Doug Mood: PSC District 4 Sore Loser

by jhwygirl

Not exactly a classy way to go out the door, posting this:

I guess if he doesn’t give a you-know-what, why should I?

Doug “woe-is-me” Mood fails to recognize that quite possibly his loss was tied to his lack of support for green and alternative energy or his infamous vote while in the legislature which led to deregulation of Montana Power – and what observers around the nation recognize as a massive catastrophic mistake for the citizens of Montana. Instead blames it on Missoulians:

I managed to put together a majority of the votes in every county of the PSC District,…except Missoula. Coming out of Missoula County I was 11,400 votes behind. In the rest of the district I was ahead by 8000 votes.

My opponent got 15,359 votes in the non-Missoula counties, and 32,616 in Missoula County (two thirds of her total vote).

I got 23,359 votes in the non-Missoula counties and 21,222 votes in Missoula county.

I want to thank all the voters of District who have so kindly given me their support over the past many years. Perhaps we’ll meet again.

Oh, those crazy Missoulians….

You know, maybe – just perhaps – the voters in PSC district 4 recognized that Gail Gutsche would use her time in the PSC to seek to expand development of renewable and clean energy sources while recovering low cost options and ensure that we have low energy prices while doing it?

In other words – maybe Gail Gutsche was the best candidate.

Mood also takes the time to post a full map of the United States, showing the winner of the presidential race, county by county, democrat v republican. How that correlates with his loss in the PSC, well, let’s just say that’s lost upon me. Be sure to check it out.

On the other hand, it looks like Bill Clinton has gotten a reprieve from being blamed for everything. I’m sure he’s relieved.


  1. goof houlihan

    I believe it to be inaccurate. I thought Gallatin County went for Obama.

  2. I want to thank all the voters of District who have so kindly given me their support over the past many years. Perhaps we’ll meet again.

    Oh, lord. Someone’s running for another office in a couple years.

  3. Shorter Doug Mood:

    “Boo hoo, if only I could win a part of Montana that includes Missoula without having to win, you know, Missoula.”

  4. JHWY girl, speaking of class, what a classy way to slam a guy who’s opponent you helped during the campaign.

    Just cause your on the way to the legislature doesn’t mean you can take anonymous pot shots at former opponents to rub their faces in the mud.

    Speaking of class, jhwy girl, you don’t even live in your district. HD97 not classy enough for you?

    This post was edited by jhwygirl, for having posted under someone else’s name.

  5. I’m going to wait to comment back to that one.

  6. doug- if you are going to attempt to impersonate wulfgar at least study his style. a lot punchier and much more wry.

  7. i met doug mood almost 20 years ago and he struck me as an agreeably friendly and honorable man who was positive and thoughtful. i don’t agree with much of his politics but doug is a good person. by the way- he has a sense of humor so i just take his new site with a grain of salt.

    my notes were simply a poke back at doug in fun….i figure he is laughing about all this. but, whoever is impersonating wulfgar should be forewarned that i have caught scent of the trail and may be visiting soon….

  8. Completely off topic, but …

    I think I should be flattered.

  9. Wait a minute, i just saw “not wulfgar”‘s comment…he thinks you’re Michele Reinhart? Oh man! You’re outed! Geez, Michele, you don’t live in HD 97?

  10. Michele is a nice person. I don’t know how someone could confuse me with her.

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