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by Pete Talbot

I read this Mallard Fillmore cartoon in the local paper last Saturday.

First, it was not based on fact. A quick look at the news that day had many stories on the Dow Jones industrial average. I couldn’t find one story or column on America being a racist nation. But more troubling is the strip’s denial of racism. Mallard Fillmore is the Rush Limbaugh of comics: inaccurate as hell, shallow and mean-spirited.

But it got me thinking. Having elected Barack Obama as president, are we no longer a racist nation?

Unfortunately, my experiences over the past few days would suggest otherwise.

First, there were comments I heard during Thanksgiving in Billings, hosted by in-laws, that were deeply derisive of blacks, Indians and our president-elect. I’m sure these folks don’t consider themselves racist but their language was thoughtless and hurtful. Then there was this conversation overheard in Caldwell, Mont. (You’ll have to scroll down a bit in the piece I’ve linked to. It’s under An unpleasant aside.)

But the most telling was this thread over at Missoulapolis that concerns the holiday stampede and employee death at Wal-Mart. I visit the conservative sites from time-to-time to glean other perspectives. Often, the debate is articulate and civil, but not always, and in this particular case it was downright nasty.

What I found exceptionally disappointing was the fact that so few people challenged an obviously racist remark.

I won’t be visiting that site for quite awhile. It’s too painful.

Racism dead in America? We’ve got a ways to go yet, folks.

by jhwygirl

This is easily one place where just a few bucks can go far, for a very worthy organization.

We’ve blogged here before about Footloose Montana, and it’s a mighty find organization focused on providing public education on issues surrounding trapping and its affects on pets and non-targeted species.

For the record, I believe trapping is a chicken shit way to hunt.

About 2 months ago I can across a fawn caught up in a snare. It still had spots, beautiful creature it was. Death came quickly as it choked the animal. That’s a good thing, I suppose. It was a non-targeted species. The guy had no permit to be trapping where he was – he was a sheepherder snaring for coyotes. It wasn’t trapping season, so he didn’t need a license, and he didn’t have to report his snaring of non-targeted species. His trap was within a mile of homes. This was in the Bitterroot, but still in Missoula County. Snares are supposed to have a quick release. I was told that they don’t often work.

It could easily have been my dog.

Footloose is looking for donations to keep a weekly ad running in Missoulian – and they hope to be able to expand it to the state’s 5 major dailies – and they have Kalispell and Billings ready to go. The ad would identify trap locations so that people would know where to be cautious with their pets, and it would serve to keep trapping issues in the forefront of Montanans.

Running the weekly ad in the Missoulian only costs $82.60 per week. That’s not a lot of Lincolns, people.

The current ad sends out warning of traps set in the following places:
Ninemile Creek near Butler Loop
Rock Creek
Bitterroot River
Bass Creek

If you can help out, donate here.

by jhwygirl

Allow stuff like this.

Short-term rentals (those less than 90 days) do wonders for property values.

I guess if you can’t sell it, gotta make money somehow. Right? So instead of dropping the price and selling it for what the market bears it out at, make it into an “investment property” and add it to the hotel-motel pool.

Found it originally on Missoula MLS.

Kinda wonder how long it’ll stay up there now on both webpages….

Frankly, there should be something in the zoning regs that doesn’t allow this in residential zoned areas, right?

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