He’s Good Enough, He’s Smart Enough, and, Gosh Darn It, Al Franken is a U.S. Senator

by jhwygirl

It’s official – Democrats have made yet another fine addition to the U.S. Senate.

Congratulations are in order, Senator Al Franken, from the Great State of Minnesota!

While one vote short of a supermajority, Democrats now hold 59 seats in the Senate, Republicans 41.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming……


  1. petetalbot

    Great headline, j-gal.

  2. Sam

    Yes it is official, they finally double counted enough ballots to get him a lead and now the judges won’t let others be contested. Sounds like a Chicago election. Oh well he will fit right in, a comedian in that joke of a Congress. One senator appointed by an indicted Gov. and now this bought and paid for joke. We have a ring leader in place so lets just get the three rings going.Welcome to Barack and Bidens three ring circus.

  3. Widowmaker

    Don’t forget that Minnesota law lets the losing candidate file an “election contest” that would throw the whole race into the courts, effectively blocking final certification of a new senator. According to the WSJ, “after the Canvassing Board names a winner, the losing candidate has seven days to file a lawsuit. If he does, the certification of a winner remains conditional until the court challenge is settled.” I think that party hat is on a little early.

  4. joe

    Al Franken is a jag-off, no talent, steaming pile of mule excrement. The United States Senate just went down the toilet.

  5. Check the whiners. All for Sonny Bono, or sleepy Freddie of Hollywoodland, but Franken is reeediculous!

    Heh. Hehe. HeeeehhhheeehHAHAHAHA!

  6. goof houlihan's electric kool aid

    Harry Reid, Patrick Leahy and Al Franken are gonna be rockin in the Senate with some sweet Garcia/Hunter jammin, brah.

  7. JC

    Where were these whiny hand-wringers when the Supreme Court shut down counting ballots in Florida and appointed Bush president, 5-4?

    To quote Don Rumsfeld’s defense of the condition of Iraq’s post-overthrow elections and growing insurgency: “Democracy is messy.”

    Yup. Messy in America, too.

  8. downsteamJim

    If a conservative made a fraction of the trashy comments that Al F has made, it would be a national scandal. I would say that Al F is in the class of Larry the Cable Guy but that would be a compliment.

  9. Yeah – right downstreamJim – just like Barack the Magic Negro incited a national scandal. Media silence – conservative blogosphere silence – GOP silence.

  10. Oyster Pirate

    Do you all remember on election nite when ol’ Norm said that Franken should just spare the taxpayers the expense of a recount and just concede the election?

  11. Dude!

    Minnesota is now officially the DUMBEST state in the Union even surpassing Florida. Can we force them to secede?

    You have to love how the media continually calls these far left liberals “progressive” when there’s nothing progressive about them! Obama is a perfect example where he keeps on picking people for posts leftover from the Clinton days – which he was AGAINST REMEMBER??? – and is even picking people who have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER e.g. Leon Panetta for the CIA. Are these guys just trying to hand over the country to the Chinese and Russians now and beat the Christmas rush or what?

  12. Jim Lang

    Wow this post really brought them out from under the bridge, didn’t it?

    Franken is smart and funny. I watched one of the debates, I think he’s toned it down way too much.

    Deadhead in the Senate! woo-hoo!

  13. Lizard

    Dude!: relax, it’s all theatrics, and while we gaze at the shiny objects, the slaughter in Gaza continues. Obama? no comment.

    Anyway, there’s a really critical conversation going on about signs in another thread. Go check it out, it’s mindblowing.

    Oh, and there were some excellent letters to the editor a few days ago in the Missoulian complaining about snow berms and icy sidewalks. My heart really went out to the jogger who deserves clear sidewalks to exercise on.

  14. IP

    I wished when I were younger I would have known making jokes can get you in the senate. I would have stopped studying and became a class clown. That is who Franken is. A hot-headed class clown.

    I mean, come on. Can we not find anyone with more talent? I always thought having lawyers in Congress was part of the problem. Now when I realize Franken has been voted in, I want the lawyers back. I bet there are hundreds of infintely more talented people reading this blog.

    What a nightmare. Forget democrat/republican. Franken is a literal joker. We need a statesmen.

  15. Big Swede

    A little premature, maybe?

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid yielded to Republican threats and agreed on Monday not to immediately seat fellow Democrat Al Franken, whose razor-close victory in Minnesota faces legal challenges.
    Senate Republicans had planned to disrupt the opening of the new Congress on Tuesday by blocking Franken’s swearing-in.

  16. Big Swede

    Bonus round.

    “Democracy demands that we count each and every…. what?
    Oh, I am? ok, um, democracy demands that we end this thing right now.”
    -Al Franken

  17. smilin goof houlihan

    That’s funny, Swede. I’m sure Al would approve.

    How would anyone tell that the Senate is being disrupted? The new bailouts for the wealthy take a day longer?

    There’s a boatload of class clowns in the senate. It’s just that Al actually made people laugh instead of cry.

  18. NotBuyingIt

    This is so messed up that the only way to be sure of a winner is hold a runoff. If the 3rd candidate was not in the original mix, their would have been a clear winner. Now, no matter who ends up “finding” enough votes to be ahead, half the state and country will disagree. Have a runoff with just these 2 and the real winner will be the People of Minnesota.

  19. Just ’cause you don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean you can change the rules of the game.

  20. JC

    Big Swede, quick–lightning round:

    Where were you when the Supremes declared the counting in Florida was over before all the votes were counted and Bush II was anointed, appointed?


  21. Big Swede

    Let’s say they’ll be alot more crickets out when this goes to the Supremes.

  22. klemz

    I almost universally agree with your last statement, Wulfgar, but prop 8 has me feeling a wee bit fascist.

  23. Big Swede

    Quite frankly, send Smally to the US Senate, and not to be forgotten Jesse, to the Gov. mansion explains alot about MN voters.

    But this picture really sums it up.


  24. klemz

    If I didn’t know any better, Swede, I’d say you were a self-loathing Scandinavian.

  25. JC

    Beating a dead guy, and losing to both a comedian and a professional wrestler says a lot about Norm Coleman.

  26. Mayor of Mayhem

    I love stopping by here and seeing that all you people are goofing of while at work just like me. Deadheads in the Senate, yea baby, get out your pitchouli, light up a fatty and watch the demise of the republican party.

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