. is in order.

    right now I’m reading Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood, which only adds fuel to the fire.

  7. Coobs-

    What happened to your blog? I liked having a bi-weekly dose of wrong. :)

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