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by jhwygirl

The Project for Excellence in Journalism is reporting that the internet surpassed all media sources but television as the source for national and international news. Their source is a study done by the Pew Research Center


Quite a jump there from 2007.

If there were any main news stories that could have caused this, I’d point to the presidential campaign and the economy. Both generated news and information at the speed of light. I think that any Americans realized, with regards to the election, that in order to find what they found as their own truth in whatever issue it was – Barack a Muslim? Palin an idiot? – they were better to go to the internet and read the huge variety of sources, with their huge variety of bias’, to figure out for themselves where the truth lie. As for the economy, there were so many related but informational sources (like the stock exchange, or the Federal Reserve, or any source of economic statistics) that no news story could have given a thorough dose of information. And speed of new information, especially as it related to the economy, was certainly a factor.

Perhaps, too, Americans are becoming increasingly cynical about the news, in general – and feel a need to seek information out for themselves, from many sources. I know I do, but I’ve always been that way. I spent hours lost in the library when I was in college, reading every darned newspaper and journal that I could get my hand on. I eventually figured that I could get paid for it, and got a job in the periodicals just so I could access all those journals. If anything, the internet has made me lazy for its easy access of information.

Clearly media needs to figure out how to transition to the internet age. Even television. Notice its 4-point drop? How to transition to the internet age and still make money? Do writers need to have offices downtown? Can newspapers increase profit (or decrease the financial bleed) by downsizing in real estate? Look a the New York Times – they’ve mortgaged their building to pull in some capital. The question, perhaps, is do they really need all that building? Same would apply for magazines and television too. Real estate is expensive.

Other industries, especially retail and small business, have figured out how to make their millions right there in their own living rooms. No overhead, save for a computer, has made start-up easy. Or more forgiving.

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