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by problembear

“step right up…

everyone’s a winner…

bargains galore…”- tom waits from the album, small change

more bad news on the horizon nationally for mortgages due on commercial property accross the US. locally, is linens ‘n things leading the way to more empty storefronts in Missoula? some say that after the holidays many will close. is missoula vulnerable to a major depression?

would this potential loss of jobs, tax base and revenue signal that this might be a good time for city planners to slow down on massive 3rd and Russell rebuild?

who owns the underlying mortgages for all those buildings out on Reserve street? and what will happen if other chains decide to pull out of Missoula? will payment defaults and bankruptcy for developers occur?

 BIG LOTS and Corral West and Linens ‘n more…who is next?  this january after the holiday sales are over i predict quite a few more.

“goin’ out of business….don’t hesitate…don’t be caught with your drawers down…step right up…”


by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread.

Anyone sick of turkey yet?

Wanna track that $700 billion bailout? NY Times has a nifty interactive table showing where the money’s gone, where it’s going, who’s written off losses, who’s taking in investment, etc.

But what’s that tracking interactive without some specifics on AIG? While they promised no bonuses to top execs, they apparently see a difference in offering retention pay to those same top executives – including a $3 million “cash award” to retirement services chief Jay Wintrob.

What’s the harm in some “cash awards” when you’ve taken $60 billion in loans from the U.S. taxpayer? ($60 billion figure from the Bloomberg article)

Chrysler, like GM and Ford are doing, is offering buyouts to its employees, in an effort to reduce payroll by 25% by the end of the year. Unlike typical buyout offers, seniority isn’t even a prerequisite. This story refers to someone that’s only worked there 2 years taking a bailout.

Northwestern Energy has agreed to pay its 2005-2007 taxes. 98% of ’em, where they had proposed paying 79%. They’ve also agreed to pay their 2008 taxes without protest. The back taxes, which have been held in escrow, will be released to local governments and school districts. If my memory is serving me well, this will mean a significant amount of cash for middle and eastern counties here in Montana.

Looking for a good paying job? Odds are considerably better if your a Democrat.

Cops Researchers have found the worlds oldest stash of marijuana.

Didn’t I mention last week that marijuana helps stave off Alzheimber’s and helps keep memory sharp?


The Nation has a Sean Penn interview with both Chavez and Raul Castro. In it, Castro reveals that the U.S. and Cuba have been meeting monthly since 1995, as the result of mutual goals of seeing Guantanamo run without needless interference. A military-to-military hotline has been established and joint military exercises have been conducted also. It’s a fascinating read – 4 pages – and the whole thing will be published at, where Penn is a regular contributor.

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