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by jhwygirl

Remember this post? Well, it peaked Missoulian reporter Keila Szpaller’s interest, and she’s got this interview with failed incumbent PSC candidate Doug Mood up at Missoula Red Tape.

Lost on me, but apparently the “O” in “O shit” – which is “O crap” in some other applications – stands for Obama.

Mood’s obviously proud of it too – I’da put money down on him having removed the stuff by now. And I’da lost.

Don’t let the door hit ya where the sun don’t shine, Doug.

….so goes the country….


by problembear

gotta say i agree with the denial of the bailout . it is time to get real about what is happening here and stop all this cinderella bail-out business. we cannot afford to prop up businesses that drove straight off the cliff pedal to the metal at 85 mph when they pass right by very readable signs years ago warning these jokers to turn back on the much smaller safer and better built road.(the looming bankruptcies sort of disprove all the old conspiracy theorists who used to think that auto manufacturers were in cahoots with the oil industry to stop better fuel efficiency though) turns out they were just plain old fashioned garden variety stupid…

losing 3 million more jobs (dealers, manufacturers and suppliers) will hurt this country badly. it’s a tough thing to watch GM – synonymous with american prosperity go into bankruptcy- but it is the right thing to do. sometimes right things to do are very hard to do.

it is done now. the big three are toast so let’s all take courage in the process of new green yankee ingenuity and watch what grows out of the bankruptcy process. maybe this country is ready for some real changes now in some other extinct relics of a bygone era things like: a completely dysfunctional employer based privatized health care system which siphons profit at the expense of our health and still leaves us bankrupt; banks and corporations that gamble their futures away recklessly for short term profits and allow wealthy directors and ceo’s to shrug their shoulders and retire in comfort- who suffer no consequences compared to the workers they victimize with their stupidity and stubborn intransigent blindness to common sense realities.

it is time to stop rewarding bad behavior unless we want to perpetuate it.

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