goodbye greg….


by problembear

last sunday dec 21st, the national weather service listed the low temperature as -9. Greg Ramsey Baumann slept on the ground in sleeping bags beneath a small ponderosa pine tree next to a park bench. he is gone now and those of us who knew him are coming to terms with it. this poem is dedicated to greg….


that flat blade shovel you asked me to buy with the sharp cutting edge leans against the wall where you left it last week after chipping away the ice in our parking lot one inch at a time- exactly the way you wanted to do it. it is a tool i will use proudly with your name burned into it as an homage to your principles.

you worked harder for nothing than most people ever do for pay and as i drive over the orange street bridge i see the clark fork river has carved a swath through thick ice dams because the weight of all that upper river flow in the mountains must go somewhere.

you never asked for anything except the tools to do your self appointed chores and you never accepted an offer of shelter because you could survive defiant and undefeated the elements but you knew that society could kill you.

we shared wry jokes but true to your gentler nature- never about other people- only about the absurd institutions that people create to protect themselves from those who are different.

the clark fork river has cut a swath through thick ice dams because the weight of all that upper river flow from the mountains must go somewhere and it has taken you with it to a place where honor and integrity is still recognized. goodbye greg.

  1. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    The Missoula p.d. strikes again! What dirty bastards. Well, at least they woke the guy up before offing him! They are outta control nazis. I really, really have a hard time believing their story of how things happened. Unfortunately, the only witness, the victim, will never be able to tell us what really happened.

    When guns are outlawed, only cops will have guns.

  2. larry & others; i would like to beg your indulgence to not post anything either contrary to larry’s opinion or supportive of it. it is too early to cast stones at anyone yet. people who knew greg are invited to post here but please let the process of law run it’s course before jumping in with wild opinions. by the way, michael moore deserves praise for his masterful work so far in covering this for the missoulian. we all look forward to the truth for greg’s sake but this post is in memoriam of greg and i would again ask that people keep this in mind. i am opposed in principal from deleting any comments but i came close to deleting the above comment from larry. sorry i did not make it clear earlier that my intent here is to remember greg, larry. thank you for indulging me on this everyone.

  3. Larry Kralj, Environmental Rangers!

    Fair enough, but the same p.d. murdered my cousin a few years back. I have more right than others to express my outrage.

  4. klemz

    If its anything like the Pepperball Incident we’ll have the truth in maybe two to two an a half years.

  5. Tracy Ramsay

    I love you baby brother, you were a wonderful brother and uncle. you will be missed…

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    […] Good Bye Greg… you will be missed… […]

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