Various & Sundry for the Weekend

by jhwygirl

Please consider this an open thread.

The City of Bozeman is just about ready to open its first homeless shelter. Sounds like it was a very worth labor of love amongst a number of community members. Congratulations on your success.

Great Falls nonprofits are using recycling as a method of raising funds. Pacific Recycling – which has a location here in Missoula, too – is partner in the process.

Eartha Kitt – who played Catwoman on the original Batman series – passed away from cancer at age 81. The daughter of a white farmer and a black Cherokee mother, Eartha rose from abject poverty to break barriers in the entertainment field. She gained much notoriety, but not without cost, as she made Richard Nixon’s enemies list for her outspoken anti-Vietnam War stance.

Hey! You people in Great Falls! Keep your dogs away from that river! Not one, but two rescues this week. Your firemen there are awesome!

Three out of four – 3 out of 4!are glad Bush is done.

Leonard Downie, Jr., of the Washington Post, ponders Could We Uncover Watergate Today?

This pic was too precious to pass up. It accompanied a New York Times article titled Bush’s Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire.


  1. goof houlihan

    The City of Bozeman did nothing for the homeless shelter, except change the zoning. I don’t think they waived the requirement for a very expensive stove hood, either. Some people would say the city got in the way. I’d say the project worked the way it should. Volunteers bought it, built it and the city made sure it was in the right location and safe for the inhabitants. There was no MHRN to sue to force it into a neighborhood that wouldn’t accept it, and as a result, it found acceptance and support in the community.

    The real heroes, are Paul of “His Soup”, and lots of volunteers, especially the members of the Southwest Montana Building Industry Association who contributed money and labor to the project. Yeah, the “greedy developers” and builders who are responsible for “sprawl” and “out of control growth” and who fight against all the noble government planners.

    Volunteers got the project remodeled and done.

  2. petetalbot

    Two things:

    Eartha Kitt was an extremely talented and ground-breaking woman, and will be missed. But it needs to be noted that she took over the Catwoman role from Julie Newmar in, I believe, the third season of the Batman series.

    And goof, way to turn a simple story congratulating Bozeman for its first and long overdue homeless shelter into a political rant. You’re a class act.

  3. goof houlihan

    Thanks, Pete. Your response shows I hit the mark.

  4. petetalbot

    Actually goof, your comment missed the mark completely.

    You said, “Yeah, the ‘greedy developers’ and builders who are responsible for ‘sprawl’ and ‘out of control growth’ and who fight against all the noble government planners.”

    In Missoula, the builders and developers are working rather well with the planners. It’s a small, vocal minority of mostly university homeowners who are trying to block the zoning codes rewrite. The building industry, for the most part, realizes that updated and understandable codes will be a benefit.

    As far as the MHRN suing to force the home into neighborhoods where it might not be accepted, I saw no mention of that in any of the news stories I read. But thanks for opening that can of worms.

  5. I gotta say, goof, it does come off as if you are almost bragging that the city did absolutely nothing for the shelter. The news article goes into no small detail of the number of community members that contributed – which is where my congrats fell – but to highlight the fact that the city did nothing – after someone froze to death in a town that had no shelter – is somewhat discerning.

    you and I have disagreed on waiving fees for affordable housing. I say “no” and you say “yes.”

    Was the guy who froze to death a veteran? The story didn’t tell. Nationwide 1 in 3 homeless are veterans. Here in Montana that statistic is likely higher, given our higher per capita number of military veterans. For one of Montana’s largest cities to be without a homeless shelter seems to be a shame. Sending them with a bus ticket to Missoula or Billings isn’t exactly a noble thing.

    What you wrote just seems cold and callous. At least how it’s coming off to me.

  6. Big Swede

    And its getting colder.

    If only you guys would give up your bicycles and sub compacts, the homeless would never suffer frostbite.

  7. swede- i don’t know any comedians (however depraved) who make fun of the homeless in the dead of winter. no wonder YOU GUYS lose elections.
    how’s that feel? by the way, would it be too rude to ask what have you done thus far for homeless families during this most charitable of seasons?

  8. Big Swede

    Actually, I was making fun of Al Gore.

    Every Nov. the boys and I gather clothes, toys, bicycles, appliances, and cash contributions to the Billings Rescue Mission. Its a tradition we started when the boys were small.

    That, and the fact I’m in a higher tax bracket, and I’m sure for every tax dollar I contribute toward the homeless, at least 10 cents gets to them.

  9. goof houlihan

    Most cities and towns in Montana have no city built homeless shelter, nor should they. As I said, it worked the way it should; the charity was private and not driven by external groups’ politics, and the city was regulatory.

    Mental health and other health services are provided by state and county governments and city residents pay taxes to those entities to support those efforts.

    The Salvation army and the Family promise charities have sheltered homeless families and others who live by certain rules, no alcohol for example, and progress towards getting a job. So the article’s “first homeless shelter” is misleading and if you only knew what the chronicle told you, then I can see why you’d congratulate Bozeman. It isn’t accurate, though.

    However, it is accurate that many of the “homeless” get hotel rooms when the weather is very cold. They can afford to do that because they are fed by “His Soup” and they make quite a bit of money begging in particular spots near WalMart and other choice spots. Their money can go to alcohol and the occasional emergency shelter.

    I’ve watched two bums beating the crap out of each other over one of these spots, with just about the entire city police force trying to pry them apart. Now that they’re being fed, we’ve seen an increase in this type of year round professional homeless in Bozeman, and that is what the police tell me.

    Yes, we’ve had a person who froze to death, and also one homeless person murdered, although not by drunken teenagers. Evidently, Missoula, even with it’s shelter, has had a homeless person freeze to death. Anecdotal evidence isn’t a basis for public policy. We’ve also had an illegal alien homeless person rape a teenager in a convenience store right across the street from where “his soup” operates. Should I draw some similar generalizations from that, jh?

    Workforce housing has nothing to do with the professional beggars at Walmart. It has everything to do with keeping a city available to bank tellers and grocery clerks and bookkeepers and car mechanics and others who make an effort. Postponing the fees, yes it’s a de facto “waiving” of impact fees, is one way government can encourage the private sector to build WORKforce housing.

    Providing in the unified development ordinance for workforce housing is the same as any other infrastructure, street requirements or curbs and gutters.

  10. goof houlihan

    “by the way, would it be too rude to ask what have you done thus far for homeless families during this most charitable of seasons?”


  11. there is an incorrigable minority in any subset of humans you can think of: homeless, Corporate Ceo’s, gays, straights, religious zealots, politicians, yuppies, blue-collar workers, rich, poor, middle class….in short, a minority of assholes inhabit all sectors of the spectrum of human existence. the question is; do we treat all people who need help with the same disdain that we sometimes feel toward the lowest common denominator? or do we rise above the assholes and treat people who fall between the cracks of our economy with some degree of dignity and charitable willingness to help?

    if you are at all enlightened or even slightly conscious of what it means to try to make the world a better place you know the answer.

  12. JC

    Goof, I don’t know where to begin with your last comments… So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    And I pray that you do not become that which you so despise.

    And I have no problems asking the question: “what have you done thus far for homeless families during this most charitable of seasons?” It is a far less rude question than the tone you have taken towards the homeless here.

    Me? I spent a few hours volunteering time last week, again last night, and I will again on New Year’s Day, to work with people who are alienated from their families, friends, and homes (if they have one) by virtue of their addictions and mental illness.

    Just part of the service I regularly do to remind myself to be grateful of the blessings I have (which were not always so) and which are so easily lost or taken away.

  13. klemz

    “In Missoula, the builders and developers are working rather well with the planners. It’s a small, vocal minority of mostly university homeowners who are trying to block the zoning codes rewrite. The building industry, for the most part, realizes that updated and understandable codes will be a benefit.”

    Pete Talbot,
    Building Industry
    1254 Spokesman Way
    Missoula, MT 59801

  14. petetalbot

    Oh klemz, if you only knew the battles I’ve had with the building and development industry over the years. I was especially critical of the industry when it opposed design standards during the last zoning go-around — that one sure came back to bite them on the #ss.

    I think that lately the industry has been more cooperative with OPG in the face of criticism from the community over infill, sprawl and other growth issues. The industry needs all the friends it can get during these tumultuous times.

    I’m no real friend of the industry, per se, but I stand by my statement that you quoted (above).

  15. Big Swede

    One one can be happier than us us in the east that Mizzo and Boz offer shelter to our most unfortunate. In fact, we’re hoping that you don’t stop at the basic needs but expand into individual sleeping quarters, in house kitchens, and free hangover remedy dispensers. And while you’re at it, maybe an introductory ad campaign with easy to follow travel directions.

    What was that famous line in, “Field of Dreams”?

    “Build it, and they will come”.

  16. Lizard

    Big Swede–you are a despicable human being. homelessness is a complicated issue you apparently would rather mock than try and understand. asshole is too tame a word to describe people like you.

  17. klemz

    Shoeless Joe was living in a cornfield. That’s pretty homeless.

  18. Big Swede

    Sorry Liz, the gloves came off when the pbear used the term, “the dead of winter”.

  19. Lizard

    I hope you never need to use the services so many depend on, whether it’s vets this govt’ has fucked over, or elderly folks on fixed income deciding between meds and food. your flippant comments are disgusting. if Karma exists, you’ll be lucky to be a cockroach.

  20. hey swede, i am glad to hear that you do your part to help in billings – those are good people. also swede i am pretty sure your bark is worse than your bite. thanks for your contributions over the years. i know that none of us could do our job without your help.

  21. Lizard

    BS, i think i misread the context of your comment, sorry for the knee jerk. i’m generally pissed off right now, and should refrain from net-rage.

  22. goof houlihan

    A little moderation, (not “site moderation”–the personal kind) might be in order when the expression of an opinion gets the kind of personal vituperation Big Swede got.

  23. goof houlihan

    I didn’t see any mention of picking up glass for recycling in the article, but maybe I missed it.

  24. From Colin McEnroe on Eartha Kitt (few remember that she was an anti-war activist):

    The headline writer’s favorite word for Eartha Kitt appears to be “sultry,” running slightly ahead of “exotic.” She was the “sexiest Catwoman.” She sang “Santa Baby.”

    Buried in all that coverage is the large fact that Kitt was essentially blacklisted for rather commonplace political views and even investigated by the CIA and FBI in a wide-ranging probe that delved into her private life and may have even wiretapped her, all because she attended some ceremonial White House luncheon and mistook it for a substantive event:

    “You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed,” she told the group of about 50 women. “They rebel in the street. They don’t want to go to school because they’re going to be snatched off from their mothers to be shot in Vietnam.”

    LBJ later said that Lady Bird had been reduced to tears by this outburst. He wanted Kitt punished and punished she was, so deprived of work in this country that she lived and performed abroad for years.

    Because, you know, black people are not supposed to be angry, ever. Some of the attempts to depict Michelle Obama as a black woman with a barely hidden whitey-hating streak seem reminiscent, now, of the way Kitt was painted.

  25. Eartha Kitt seemed to live a fuller life than most people ever manage to do.. and it was so funny to find out that she was a voice in “The Emperor’s New Groove”

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