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by problembear

i guess i don’t watch enough tv anymore. i wasn’t aware that this was a big problem in the country….

thank god that’s settled- i was afraid he would be homeless…and don’t spare any expense on the security for this guy…we don’t want him ever getting out again…

by jhwygirl

The Great Falls Tribune put out a request to its readers a few weeks back saying it was looking for new members to its Great Falls Tribune Reader’s Panel. The original post stated that there would be an 1 1/2 hour meeting, once a month, at noon (or some time in the middle of the day.)

There was a comment to that article – the Tribune has pretty active commenting at its paper – where the commenter lamented that he (or she) would love to participate, but that they weren’t able to make meetings in the middle of the afternoon, but that if they were held in the evening, they’d love to attend.

Now, I can’t link to that November 26th piece because the Great Falls Tribune has now moved its archives beyond a fairly short amount of time into “purchase” zone. That’s unfortunate. But I digress.

Today there was another story calling for readers to apply to its Reader’s Panel….and they’ve apparently changed the time of the monthly meetings to 5:30. Nice, huh? Shows they are taking the panel thing seriously.

Since the original post, I had been thinking about what I’d like to see as changes in the Missoulian. Oh – I know….even the idea that I’d put that kind of (smug) thought into print is maddening to some – but, hey – this is a blog and it is for ideas and I’m not getting paid so criticize away. So there.

So what would I like to see? Well, for one – and this one is beyond their control – I’d like to see more comments. Sometimes I wish more people would comment here, too. So I know how that goes. They can’t be holding comments, though, for moderation before publishing them. That stifles the whole commenting thing.

I’m not just talking about the Missoulian either. We have quite a number of readers from Helena and Butte-Bozeman. Then again – there’s also Missoula’s weekly, The Independent.

I think I’d also like to see more around-the-state articles. I wonder if Lee Newspapers shares those stories freely or with nominal charge? I pick up a lot of news from other papers – sometimes even Missoula news from other papers. I mean, a mining issue in one part of the state is relevant to this part of the state. In Missoula County there’s a bunch of mines. Same with forestry stuff. An example there is that there is some logging proposed by the City of Helena or Lewis & Clark County on some of the lands they own to deal with bug kill. Well – we’ve got beetle infested timber here – and a whole lot of open space lands. Wouldn’t readers be interested in how they’re handling the issue in that part of the state?

The other day, Gallatin County Commissioners expanded an already pretty large gravel pit. Gallatin County recently emergency zoned for gravel pits, county-wide. Missoula’s had some recent gravel pit woes both in Lolo and in Clearwater Junction. I think we’re even getting sued over the one up near Clearwater. So isn’t the expansion of a gravel pit in Gallatin County story even just a little relative?

Look – I’m not saying this stuff to be ditching on the Missoulian. I’m curious what would make more people want to read that paper more. I like holding a fresh, crisp paper and reading through it. Always have.

So I’m curious what you all have to say? What is missing from that paper that doesn’t entice you to purchase it more often? IS there anything in today’s 2008 world that a newspaper – any newspaper – could do to have you purchase or pay to read it more often? Or is reading an actual paper of news getting to be old school fogey?

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